Swedish judge frees Somali child abuser after 14-y/o girl gave birth to his child, citing low IQ

By David Frankenhuis

Mohammed, a 21-year-old Somali-born gangster living in Sweden, does not have to serve jail time after being found guilty of committing a number of major crimes. Among them is the sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl, who became pregnant and gave birth to his child.

According to the Falu District Court, “a prison sentence could endanger the positive developments that are currently taking place” in the life of the 21-year-old convict. He had previously been jailed in 2014 for a series of serious felonies and was imprisoned again last August after violating the conditions of his parole, Fria Tider reports.

Sexual molestation of the girl was not the only misdeed Mohammed was tried for this week. The delinquent immigrant also had to account in court for attacking 2 pub bouncers last June and, two months later, spitting in the eye of a policewoman. As a result of the assault, the officer of the law ended up in a hospital where she had to be screened for infectious diseases.

According to Dala Democraten, Mohammed’s relationship with the girl, who is now 15 years old, started in December 2015. “The fact that the relationship still lasts weighs in Mohammed’s favour,” the judges considered.

After running away from an institution for vulnerable children, the girl had gotten into contact with Mohammed. She immediately told him how old she was, but to police, he later stated that he had no knowledge of her age. Judges considered it a possibility that the Somalian had forgotten all about it, “due to his below average cognitive abilities.”

Sweden: Another day, another rape video. Girl beaten and knocked out

By Benjamin de Wolf

Indeed, that’s the third time a rape video emerges from Sweden in one month.

On February 22, Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte posted a cry for help and screenshot of a video on Facebook of an unknown group of men, filming each other while they beat and rape a Swedish girl. In the video the girl is ‘knocked-out’, the rapists are heard laughing while they mockingly call her “Swedish” and “fatso”. They are clearly heard encouraging each other to “take her in her *ss“. The rapists’ faces are clearly visible. One has been identified via his Snapchat account.

Lamotte first posted the whole video, but Facebook removed it.

The video came from a distressed mother last January 7 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, who went to local police to file a report. The mother recalled the police were eating Cheetos and showed little interest in her and the video. The police asked the mother to mail the video, which contained a brutal rape, with recognisable faces of the rapists, who mention each other by name, and a clear vision of housing interior, to their general email address.

The mother was at the police station for a couple of minutes, and almost two (!) months later, she still hasn’t heard anything.

Lamotte brought the case to Therese Ottosson at the Serious Crime Department in Goteborg, and she said:

“I really cannot say when we start working on it. We do not have the staff to do it right now,”

This week the mother told Lamotte:

“I still see this guy posting pictures on Snapchat. He ought to be in jail. I had all the information but nobody wanted to listen to me. They had been able to make a quick arrest and identify the guys.”

The following words could come to mind: “You look at what’s happening in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this, Sweden. They’re having problems you never thought possible.” And the world laughed.

Study: 2/3 of Germans fear becoming victim of terrorism

By Stefan Frank
Police stand outside the Bilal mosque in Griesheim district following anti-terror raids across the state of Hesse on February 1, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany / Getty

Two out of three Germans are afraid of becoming a victim of a terrorist attack. Ten percent perceive an “acute threat” to their safety. These are results of a survey which was recently published by the German legal expenses insurance group ROLAND as part of its „Law Report 2017“. The poll was conducted among 1458 citizens over 16 years of age. The authors state:

“A large part of the population doesn’t feel safe anymore when visiting crowded places. The fear of becoming the victim of a terrorist attack with a high number of casualties is considerable. A total of 45 percent of respondents feel uneasy when visiting crowded locations like stations, festivals or even in the downtowns. Three percent of the population feel permanently unsafe when visiting a public place along with many other people.”

There is an even bigger fear among women, the study finds. 74 percent of the female respondents sometimes feel unsafe at crowded places, and a staggering nine percent feels permanently threatened and scared.

It’s important to note that this survey was conducted in October, prior to the jihadist terrorist attack against the Berlin Christmas market in which a Muslim migrant from Tunisia murdered 12 people.

The population, it seems, is smarter than the politicians, pundits and journalists who have always tried to downplay the threat of jihadist attacks in Germany.

Roundup: Wilders suspends campaign, security detail compromised

By Vincent van den Born

Translated: “Horrible. These used to be my direct bodyguards, who would enter my safehouse. This is very, very scary.”

