Watch! French police flees rampaging youths

By Timon Dias

Yesterday, footage emerged of (armed) French youths from a migrant background rampaging through the Paris district of Seine-Saint-Denis. Now, new footage surfaced of French police in full retreat in the face of youth gangs leaving a trail of destruction wherever they go.

And when journalists are calling out this situation for what it actually is, they get scorned by Globalist pro-EU commentators.

Wierd Duk, a Dutch journalist, tweeted: “Low-intensity civil war, that’s what this looks like“.

Joshua Livestro, a prominent Dutch commentator who was on George Soros’ payroll during the Dutch referendum on the association treaty with Ukraine, responded by tweeting:

“Duk once again fantasising in a right-wing extremist way about the pending civil war. (…) Yes, the same one Baudet [Dutch politician] is always orating about. Luckily it’s not at all drenched in violence, this right-wing extremists rhetoric” 

No, they’re not fantasising. They’re describing the reality that’s unfolding in front of their eyes, exactly as it is. And by the way, if this isn’t low-intensity civil war, what in the world is? See more footage of the law in retreat, below.

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  • xvart

    so lebanon 2.0 this is going to be a fantastic 20 year shit show

  • Vivienne

    Not one single politician will take action, the EU needs to be dismantled.

    • dm

      Yes, the EU needs to be dismantled absolutely no doubt !!!!!!!!!!!!! A group of over paid, power crazy freeloaders.

  • William Henwood

    What justification has Hollande to permit anarchy?

    • DaveWigan

      My guess is Socialist liberals can rule much easier by the hand of fear, after all look what was said about Brexit. Also, They do it because they are weak and are always trying to appease, rather than fix a difficult problem. Being weak doesn’t work


    If this does not project Le Pen to a landsliding win, France deserves every thing they get.

    • Simon Morgan

      The trouble is that the mainstream media refuses to report this sort of thing – it may look bad for ‘community cohesion’!!

      • Celestine

        The mainstream media worldwide is controlled. Google onto Need To Know. Also InfoWars. Reality zone.
        We only have the internet now, and just a few moral journalists.
        Worldwide prayer is desperately needed and a few decent leaders.
        It all looks overwhelming doesn’t it? Yet it’s only a very noisy minority led by a super monied minority to make it look devastating. They want us to be frightened and defeated. Not without a fight first. Look them in the eye and dare them to destroy our freedom!

    • truth seeker

      What an attitude you have ,stating that ” France deserves everything it gets if Le Pen does not get elected”, What about the the people who do vote for her, who want their country back , don’t they matter to people like you , ? They certainly do not deserve to live in chaos and fear.

    • Joe

      Le Pen Hates all Religions. https://youtu.be/gI_4dj2vs-U

  • dm

    Horrible set of videos, the police take jobs to uphold the law and protect the people, the police must be totally fed up with the politicians. If the mob that were chasing the police car had caught them, they presumably would be beaten to death. That seems to be an ok set up by the government, but if the police try to protect themselves they are penalised.

    Is this how one should run a country by handcuffing the very instrument that is paid to protect it. I think not.

    • leofwine

      Yes. If the police car had run into them instead of reversing the police would be facing a prison sentence.One has to come the conclusion that the governing body does not want to protect society.

  • Barbara Archer

    So Europe (except Hungary and maybe Poland) are ready to give their countries to Islam. Why aren’t the police taking back the streets of Paris and locking up and deporting every single person taking place in these riots? Send in the army. No where for these low lives to go? Dump them on an island far away from Europe.

  • That’s not a ‘RETREAT’ anymore. By the time “Law Enforcement” is in full, sirens blaring, dee-dah-dee-dah!, balls-to-the-wall, brown-knickered FLIGHT, you are callously SACRIFICING your innocent citizens to the marauding savages. There is no limit to what orgies of rape, violence and suffering these refugee retards & vanguards of some fanciful “New World Order” are capable of inflicting on defenceless victims of the much vaunted ‘European Unicorn’. A fanciful, perfect, mythical creature, that doesn’t exist, can’t exist, and never will exist except in the minds of stubborn theoretician-ideologues, and absurdly well paid bureaucrats, who are of course safely closeted behind the brick walls of some fancy Utopian mindset. Until true Patriots start lobbing live grenades into those comfortable, Perfect Society Bunkers and call time out to the PC madness with live ammunition and a willingness to stand up for their wives and daughters, this ‘minor retreat’ will grow in exponential manner PAST ‘civil war’ to POGROM. Vive La France. Aux armes, mes amis.

  • Porphyry

    “Brave Sir [Frenchman] ran away…” (H/t Monty Python)

  • The military should have been called in, martial law announced, suspension of the constitution and round up every single person involved, arrested and deported with their families. This is what so called multiculturalism is the result, civil war-anarchy, chaos and brutal islamist ghettos and islamists rampaging without fear of a coward policy- the cops should be able to stand their ground and shoot to kill. It is now obvious france is now overrun by islamists in violent muslims only ghettos and the rule of law, lost This is my ancestor Charles Martel’s France he would be raging in his grave at what the Sarkoszy leftists have done to formerly beautiful france RIP France.

    • Celestine

      And the rest of Europe and the free world if we don’t have the guts to fight back.
      One way to start is to withdraw most of our money in the bank. That is how they manage to do all this demonic work. Big Money buys the world.
      But if more people worldwide did just that, it would mean less ‘skimming’ from those evil elites. They have been robbing us for decades. Amazon books: The creature from Jekyll island by G.E. Griffin, a brilliant author filmmaker , and conspiracy theorist(realist) who still gives compelling speeches, explains the origins of the global elites and their plan to take over the world.

