One in seven Belgian jihadists receives welfare benefits

By David Frankenhuis

Some 16 Belgian citizens who had previously joined the ranks of Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and other Jihadist terror bands operating in Syria and Iraq, are back in their home country living off welfare funded by the Belgian State. Since the men “comply with all of the legal requirements,” the authorities claim, it cannot be prevented that they’re now growing fat on Belgian taxpayers’ money, even though they may have been involved in terrorism, mass murder, (child) rape, slavery, and the like.

According to the most recent statistics produced by Belgium’s anti-terrorism agency, OCAD, 117 foreign terrorist fighters who had left for Syria have since returned to the little Western European country. About 1 in 6 of the Jihadists has these past 6 months been soaked in social benefits, the authorities admitted to Belgian daily De Tijd.

Wouter Langeraert, spokesman for the national social security institution RVA, explains:

“We’re simply living in a constitutional state, not every Syria fighter who has returned is in jail. Some returnees comply with all of the legal requirements: they’re not imprisoned, they’ve been registered in their municipalities, they’re available to the labour market, they answer calls from the public employment services, et cetera.”

According to Langeraert, the RVA always asks OCAD and other relevant organisations to provide information on individuals asking for unemployment benefits.

Approximately 600 Belgians are registered in OCAD’s Jihadist database, making Belgium the Western country with the highest number of foreign fighters per capita. In Brussels and certain parts of Flanders alone, recent reports have shown several dozens of Muslim terrorists have been cashing welfare grants, thereby possibly financing their genocidal Islamist backpacking journeys with tax money. In order to put a halt to this, Belgium started the BELFI-project in the autumn of 2014. Since then, almost a hundred illegitimate cases have been discovered. It turned out that not only unemployment benefits are used to fund Islam’s ‘holy war’, but child support payments as well.


The Danes too have been struggling with Jihadist citizens living off welfare benefits. At least 34 of them have fought for Isis but continue to receive state grants, The Independent some two months ago reported.

Islam poses big problems for Belgium

Newly arrived immigrants are making the costs of the Belgian welfare system spiral out of control, recent reports proved. Furthermore, people from Islamic cultures pose specific problems for Belgium, for example keeping its specialized police officers increasingly occupied with paperwork on files concerning Jihadist terrorists and radicalised Islamic citizens. At the same time, the more ‘moderate’ Muslims turn parts of the country’s urban environment into virtual no-go zones even for police while others commit gang rapes singing Arab songs.

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  • The Mugged Liberal

    Fantastic. How soon can we Americans become sophisticated like those Europeans. They have socialism and it s seems to be working great.

    • Gail Jenkins Fleming


      • Vivienne

        Of course Gail, gotta start exercising the male side of your brain to understand some of these very clever satyres by men. God bless ’em and thank god for TRUMP. Let’s hope he can deal with insane Europe & Scandinavia where I live.

    • Sue Powdrill

      Thank God for President Trump!

  • Elizabeth Grassworthy

    It’s our fault for being so soft. We might as well walk around with a sign saying ‘kick me’ on our backs.
    Well, in the case of women in Sweden or pubescent girls in the north of England, ‘Rape me’ might be more appropriate.

  • PurpleBerries

    It’s just depressing. Returning jihadis should be put in prison, as in most countries fighting for a foreign army is tantamount to treason. The legal construct is there if the state is willing to apply it. Instead they apply the regulations pertaining to welfare benefits. Fantastic. Voting for the current European governments seems to be akin to sending a five-year-old to do your grocery shopping.

    • b.a. freeman

      except with worse results; at least the 5-yr-old will probably buy some edible things.

    • Jon MC

      “in most countries fighting for a foreign army is tantamount to treason…”
      For those that emigrated to the ISLAMIC STATE they had to give “ba’ya”, that is a pledge of loyalty, to said state.
      Given that the ISLAMIC STATE has declared war on the West, then there is no “tantamount” about it.
      These Jihadis declared their allegiance to a STATE that had declared war on their ‘home’ Countries.
      Thus they are traitors pure and simple and should be treated as such if they return.

      But it will never happen because all European governments (inc. UK) are too scared to stand up to Islamic terror, to scared to admit that sections of Islam and Muslim communities are at war with us and too scared to do anything about it.

  • Martelson

    This is madness to know it, and let these conditions to continue.

  • rostomic

    Of course… they take is as the jizya that we the infidels must pay!!!

  • Patrick O’Brien

    Great website. Good article. But the title: “One in seven Belgian jihadists receive welfare benefits” should read receiveS.

