Nadeem Muhammed tries boarding plane with bomb. Is released and allowed to board another plane

By Vincent van den Born
Two armed British police officers patrol outside of Heathrow Airport Terminal Four on August 11, 2006 in London, England / Getty

Multiple sources reported three days ago that Nadeem Muhammed (43), was in court on Monday for flying with a pipe bomb in his hand luggage. He had been boarding a Ryanair flight to Bergamo, Italy when he was held under the UK’s Terrorism Act following a security screening. After allegedly telling officers the device had been planted by someone else, he was released on bail, however, and allowed to travel.

Which he did. He flew to Italy and stayed there while tests in the UK revealed that the ‘batteries’ were actually a “viable device“, containing sufficient explosives to cause “serious damage and loss of life” on board a plane, as heard by the court. Consisting of a “small pipe, like a large market pen,” it was filled with a “smokeless propellant often found in ammunition.” On his return to the UK by way of Manchester Airport on Sunday, Muhammed was arrested and charged with being in possession of an explosive substance. He is now back in custody and due to appear in court in March.

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  • Barb3000

    The UK needs to have a talk with the Israeli’s about how to keep bombs off of airliners which could kill every person on board. If this guy had been in Israel he would have been arrested on the spot not turned loose to board another plane.

  • dm

    Am I reading this right!!! the police allowed him to travel on to Italy and then return to the UK. (a person who was caught with a VIABLE DEVICE)??????? If a person is capable of carrying such a device on a plane and is caught, is it not feasible that he would continue with his nefarious activities, thus putting innocent travellers at extreme risk. Is there one rule for muslims and another for alternative religions !!!!! Must check in the Bible! there must be a para on thou shalt not carry explosive devises unless your name is muhammed.., above the psalms on the fake palistan , along with Mary was married to the big m.

    • I don’t live in England, but would guess that the police were hamstrung by his bail conditions.

      I am a strong supporter of bail, on the grounds that a person is innocent until proven guilty, however “risk to public safety” is supposed to trump that.

      Even if it was going to take too long to determine if the device was a bomb, and he had an urgent and compelling reason to be in Italy, along the lines of a wedding or funeral, that made bail seem to be the appropriate option (remember at this point they haven’t determined that it is a bomb), there should have been a requirement that he be accompanied by a plain clothes police officer or equivalent, in cooperation with the Italian authorities. This may have been expensive, but would have been the safer option, and one that shouldn’t need to happen often enough for the expense to noticeably affect security costs.

      I am not saying that he should have been bailed at all, or allowed to travel, just that even if he was, it could and should have been handled better.

  • Di Panetta

    Let’s hope Hungary shows Europe what it’s like to have guts!

  • Michael Hoffman

    Nadeem Muhammed, should never been allowed to fly, he should have been kept in custody, investigated and charged, we should bring back the “Death Penalty” for terrorist.

  • That’s a separate issue, and unfortunately once governments have that sort of power they tend to abuse it.

    • George Parker

      I disagree. The H-Blacks did exactly what they were intended to do. As did Guantanamo.

  • “Your story is nearly ten years old”

    The picture used, most likely a stock photo, is more than ten years old. A bit confusing, but his report, posted on Feb 16, 2017 says “… reported three days ago that Nadeem Muhammed (43), was in court on Monday …”, which would be Monday 13 Feb 2017.

    • Numbers Peppelini

      I see you’re correct, thanks.

  • Yeruham

    We need a boycott, essentially a BDS movement against Western countries like the UK,
    who are friendly to terrorists.Don’t visit them don’t buy their products, don’t read their literature, etc. We can start to publicize our movement through these
    Internet letters.
    Dr Frank Leavitt (Yeruham)
    Retired, Ben Gurion University,
    Resident, Kiriat Arba, Hebron, ISRAEL

  • The Night Rider

    This story is fake. It’s too stupid even for Europe to be true.
    Then again the Europeans except the eastern nations seem cowardly and dimwitted.
    Sweden, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark. Shall I go on?

  • The Night Rider

    No. They should just go back to their backwards violent cesspools and fix them up.

    • Eleonoa Mostert

      Spot on.

  • just_one_Deplorable_guy

    “it appears to be working against us”??
    How about It is working against us?

    • Keith

      I agree our (British) government are working against the UK native people. My MP knows nothing about Islam and is not interested in learning anything about it. I know this because I have spoken to him about it and he couldn’t even be bothered to read the information I left him with nor make any comments on it. He is a Conservative but not a member of the front benches.

  • LRob

    It would appear the Brits have not only lost their way, but their will to fight. Once one of the greatest nations on earth will soon be reduced to a 7th Century, hijab wearing, he11 hole.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Turned loose and allowed to board another plane after being found with a pipe bomb in his luggage? And then allowed to board another plane to return from Italy to the UK a few days later?