  • Simon Morgan

    The supine government will simply have to call in the army. Ordinary police can’t deal with this sort of anarchy on the streets, It’s a last resort but the first duty of any government is to protect irs citizens

  • chris

    It is not civil war though is it? We are not fighting against our coutrymen.
    These invaders have been brought in from outside and our laws have been relaxed for them which is why they can freely attack us and our police without fear of retribution, whereas if we retaliate, protest or try to defend ourselves, our property, our families or even strangers against them we face arrest or public outcry

  • jimmy fohjohn


  • QV3

    France is enjoying its LEFTIST politicians.
    France has NO men.

  • DaveWigan

    Socialist in France have lost the plot completely, and people need to have their say and get rid, or this will continue and get worse

    • Henry

      How many PEOPLE do you think are left in France? I guess mostly women (many of them are raped by rapefugees). Men are extinct there.

  • Roggie Mac

    sad, so sad and to think they did this to themselves.

    • dm

      Yes indeed, they did it to themselves!!! they ruined their own country, ran away and now want to ruin the country that kindly hosted and fed them.

  • George Parker

    This is not a job for the police, The army should be deployed with unlimited powers to root out and kill the islamist hordes.
    By contrast, the civilian police need to concentrate on finding the politicians who committed treason by deliberately engineering this situation. Bringing them to justice and the guillotine.
    “Vive la France”, “Vive la liberté”

  • herman cools

    Le Pen will not win, and France will be forced to submit.
    The politicians who allowed/supported this collapse of civilization should be hanged !

    • dm

      Who knows if Le Pen will, or will not win ! the life of a politician, with the advent of extreme exposure to the public to their lies, seems very unstable these days.

  • YouBet

    Should send in the army, surround them all, double check identity, expel illegals and severely punish and redress the rest and make them pay for all the damage done, including wages etc. for police officers and army spent on them…

    • dm

      Absolutely agree..

    • Celestine

      You bet, I hope their army isn’t made up of a few cross dressers like we have in Australia. Nope, isn’t a joke. We do have wonderful,brave soldiers in the Aussie army, but it’s spoilt by a few rotten eggs who pose as officers.
      One more sickness to add to the list of maladies that are weakening the West. Let’s not stand and watch it all happen. We are just as responsible for the downfall of our beautiful culture. Let’s fight hard to reclaim it. After all, we only have each other, the ‘little people’.

  • Nine Inch Nail

    This is what happens when you let the excrement run the toilet.

  • Henry

    Excuse me, but French have proved to be weaklings totally incapable of defending themselves against both, their ruinous government and rapidly multiplying Islamic holds. Beverly Hughes is right. Le Pen, even despite her warm feelings towards Kremlin, is their last hope.

  • Uncle-Archie

    Just unimaginable what this has come to.

  • Aaron Matteson

    lol can’t be armed frenchies. can u say fukd

  • George Parker

    I would bet my war pension on them having very restrictive rules of engagement. Rendering the soldiers almost defenceless and easy targets for the terrorists. Please let me be wrong but I’ve experienced this kind of thing myself.
    Something tells me that Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front, has bigger balls than the entire current french government combined.

    • Celestine

      Let us hope some one out there has not only the b..ls but the intelligence and perception of a sane human being. The world is fast becoming a lunatic asylum.

  • seeker of justice

    If this really is a war, then why not call in the armed forces? The real trouble makers could be dealt with as efficiently and as humanely as possible and then face deportation and the revoking of citizenship. Citizenship should be seen a a priviledge, which must be earned and respected, rather than as an automatic right! At present the troulblemakers can do exactly what they like, secure in the knowledge that they need have no fear of real reprisals. The behaviour of these miscreants can only lead to race hatred and all the other things the ruling elites seem to fear. Europe, where is your backbone?

  • Remko Jerphanion

    For God’s sake! Don’t reverse, run them over!

  • Edward Jobin

    Any mention on C.N.N. yet? I thought so.

  • ZBA

    Yep ! If the gov’t can’t protect free speech (e.g. Geert Wilders), what left is there but appeasement to the mob

  • Celestine

    I’m beginning to see the light I think….get people distracted with world events while conniving, evil globalists wait for the right moment to take over the rest of us
    mortals. Cause division, anxiety, upheaval etc. by then the evil cartel at the top
    will have zapped us all into their dirty clutches.

    Time to wake up folks, if it is nt already too late.

    Pray very much together. Let the light of our prayers overcome the darkness that is enveloping the world. Islam is a dangerous facade to their sick plan to
    rule the world. Don’t let Satan win!

  • Celestine

    We are the ball in their tennis game.

  • Celestine

    Wouldn’t we all like to know what Trump said to Kissinger and vice versa!
    A bit of a worry. Kissinger is one ardent globalist, and he has lived a very long time. I’ll say no more.

  • Celestine

    Useless nations with an evil agenda.

  • Celestine

    What bothers me most is that little interview between Trump and ardent globalist Kissinger. Let’s wait and see…..😏

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Unless there are some serious changes, the situation illustrated in this clip will only get worse. At this point, I see Le Pen as the only French political candidate with a credible response to this kind of thing.

    Here’s a Gatestone video from last July which is quite appropriate for this…