Muslim gang-rapists in court: “Women should listen, they should not complain”

By Benjamin de Wolf
German women in Cologne protesting against sexual violence / Getty.

Several young gang-rapists started laughing in a Belgian court while yelling:

“women should not complain, they should listen to men.”

The seven ‘men’ were seen in a video where they are standing around an unconscious girl who is lying on a bed, then seen pulling down her pants and raping her. Also in the video, they are dancing around the victim and singing songs in Arabic.

The gang of perpetrators, aged 14 (!) to 25, consist of five Iraqi nationals, and two who hold Belgian citizenship. At least two of them are currently in their asylum procedure. When asked, one of them said: “the girl asked us to grab her”. This is extremely unlikely, since she is seen on the video hardly moving at all. This monstrous event happened last November and was discovered by a schoolteacher in Oostende (Belgium) last week. One of the boys, who is only 14 years old, was showing off pictures of himself on his mobile phone wearing an army uniform and sporting an automatic rifle. The teacher informed the police, who confiscated the phone, and later found the gang-rape video.

The mayor of Oostende, Socialist Party heavyweight Johan Vande Lanotte, responded strongly to the crime:

“It is clear that some newcomers have problematic beliefs. When they have completed their sentences, they must leave the country.”

One can only agree with Vande Lanotte, for these people do not belong in Europe, but one should not underestimate the number of problematic “some newcomers” he is talking about.

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  • jeff page

    To think that this is what some lefties are looking forward to. The cultural differences are enormous and something that European politicians and do gooders need to take more notice of instead of the weak submissive actions they prefer. People like these have no respect for any other humans, they don’t respect different cultures or beliefs and do their very best to insult them. The EU leaders have made the biggest ever blunder in the history of the world by allowing these sub humans leave to stay in Europe. When will they realise that they are here to enforce their will and sharia law. Not a single female whatever age they are will be safe from these animals, they consider us to be dirt, which makes me laugh out loud considering the countries they come from! No mention of the girls age. Was she okay after this ordeal and what will be the impact on her in later life, poor girl.
    To describe these people as “problematic” is not how I would describe them. Unfortunately, I have to be careful not to use profanities on this site or I really would let lose and convey to all exactly what I think of these animals and Muslims in general! If I had been the teacher who caught this individual showing the video of the rape, I would have been very tempted to punch the boys lights out, and then confiscated his phone!
    What actually happens when the numpties in the European Parliament find out about these continuing attacks and rapes? Do they just brush them off and hope that they’ll be coming to a halt soon and all will be hunky dory, or do they actually show in some way that they care? If they do care, there are many, many women and young girls, aswell, as a number of boys who have yet to hear it. And more importantly, been seen actually doing something about it! Maybe they consider the actions part of the process of Muslims settling into Europe and it’s something that we should all have to grin and bear in the name of humanity and cohesion. By the way, the EU needs to be aware of the fact that Muslims don’t know what humanity and cohesion means.

    • Jim Tole

      Fantastic, insightful post Jeff Page-you hit the nail on the head!!!

  • russell

    thoroughly disgusted with this, and with all self-righteous moralising anti-Trump, anti-Brexit protesters; they should be obliged to watch a presentation of documentation concerning horrific cases such as this, hundreds of rapes in all countries welcoming mass immigration of the followers of islam; thousands of vulnerable schoolgirls in the UK over recent decades, for which they will find a full explanation within the ‘religious’ teachings of islam and the life of their prophet war lord. The politically correct culture that created this situation must be held to account as they just refuse to get down off their high horse which is in reality a pathetic hypocritical old nag. Roll on the popular revolution against the idiot elites with their vacuous name calling!

  • BEWARE CCANADIANS: This kind of culturally-imbedded Muslim hatred of all Infidels, plus the associated male sexual deprivation, is strongly rooted in the Islamic Koran as still interpreted by all Islamic leaders, worldwide.

    And Justin Trudeau’s Lie-beral Government is importating these non-traditional values into our country …without concern!

    • Henry

      Untill Canadians rise en mass Trudeau’so government will keep Islamizing the country and destroying Canadian values. Today, Kellie Leitch is our only hope but she must be supported by people.

