Watch! 600 African migrants “with tools and clubs” storm Spanish border

By Timon Dias

The BBC reports:

Several hundred migrants have stormed a six-metre (20 ft) security fence that separates Morocco from Ceuta, a Spanish territory in North Africa. Police said security cameras showed around 600 migrants, some with shears and clubs, breaking through one of the gates.

More than 300 reportedly made it across the razor wire barrier.

Ceuta and Melilla, another Spanish territory in North Africa, have the EU’s only land borders with Africa. As a result, they are popular crossing points for migrants hoping to reach a new life in Europe. The Red Cross is treating about 400 migrants at its centre in Ceuta and dispatched five ambulances to help, the local emergency service said on Twitter.

It also reports that: “Spain’s Civil Guard said three police officers had been taken to hospital.”

Showing a very apt media-savviness, one of the migrants even draped himself in the EU flag. Surely the EU’s foreign minister Mogherini, who already thinks European life without migrants would be an unsustainable disaster, can’t resist these new (pro-EU!) Europeans.

It’s not the first time Sub-Saharan migrants storm this border. In fact, it’s been happening for a few years. Two months ago, a similar incident occurred, injuring both security personnel and migrants alike. See video below.

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  • Mayor McCheese

    How arrogant that people feel simply by luck of the draw of being born in Europe that they have the right to tell others they are not welcome.

    • Juerg Demarmels

      YOU are arrogant to claim the Europeans should accept their own destruction. Insane…

    • shref40

      People of good will are welcome. Those that come for free welfare, and to rape women are not welcome. Of course, it takes a few more brain cells than McCheese to comprehend this.

    • R D

      It’s your arrogance and ignorance based on a Born Yesterday mentality that is the problem. You, personally, are the problem. Essentially, you are a hypocrite. Invite, take in, open the doors of your home to one or a number of these invaders. Live with them, support them, love them, then, get back to all the rest of us with a report. Until then, your remarks are idiotic and, truly, arrogant, just Born Yesterday quips.

    • Pendragon

      Europe is the land of the Europeans, a small, densely populated appendix of the Eurasian landmass. Why should the whole world have the right to move there?

    • Vikki

      The Europeans created societies based on democracy, equality and justice. This didn’t just emerge out of nothing. Other governments and socieities can equally build social systems that promote equality, justice and adequate standards of living. Why don’t they do that?

      • Angus the Deplorable

        Why don’t they do that?

        Because it’s way easier to invade peaceful Western countries and live off welfare like parasites. Why work when they can just threaten violence to get what they want?

        Those in power who allowed the situation to get this bad should be tried for treason…

  • truth seeker

    Goodbye civilization and the indigenous peoples of Europe, in a decade Europe will be back into the stone age, tribal wars , and the wonderful religion of peace . No one in Authority is even bothered. The coudenhove – kalergi plan is in full swing.

    • BooBooBaby

      That and they are So afraid of being called a Racist too.

  • call out the full military this is invasion not migration they are criminal illegals. Intern immediately then deport otherwise europe will be destroyed and end up a minority in their own nations then watch the bloodshed especially in Germany and France, the rioting by “migrant youths aka men” low level civil war is raging already in sweden and france

  • jeff page

    Are the liberal luvvies seeing this? Illegal immigrants forcing their way onto European soil. Do those fools in the EU really want this type of immigrant? The mind boggles! They come for the benefits, if any had real skills to offer they would have applied through the proper channels, but I suspect very few, if any, do possess any usable skills. They are more than able to riot, rape and steal, we see that only too often where immigrants arrive.
    The razor wire is obviously not enough to keep them from storming into Europe illegally. Perhaps minefields would be a good addition to the security, with maybe a few hundred armed guards with orders to shoot. It may make them think twice about storming their way in. The EU, unfortunately, just doesn’t have the proper deterrents in place to stop this happening. With a bit of luck the whole corrupt institution will soon be torn apart!

  • Elizabeth Grassworthy

    Yesterday for the first time ever I heard negative comments about illegal immigrants made by Spaniards in the village in Northern Spain, where I live.
    This is a region with the least amount of Muslims, according to government statistics. If people here are getting concerned, I wonder what the rest of Spain thinks.