    • Timon Dias

      Thanks Patrick, fixed!

  • Keith Cashman

    The first example of a country being crushed from within, both financially and tying up law enforcement officers who have to follow ‘the rule of the law’ and file required documentation as well as keep the lunatics under surveillance.
    The soft laws were slowly introduced into western cultures over decades by Fabian followers ‘for the good of the people’. This has removed the teeth of populations that would be used to counter the undermining of our societies.
    The UN and EU have to be dismantled as they are promoting our problems rather than fixing them. A part of the global domination strategy. Bring counties to their knees and insert people into positions of authority ‘to fix the problems’ who are like minded in following the Fabian, Red Dawn agenda.

    • b.a. freeman

      U hit the nail on the head!

  • Space_Cowboy_1952

    Anjem Choudary described it as ‘Jihad Seekers Allowance’ (Job Seekers Allowance), in a You Tube video… while he was claiming £26,000 a year for his strictly non-working family, before he was recently locked up for recruiting for ISIS on Oxford Street. He described it as “Jizya Tax of the kaffir”.

  • jeff page

    Oh that’s fine then. “Where have you been for the last 2 years Mohammed”. “I went to see my family in Syria (by the way, thanks for the air fare), when I arrived my 7 cousins asked me to come out hunting with them. The next thing you know, I was in a village full of people my brothers told me were not real Muslims. I killed a few of them with an AK47 someone gave me. Then my brothers took me to the market place and I was bullied into buying 4 girls, they called them sex slaves! You can imagine my surprise! I got them all for about 20 euros that I had saved up from my benefits. But to be honest I only raped 3 of them because one of them was far too old she must have been at least 16. Anyway to cut a long story short, after a few months we had to move out of that village because the Peshmerga were getting too close and I and my brothers are terrified of women with guns!
    We had to leave our sex slaves behind, so I shot them.
    The next village, more or less the same except I made sure I bought girls under 18, I ripped their compulsory veils off to make sure!
    After another few months we had to move again, once again I shot the girls, but I only beheaded one of them. By this time I was missing my mum and dad in Belgium so me and my cousins decided to go home. By the time we got to my cousins home it had been bombed by Assads airforce. I told my cousins to come to Belgium with me. I had to kill a couple of people to get the money to return, but we got back and into the country with no problems at all, Shengen really is so convenient! And that’s about it, I am now ready to start looking for work or I promise I will trey my best to”
    Okay, Mohammed, no problem, you can start receiving your benefits straightaway. Nice to have you back” ???????????

    • Vivienne

      A brilliant satyre and so damn true, thanks for making me smile on this dreary cold Sunday morning. Viv

  • Sue Powdrill

    The EU – the biggest funder of terrorism and all kinds of violence against women. While it is giving European human rights to terrorist and rapists, its own people are forced to accept Islamic abuse and injustice.

    • Vivienne

      So true, we are not given a choice against the rapists from Islam.

  • Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Just as with all former colonial powers Belgian guilt complex and her conscience about her black and dark past have made the Belgian Government and the Belgian people APATHETIC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grYjrdbDHOc&list=PLcTQIp40vQPbDchTQ0b0Dopv7fq7YLzWs

    • Vivienne

      So well put, just like Merkel & Lofven’s guilt complexs. Sweden instituted the Eugenics program 1933 and conspired with Hitler though publicly it was neutral? Much the same can be said of Ireland excluding Eugenics? These ‘bloody’ Muslims are also still at war with the crusaders not to mention Imperialists who tried to bring their backward nations into the current century! Even today China is building the infrastructure of Africa and boy what a difference China has made, China issues death penalty for corruption. Check out CGTN at 18.00hrs gmt there is an hours broadcast on the economy and politics of Africa. Forget the crap about the starving millions Oxfam would have us believe! Same goes for other areas where China has invested. BTW the next prime economy is going to be China. However, China unlike us lot is more inclined to use wisdom and diplomacy. Another program worth watching is ‘Dialogue’ 18.30 hrs gmt.

    • Vivienne

      I am completely aware of the cruelty of Leopold II and this war went on for years. Also Islam has been banned in the Congo/Angola.

  • Vivienne

    Check with your Mum and Dad Glyn, they may be living in a quiet area of Britain, there are still a few places the Muslims have not overtaken.

  • Alleged Comment

    Why are you youarepeons listening to the mentally-ill people ruling you? They in turn are sending you the mentally-ill Moslem to be your neighbors.

    Soon, the ENTIRE Europope will need him and fall perfectly in line with the Mark of the Beast to attack America!