Earlier Gatestone.eu reported on the leaking of sensitive information with regard to the protection of Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders. Today, more news was unveiled about the Moroccan-Dutch officer involved in the leak. The suspended officer, referred to as Faris K. for privacy reasons, was indicted in 2005 for leaking information and appeared before a police judge. He was convicted of violating the official secrets and his punishment was community service, which was suspended.

Not only was K. not fired, he was allowed to continue his career as a police officer. Employees of the Service Safety and Security (DBB) are subjected to vetting, and it is unclear how he could have been allowed to serve in view of his criminal record. Especially in view of the fact that Faris K.’s brother, Mohammed K. was also fired from the police, in 2007, for violating the official secrets act. He was paid for leaking information regarding the murder of one Abdel Edoujaji.

Besides this affair, Wilders was told today, that two DBB officers, one of whom was directly charged with guarding him, were removed from his protection team in 2015 for involvement in criminal activities. The Minister of Justice, Stef Blok, declined to state exactly what the two officers, the brothers, Omar El M. and Anouar El M., were suspected of doing.

In response to this news, Wilders has decided it is impossible to continue his campaign.

According to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, there is no reason to stop the campaigning for the parliamentary elections on 15 March. He is quoted in Dutch newspaper Telegraaf as stressing that all this has nothing to do with terrorism, but simply with less serious criminal activities and that:

One of course always tries to do everything possible to avoid taking disciplinary actions. But if they should be taken, we do take them, in the interest of the safety of the politicians.”

A more meticulous vetting, with care being taken to not select offenders to bear responsibility for the safety of politicians and the Royal Household, seems to have been an option not entertained by the PM.

Sweden to jail and deport violent Nigerian serial sex offender

By David Frankenhuis

A 21-year-old Nigerian national in Sweden has now been convicted to 4 years imprisonment for a series of vicious sexual assaults against Stockholm-based women and girls. The violent attacks, taking place inside or near the capital city’s subway system, were carried out last autumn.

Today, Stockholm’s District Court found the man guilty of several attempted rapes and assaults, all happening with great ferocity. After serving his sentence, the young African immigrant will be banned from Swedish territory for a period of 10 years, Expressen.se reports. Judges also ordered the man, who was not named further, to financially compensate five of his victims.

The 21-year-old was arrested on November 5, after committing 4 sexual assaults within the time frame of just a few hours. The migrant youth had attacked two women in the Södermalm district around midnight. He pulled out large tufts of the victims’ hair, after dragging them to the ground and beating them. The rape attempts nevertheless failed.

Some 15 minutes later, the migrant youth assaulted another woman by pressing her against a wall and choking her. The attacker was scared away by a passer-by and fled, after having snatched the woman’s cell phone.

Less than 2 hours later, this time in Fruängen precinct, the migrant viciously attacked a woman in her own apartment. He had tailed the victim from the subway to her home, where she was brutally beaten and sexually attacked as well.

On October 29, the Nigerian attempted raping a woman outdoors in Stockholm’s Kungsholmen region. The victim received blows to her face and was kicked in her body, after which he pulled her to the ground. There, he kept on beating her, while pulling the woman’s hair, ripping her clothes, and choking her. He repeatedly told the victim:

“If you won’t have sex with me, I’ll kill you.”

Despite the amount of force used, the woman managed to escape rape.

Today’s verdict did not include a sex assault in a Swedish restaurant that the immigrant had previously been charged with. Last autumn, he had viciously attacked a woman in front of other customers of the diner. That case was settled after the man had paid damages to the victim.

Watch! Topless FEMEN activist disrupts Le Pen’s speech

By Willem Cornax

During yesterday’s speech on foreign policy, Marine Le Pen was interrupted by a topless woman. The Femen protester chanted “Marine Feminist Fictive“, meaning Marine is a fake feminist. Le Pen has described herself as a feminist.

Femen stated “nothing in Marine Le Pen’s program promotes the emancipation of women. No proposal is made to further the equality of the sexes.” Evidently, this is rubbish, as Le Pen is one of the few politicians who’s actually putting her life on the line to defend women’s rights, which are being trampled upon by vast elements of France’s Muslim community.

Le Pen was explaining her foreign policy, in which she reiterated the EU is an obstacle to trade and to being connected with the rest of the world. This argument is reminiscent of the Leave camp during the Brexit Referendum last year. Le Pen is expected to easily survive the first of two election rounds in France’s upcoming election. What happens after that remains speculative.