    • stuart grice

      you could not have been here long, and most spanish I speak with want a referendum to leave the eu, well they have had all the money they are going to get

      • Elizabeth Grassworthy

        25 years this June….long enough to get a feel for the country, I think. I was talking about Muslim immigration not a referendum.
        And on the subject of a referendum on the EU, when the UK voted for Brexit the Spanish were very dismissive of the British decision. Now some people tell me quietly that they wish Spain could leave too. But not that many. Belonging to the EU makes the Spanish feel safer, more cosmopolitan and marks a decisive break with the Franco era.
        As far as EU funding goes, hope springs eternal. The Spanish still believe in the EU magic money tree.

    • BooBooBaby

      Many people seem afraid to speak out because they’re afraid of being called and labeled a Racist!
      I just wouldn’t care anymore….these Invaders/Moochers MUST be Deported NOW!!

  • Barbara Ellison

    Gatestone Europe….Sub-Saharan covers a lot of people…WHERE are the migrants coming from? Does the EU want the people? Are they being vetted and processed legally? How were police injured? The video raises a lot of questions. Not all African migrants are good people, and not all are bad people bent on destroying a host country…Is the EU making the distinctions necessary to protect itself? I hope so.

    • Kenneth E. Smith

      To answer your 2 most important questions

      “Are they being vetted and processed legally?”

      “Not all African migrants are good people, and not all are bad people
      bent on destroying a host country…Is the EU making the distinctions
      necessary to protect itself? ”

  • Juerg Demarmels

    I never understood why these people is not kicked out through the main gate, instantaneously

  • Jim Tole

    They all should have be shot to death for breaching the border.

  • Bent540

    up to as late as the 90s this would have been something you would get arrested for!

    lol, storming a foreing border??? war is coming! and it will be against ALL YOU FILTHY LEFTISTS!!


  • Gea

    This may be KARMA in action in Spain ;-)! for conquistadors, just as Muslim invasion of the rest of Europe may be karma for European participation of murdering 6 millions of Jews during WWII. ALL European countries participated in deporting their Jews, except maybe Denmark and Sweden who let some Jews in (the ones from Denmark). Now the Europe has 60 MILLIONS of Muslims who want to rule Europe and establish Caliphate as European politicians let them invade. Many EX-Muslims had warned Westerners that Islam is an IDEOLOGY worse than Nazism, but it fell on deaf ears of Communists and politically correct morons of EU.

    Actually, Spanish Generalissimo Franco saved some 60,000 Jews as he ordered Spanish embassies to issue visas to any Jews that showed up, no questions asked…Franco also saved Spain from Hitler’s invasion as he played into Hitler’ vanity. Hitler had 20 SS divisions on the Spanish border in 1941 when he trampled over Europe and occupied France…

    Hitler intended to get to Gibraltar through Spain and close Mediterraneans sea for shipping of Muslim Arab oil from Saudi Arabia and Iraq…If Hitler succeeded in this, we all may be speaking German and celebrate Hitler’s Birthday, while reviling Churchill and Roosevelt as villains ;-)! That is why Obama had removed Churchill’s bust from Oval Office as he hated Churchill’s view of Islam as worse than Nazism and Mohamed as horrendous criminal worse than Hitler.

  • QV3

    Wonderful. Europe will soon be turned into shanty ghettoes. Enjoy.

  • Keith Cashman

    These people have no idea that they are following a hidden agenda. Golden Dawn, Dajjal, and other extentions of Fabianism are the core to what is going on. The UN and EU are just tools to work through to achieve their aims of ‘One World’ and therefore extreme power over everybody. Followers of this movement are everywhere in plain view but ‘common’ people have not been aware of the infiltration of western systems until now. If you are not aware of these insidious groups please read about them and alert as many people as you can as it is the only way we can defeat these people. Knowing who they are in your own country is vital as you need to know who to target to defend yourselves.
    They have remained hidden in our systems for decades eating away at everything they can in a stealthy erosion of our rights. Many people are followers of these people because they have been brainwashed through our education systems and even they don’t know that they are only puppets of a hidden agenda.

  • Felix Santos

    All these scumbag liberal democrat leaders that are allowing this to happen should be kicked out of the country and forced to live in africa or the middle east with sleazy muslims__

  • David Daitchman

    The EU Has Gone INSANE !

  • bas

    Those migrant are very unruly. They don’t deserve to inter into a peaceful country. They are the source of a country’s trouble by simply disregarding laws and orders. Saudi Arabia and other gulf nations must be jumping and dancing, enjoying the success of their hidden agenda, that is, spreading islam to the west. Why not send those migrant with them where death penalty is prevalent so that they’l be killing their own kind.

  • BooBooBaby

    Too bad the fence wasn’t electric!