92% of German ‘anti-fascist’ protesters still live with their Mum

By Benjamin de Wolf
True story.

A new study published by the German tabloid Bild concluded that 92 percent of those suspected of violent crimes at left-wing demonstrations still live with their mum and dad, or as the Germans blissfully say it “(…) wohnen noch bei Mutti.”

The study, which was carried out with data from Germany, further concluded that the number of politically motivated (left-wing) crimes increased significantly from 2009 to 2013, with a total of 1523 cases. That number was double the amount of 2003 to 2008. Interior Senator Frank Henkel (52, CDU) recognised this and commented by saying that indeed:

“most politically motivated violent crimes come from the left-wing scene.”

Between 2009 and 2013, 80% of the 902 acts of violence were directed against policemen. And of the 1523 cases, 873 suspects were identified, which provided the following findings:

  • 84 % are male
  • 72 % aged 18-29
  • 90 % are single
  • 34 % are unemployed
  • 10 % committed more than one crime
  • 11 accounts of attempted murder.

So next time lefties are violently rioting like last week at the University of California (Berkeley), it’s not ‘the people’ who are rising up against the new administration. It’s probably just some single unemployed failure-to-launch-ish dudes letting off some steam because their mum won’t allow them to play FIFA more than 4 hours a day.

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  • William Henwood

    Interesting that children not forced to take responsibility for their lives revert to irresponsible behaviour

  • Angel Oteros

    No cabe duda ninguna que la violencia es totalmente de izquierda. Aunque luego llega el intelectoloide subnormal de izquierda que dice que estamos plagados de fascistas.
    Existe un libro muy interesante aquí en España titulado: PRENDIENDO LA MECHA. Violencia política en la España actual de Víctor. M. Pérez Velasco.

  • Glyn Davies

    They just need a Good thrashing…

    • SojournerLee

      And a job.

  • UncleVladdi

    Well of course! Children are the only people to have rights without responsibility, and they are scared of giving that up to live in the real, self-reliant world with the adults.

  • UncleVladdi

    Well, of course! Anarchists are really only a bunch of whiny liberal bedwetting crybaby, criminally negligent infantile delinquents who resent living in their parents’ world, (and basements) really only asserting “I never asked to be born!”

    They forget that existing Civilization was built up by individuals who built their own roads, owned their own properties, and then decided to band together to defer the maintenance to ever-larger groups of insurance company-like entities, which eventually became “government.”

    Now all the land is taken, and these newborns don’t like following the rules built up by others over time and tradition, so they want to tear it all down and re-build what will only amount to being basically the exact same thing, but with THEM in charge this time!

    Much, much more, from here:

    • Barni

      Who says the miscreants are “Lefties?” Why would a bunch of unemployed right wing fascists when confronted or apprehended committing violence admit to being fascists? They would naturally want to throw suspicion onto socialist “lefties” and instead of truthfully self identifying as right wing nut jobs, would they not be more likely claim to be ‘lefties’ to throw suspicion onto their opponents? In any event, Germany has created serious problems for itself by importing a million people who don’t speak the language and some/many of whom are definitely violently opposed to Christianity and democracy and who are committed to social disruption in order to bring down the existing Christian democracy (although democracy died in Europe when the fascist elites invented the undemocratic elitist EU)?
      If you cannot tell the good ones from the bad ones why import huge numbers of people including many extremist Islamic ‘terrorists’? If it weren’t for making enormous social/political mistakes Europe would have now been completely peaceful and prosperous. If Europeans had demanded that those who make claims of unending prosperity by totally trashing historical social organization prove their hypothesis before blindly instituting enormous change – and Europeans have done this incredibly stupid maneuver twice in the last few decades?!? If you want to have peace and prosperity ditch the EU and focus like laser light on having individual countries solve their serious economic and violence problems in ways that have historical precedent for them.
      The major problem is that these somewhat recent colossal errors were inflicted by elites and it is now the average citizens who are paying an incredibly high price for the elites mistakes. Good luck with that!!

  • Mukul Shukla

    all moms are very indulgent. but German moms seem to be setting a record of sorts.

  • Eleni Constantinides

    Yes…..same in Greece! I think Greece invaded this behavior at the first place….

  • mosii

    I am from Montenegro Ex Yugoslavia country I send my dauther to study, in Bremen Germany I can not believe that she is unsafe in Germany …
    Europe defend their democracy on strange way…. I can not believe what you do
    And you must ask yourself why same things is not happening in less democratic states, because response on brutality is more brutal,

  • BilboBaggins

    It is happening in the US as well, as the political left long ago took over the ideological culture in many colleges and universities… back in the 60’s when “Deconstructionism” was all the rage at Harvard, Stanford, etc…. it’s the natural consequence to giving our youth over to one-sided ideological orientation: first, by our higher ed institutions, now, having trickled down to secondary and elementary levels. We see the result of leftist indoctrination over time.

  • trustandobeyalways

    sloth and greed. being a responsible adult and productive member of society is expensive and hard work. tough to fit that in with video game marathons and binge watching netflix

  • Iamstilllearning

    I can assure you this is true here in the U.S. too- I live in a very hipster city, and you can’t walk a few feet downtown without being bombarded. Dogs and tots are wielded as convenient props- for exactly the reason you state.

    Even in the uber-leftist papers/media here, these ‘hipsters’ have been outed. That has done nothing, however, to discourage their lifestyle choice…legalizing pot hasn’t helped either. They are typically the epitome of “privileged”, yet, in their freedom, choose to “make statements” by soiling the sidewalks- ‘their’ animals are better behaved, by far.