Watch! MEP’s would rather destroy European economies than give up the euro

By Vincent van den Born

Disregard the fact that “Europe” is a continent that will not disappear, and it is the EU they’re actually talking about. This deceptive conflation cannot mask this video proves the arrogance of Brussels once again. They won’t try and fit the Euro to the needs of European economies, but they’ll try and bend European economies to the needs of the Euro. It is not European citizens that come first, its the project. This is hubris of the highest order.

France: Jewish man’s finger almost sawed off during antisemitic attack by men of “North African origin”

By Vincent van den Born

The French Bureau of National Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) yesterday published a shocking announcement. On 21 February in the French town of Bondy, just outside the Boulevard Périphérique, two Jewish brothers, 29 and 17 years of age, were driving their car on the Avenue Gallieni around 21:00. According to their father, an important man in the Jewish community of Bondy, his sons had their heads covered with a kippah.

Then they were cut off by a van, forcing them off their route. The van drives up to their height, and the two occupants shout:

“Dirty Jews, assholes! You’re going to die!

The men force them to a halt near a shisha bar, from which others pour to lend a helping hand, violently attacking the brothers, beating, kicking them and shouting “if you move, I will kill you.”

In an interview with Armand Azoulay, the father of the 29 and 17-year-old victims, he said that his son was “grabbed by the throat” and attacked with a wood saw. The perpetrator has not succeeded in sawing off his son’s finger. “The finger has not been severed,” Azoulay said, in response to earlier reports. He stressed that “this was an anti-Semitic attack in all its forms.

Shocked and wounded, the brothers went to a hospital and filed a complaint. The French Bureau of National Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) has asked the police to do everything possible to identify the original aggressors, a father and son described as of North African origin. It has also decided to put its counsels Sabine Tourjman and Maître Charles Baccouche at the disposal of the two Jewish victims to defend their interests and to assist them legally.

Morocco is blackmailing EU using migrants as leverage

By Vincent van den Born

On February 22, France 24 reported that Morocco uses the migrant crisis as leverage in a trade dispute with the EU. More than 850 migrants are said to have breached the border with Spanish held Ceuta from Morocco. Located just South of Gibraltar, Ceuta was conquered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, before deciding to remain in the Spanish Empire in the 17th century. It is one of two Spanish cities on the Mediterranean Coast, the other one being Melilla. Consequently, it is one of two land borders between Europe and Africa, making the city a focal point for migrants seeking to gain entrance.

Around 500 migrants stormed the guarded and fenced 8-kilometre border on Friday, in the largest successful incursion in more than a decade, followed on Monday by another successful attempt by 356 migrants. On New Year’s Day, more than 1.000 migrants tried to jump the double fence separating Morocco and Ceuta, but were repelled, with 5 Spanish, and 50 Moroccan border guards injured, including the loss of an eye. Ceuta officials are now faced with more than 1.400 migrants to be questioned. Housing has become a problem, and more tents have been requested.

Sweden: Arab men live stream sexual assault on Facebook. Again

By David Frankenhuis

Live streamed footage of a young woman being sexually harassed in the Swedish capital of Stockholm has become part of an abhorrent ‘PR campaign’ that was launched on a closed Facebook group run by Tunisian men. The perpetrators appear to be showing the video in order to encourage other Tunisians living in Europe to pay a visit to the city.

Adam, a Tunisian man who saw parts of the attack taking place online, informed libertarian-conservative magazine Fria Tider on the existence of the Facebook group. The page has some 60,000 members and specifically aims at enlisting “Tunisians living in Europe,” according to a statement made by the website administrators.

On the night of January 26, the live broadcast of the group started as Adam was logged into Facebook. The footage shows two Tunisian men leaving a kebab restaurant in central Stockholm, at the end of a night out. When the Arabs fail in getting the attention of a cab they decide on stealing a bike instead.

Soon after, viewers could witness the men sexually assaulting a woman in an empty street. During the ordeal, the victim shouts “Stop filming,” while the migrants grope her, pull her hair, and tear off her clothes. One of the men also tries raping the woman, who is about 25 years of age, when the cell phone footage ends.

Adam was shocked by the video but nevertheless managed to film parts of it on his own phone as evidence, even posting 8 seconds of the ordeal on his Facebook page after blurring the victim. “I will submit the rest of the video to police,” he says.

