Muslim girl accused of Fabricating Hate Crime: ‘I got pushed onto railway track!’

By Benjamin de Wolf

In Vienna, Austria, a 14-year old Muslim girl has sparked an outrage on social media. She claimed to have been pushed onto the railway-tracks by a bystander who yelled terrorist at her. According to her story, she was saved by another bystander, who pulled her back onto the platform at the last second, and ran off to the hospital. Her parents (of Turkish origin) filed a criminal complaint stating she was assaulted.

The story was enough to have social media ‘explode’. An anti-discrimination and racism group blamed Austrian Foreign and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz for the attack. Kurz said on Friday he wanted to ban public servants, including school teachers, from wearing the Hijab, the Islamic headscarf. The proposal caused a stir, for it would be stricter than laws in France, where only the full body veil is illegal, or Germany, where the highest court in 2015 restricted MPs’ scope to ban teachers from wearing the headscarf. It already was deemed as discriminatory by Muslim group IGGIO, claiming “after such a statement, trust is badly shaken.”

Now, however, she is being accused of having fabricated the story. Investigating officers could not find any trace of any assault happening at the S-Bahn train station. Police spokeswoman Irina Steirer said:

“We have looked through the CCTV and at the time when the incident is alleged to have occurred nothing can be seen on the records. (…) Both the alleged victim and the accused are captured on CCTV, but nothing ever happens and they are both simply seen getting on the train.”

The girl will be brought in for questioning “as soon as possible”. She could even end up being charged with slander and filing a false report.

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  • chris

    This is the kind of incident which is used to stifle free speech and to put fear into the population and police whenever they encounter people from other cultures. This then encourages separation into different communities which causes a host of other problems

  • George Parker

    Just another fabricated fake story. taqiyya.

  • D Cripps

    Was it another, “Why I’m not wearing my hijab” story to placate parents, I wonder?

  • jonnell

    There’s a very good website that’s keeping track of musilm atrocities worldwide. What a good idea to have a website that (a) keeps track of all instances of fraudulent reports (by muslims) of attacks on muslims and (b) keeps track of attacks on musilms that were first deemed to be ‘islamophobic’ but later discovered to be perpetrated by other muslims. Then we would get a very clear picture of the muslim victim-culture industry.

    • veryneat

      Excellent idea.


      32,000 people died in terrorist attacks in 2014 alone, by terrorism. Guess which religion/group accounts for 99% of it?
      This is not a made-up statistic from a rank conservative site, as they would want you to believe, it’s from an international org that tracks terrorism, by NPR and PEW.

      Now, I would bet, following your lead, that there were far more than 32,000 muslim complaints that were all about pushing their agenda, and using our freedom of religion and freedom of peace to destroy our freedom of religion and freedom of speech….as is seen in EVERY country muslims have invaded, from Egypt to Libya to Syria, etl al, the ancient dominant populations of Christians are gone…harassed into converting to keep from being abused, or having left. And they continue to do so at a staggering rate, completely ignored by the US since hating Christianity and White Culture, whatever that is, is the norm.

  • Kenneth E. Smith

    May I suggest the said girl is guilty of a hate crime in addition to the charges of knowingly making a false complaint to the Police, and wasting Police time, and should suffer the appropriate penalties for her multiple offences.

  • KLD

    So, I wonder if these liars doing it for the potential limited fame or to further their (Muslim) cause? Seems to be the next viral sensation and with a teenager, I could see her doing this for ‘look at me!’ reasons. Truly pathetic. Should be a felony.

  • Europe built his identity over the dialogue between christian and illuminist identities, dialogue not always pacific. Islam is GUEST, not MASTER of the Europe, so new european habitants have to learn form our dark centuries of persecutions and wars for religion and shut off their pride. If they are in Europe, that’s for the unability of their political systems to maintain them, for the war that they live between opposed visions of islam.


    “We’re victims, victims! You ‘shake our trust’, and blah, blah, blah”
    Nobody plays the victim like muslims, but that’s because Mohammed instructed them to do so. IT’s called generating ‘a pretext’ for attacks to blame your target, which will confuse him, and cause internal debates and divisions about possible complicity. Mohammed said this ‘pretext’ was as important as the later attack itself. Because as they debate, he said, and the divisions are sown in their community, their “defenses will necessarily be weaker, and victory will come easily.”
    Gee, does that look or sound familiar?
    Most Westerners can’t even conceive of a religion that instructs people to be so deceitful. As a way of life! But Mo called himself “the great deceiver.” And of course, we know from the New Testament, who it is that is called ‘the great deceiver.’ His name begins in english with an “S”, not an “M.”