      • the thought offender

        Canada is on a collision course with reality that threatens the Hemisphere. The incompatibility of Islam is absolute and incurable. Only their removal will serve.

    • Henry

      There is a deep doubt that the degenerated western society is capable of dealing with human dregs like these middle eastern or african “gentlemen”. Europe’s destiny is in the hands of Europeans and their current governments is their worst enemy.

    • Jim Tole

      Trudeau is a traitor to my country and should stand trial for his crimes against this country.

  • trustandobeyalways

    hardly surprising considering their islamic culture allows the taking of 14 year old children as slave/captive/rape tool “brides’

    • Jon MC

      If only what you wrote were true!
      Thanks to Mohammed’s example NINE is considered old enough for sex/abuse – and that’s nine LUNAR years or ~8.75 years as we think of them.

  • leofwine

    It is becoming very clear that European women,or any women who live in an environment where Muslims live or frequent,can no longer rely on the codes of Western chivalry ,respect and restraint afforded to women in the West for many centuries. They must understand that many Muslims operate under a totally different “morality”,in fact most of Islamic “normal” behaviour is classed as criminal or morally abhorrent to Western values. Women must learn,quickly,that these people will not hesitate to attack,punch,kick and brutalise as well as ravish any woman who they feel is not behaving as Islam dictates. It seems that the state has no will or intention to protect women,”feminists” are more ,or only,concerned with the welfare of the attacker and migrant’s “rights” in general. It is a dark time for women in Europe.Obviously it must not be allowed to continue.

  • Angus the Deplorable

    When they have completed their sentences, they must leave the country.

    How long are these “sentences”?

    One month? two months?

    That seems to be the going rate for rapists lately in the EU…

  • Nortonchopper

    Publish that, main stream. You won’t, but there are many other alternative news sources that will make aware the Muslim mindset to the masses.



    Is this the kind of people the liberal left so rabidly defend.

  • quillerm

    Democrats and their Liberal Judges have made The terrorist threat facing the U.S. and its European allies is “bigger, wider and deeper” than at any point since the Sept. 11 attacks 15 years ago, the White House’s top counterterrorism official said in a grim review of global threats Wednesday.
    The dramatic rise of Islamic State and its ability to expand around the world presents a danger that is “considerably less predictable” than those posed by al Qaeda at the height of their power, shortly after the 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, National Counterterrorism Center. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/sep/7/isis-makes-terrorism-threat-facing-us-gravest-sinc/

  • noel1234

    Let me start by saying all Muslims are not like this in fact most are not.The fact that a few are like this must lead us to do extreme investigating before they are let into our country. It should be a privilege to enter this country of immigrants. It must be remembered that we must protect Americans first,

  • Suzi

    These people were raised in shit pits by animals. How can anything think for a moment that they would know how to behave in civilized society. I do hope Europe soon smartens up. Help them in their own lands or some off shore camp Don’t let them destroy your cities

  • These creatures shouldn’t complain when they’re sentenced to float in the ocean without a paddle.

  • Richard Keech

    Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany and perhaps additional European states I believe, are making grave errors allowing enclaves that are no-go zones for the authorities of those states and in which enclaves Sharia law is practiced. In any nation, there must be one and only one uniform system of law and authority. Any contrary system cannot be permitted or the stage is set for eventual civil and religious rebellion or war. History teaches us that revolution is not a good or beneficial mechanism for producing social change, since the process is destructive and the outcome cannot be predicted or controlled.

  • George Parker

    Judging by the numbers of female rioters, who allegedly support importing more and more of these rapists. Perhaps women should just shut up and take one for the team. The Taharrush team. Give up their equal rights and the vote too, rather than insult those who follow sharia law. Anything less would be Islamophobic.

  • Hybird

    You import thousands of young men who have a rapist who kept sex-slaves as their “Perfect Man” and “prophet” role model and you are guaranteed a rape epidemic. It’s as predictable as night following day. Oh, and he was also a mass-murderer who boasted “I have been made victorious by terror” so something else is quite predictable too. Strange how so many people just don’t seem to get it. They even appear to be surprised and shocked by what is happening. But what else did they expect?

  • Paul Mountenay

    I do believe that castration is a just punishment for such a crime.