After studying many of the online comments accompanying the attack, Adam paints a grim picture of the Muslim Arab mentality. He says that many of them think it is perfectly fine to harass girls and women. “Some viewers even thought it was awesome,” he discovered. After posting parts of the footage on his Facebook page, Adam received online death threats from other Tunisians.

“The attackers want to show that they live in Stockholm and that life is cool here. Many Tunisians are defending these rapists and it looks like as if I hate Tunisians because I expose them. I consider their actions a serious crime, but they see it as something normal.”

One of the men in the clip has previously been convicted of other violent assaults, Fria Tider could independently verify, while the second is an illegal immigrant who has been hiding from the Swedish authorities since 2014. “He’s trying to meet women here and convince them to marry him so that he can stay in Sweden,” says Adam.

Adam claims to have informed Stockholm authorities on the attack, but a police spokesman denied having any knowledge of the incident.

It’s the second time in one month migrants in Sweden live stream a sexual assault to Facebook. And probably not the last.

Swedish professor confirms: “Migrants fiercely overrepresented in crime”

By Vincent van den Born
Bystanders take photos of a row of burning cars in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby after youths rioted in several different suburbs around Stockholm, Sweden for a fourth consecutive night on May 23, 2013 / Getty

On February 22 the Estonian based Swedish language website Fria Tider published its opinion on a recent interview by Swedish National Broadcaster SVT. In this interview, Swedish police officer Peter Springare was, unexpectedly, backed up by criminologist Leif GW Persson. Repeating earlier statements, Springare said that:

there is a strong over-representation of immigrants in crime. This is especially obvious when it comes to crimes of a violent nature. Very serious, violent crimes.”

To this, Persson replied that he had made the same observation, and

everyone with eyes in his head, that works on material like this, can see it.

Persson also pointed out that it now mostly concerns migrants from Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, but that ten years ago it was Turks and Yugoslavians: “over-representation is a fact.

Springare also believes that the subject is still a taboo, something that was also stated by one of his colleagues. Stating the obvious has also led to him being investigated on charges of inciting racial hatred:

It is a taboo. But it now has become visible. When I look at all the letters and emails I receive from police officers investigating serious crime, they substantiate that this has become widespread.”

The show’s presenter Camilla Kvartoft asked Persson if this was true.

Yes, maybe. Police officers are reluctant to talk about it. The more reluctant, the higher up the ladder they are. But this is no secret. This is a problem you can happily avoid talking about. But times have changed. Now the lid has come off, this will of course have a major impact. What is interesting, is that this issue is something that worries many people. It may be the biggest single issue in the 2018 elections.

When Kvartoft mentions the data from the National Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ), Persson takes the opportunity to once again point out how seriously overrepresented immigrants are in serious crime. “This is how it is,” he says: “these groups, immigrants and refugees, are fiercely overrepresented.”

Dutch immigrant party: ‘Doctors let migrant patients die sooner’

By Benjamin de Wolf
From left to right, DENK's top 3: Tunahan Kuzu, Farid Azarkan and Selçuk Öztürk / DENK Facebook page

Dutch immigrant party DENK has been in the news a lot lately; A Dutch newspaper found out they are using ‘internet trolls’ with fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and that they have imams, paid for by the Turkish government, inciting Muslims to vote for DENK. And now they’re in the news again, with a new angle to lure immigrants into their electorate. DENK frontrunner Tunahan Kuzu stated that:

Doctors let immigrants die sooner because they do not speak the Dutch language. Many people of the first generation have a language barrier. When the doctor says: ‘blink your eyes’ and the patient does not respond, they pull the plug.”
Kuzu claimed he heard it from several doctors and specialists, and it “made him sad.”

And what solution does DENK have? Kuzu states there should be more doctors who speak the Turkish language. At the same time, his party actively supports the language barrier between immigrants and their new society. Among other things, they claim that immigrants should not have to integrate and believe women should be stimulated to be a stay-at-home-mother. And of course, DENK is silent about the obstruction Islam forms for Muslim women who are not allowed to be treated by male doctors.

A politician who claims doctors will let immigrants die easier is an insult to the medical profession and an ugly attempt to incite distrust between immigrants and their new society.

Still, according to the polls, 40 percent of the 300.000 Turkish-Dutch electorate will vote for DENK, together with Moroccan-Dutch voters, this accounts for approximately 7 of the 150 parliament seats.

Kuzu is proud of his 2 passports, a Dutch and the Turkish one. With last month’s mounting evidence and rhetoric, we slowly learn which one commands his true loyalty.

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