Gangster Islam: The problem Europe ignores

By Timon Dias
The Dutch-Moroccan rapper Ismo stating: "I believe nothing blindly except the Quran" "I hate the Jews even more than the Nazis" and "I won't shake hands with faggots" / screenshot YT

For over a decade, Europe’s struggle to successfully integrate its Muslim population has been evident. But throughout the years a new and distinctly European phenomenon arose, which is as significant as it is underreported: Gangster Islam. It entails the conflation of the seemingly a-religious street culture of youths from a Muslim background on the one hand, and elements of the Islamic religion on the other.

The German publication Der Spiegel once very briefly touched on the matter, a Danish documentary highlighted Islamic extremists recruiting gang members from a Muslim background, and a Dutch terrorism expert pointed out how Syrian returnees were more likely to live a life of crime in order to finance the jihad, than to actually commit a terror attack.

One would think that after having spent millions of euros on interreligious dialogues, cultural sensitivity trainings and moral diversity classes, Europe’s social scientists would have punctured the surface by now. But a fundamental discussion on how and why street culture and religion conflate, and what the implications of this new hybrid culture are, seems thus far to have been shied away from.

The analyses that have been made conclude gang members and jihadist mostly resemble one another in their tendency towards and fascination for violence. However, the resemblances between seemingly a-religious street youths from a Muslim background and Islamists, are actually more numerous and more fundamental. Their main parallels are:

1- Both harbour subversive intentions toward their European host societies

2- Both primarily identify themselves as Muslim

3- Both are vocal in their hatred for Jews

4- Both glorify violence

In the exploration of these parallels, “street youth from a Muslim background” will henceforth be referred to simply as “youths“.

– Subversive intentions –

Islamists have a historic and highly detailed system of beliefs dictating not to integrate into host societies, and when possible to subvert that social fabric by missionary work (Dawah) and/or violence.

Youths, on the other hand, seem to feel a more diffuse, a-historic and a-religious aversion toward their societies. It’s mostly a combination of conducting themselves in a manner that makes them very hard to live with (committing robberies, public intimidation and drug trafficking), being angry at their non-Muslim environment for thinking they’re hard to live with, and acting out frustrations over their alleged “exclusion and disenfranchisement” by being even more insufferable.

This manifests itself as a crime wave that undermines the general sense of security and social cohesion to the point where people are terrorised out of their neighbourhoods, or preemptively leave by choice.

This is a form of subversion without a clear ideological underpinning, but like their Islamist counterparts, it’s subversion nonetheless.

 – Both primary identify as Muslim –

Robberies, public intimidation, drug trafficking, and soft drug and alcohol usage might not appear to be all that pious. But their sense of identity and outward presentation has a distinctly religious character, as is the case with the majority of the overall European Muslim population.

study by PEW points out that:

Religion is central to the identity of European Muslims. With the exception of Muslims in France, they tend to identify themselves primarily as Muslim rather than as British, Spanish, or German. In France, Muslims are split almost evenly on this question. The level of Muslim identification in Britain, Spain, and Germany is similar to that in Pakistan, Nigeria, and Jordan, and even higher than levels in Egypt, Turkey, and Indonesia.”

Youths view themselves as a part of the worldwide Islamic nation (Ummah), and no matter how subversive their actions get, they would never speak of Islam with disdain, or openly obstruct the ‘Islamic cause’.

They have the utmost contempt for authority, but if they were to accept any authority at all, it’s very likely one that’s religious in nature. This is why the city of The Hague actively allows a Salafist mosque to patrol the streets to keep youths at bay.

That Islamists also primarily identify themselves as Muslim, needs little explanation.

– Just listen to their rap videos –

It is thus no coincidence some of these youths’ cultural expressions such as rap videos are laced with Islamic themes, terms and symbols. Take the Dutch-Moroccan rapper Ismo for example. In his debut video (which garnered more than 6,8 million views on YouTube in a country of only 17 million people), he can be heard bragging about his earthly success as a hustler, as well as rapping highly religious lines:

I believe nothing blindly except the Quran.” “The devil calls but I won’t give him a chance.” “I hate the Jews even more than the Nazis” and “I won’t shake hands with faggots“.

(Milo must feel devastated).

A similar dynamic can be seen in FrenchBritish and German rap videos.

– Both hate Jews –

Multiple studies by the professor of sociology Mark Elchardus showed that more than half of all Muslim students in Brussels, Gent and Antwerp harbour antisemitic views; a percentage that’s probably even higher among youths with sociopathic tendencies. And it’s not exactly as if they’re trying to hide it either. Examples of youths saying things like “whenever I see them [Jews] I want to stab them“, performing Nazi salutes at Jews, or plainly saying that they hate Jews, are numerous.

That a similar antisemitism is also practiced daily by Islamists, is sadly self-evident.

– Both glorify violence –

A shared tendency towards and admiration for violence is so obvious even Europe’s social scientists picked it up. But, as was described, this is actually the least fundamental resemblance. Youths glorify gang related violence. Islamists glorify religious violence. However, it is also very common for youths to rejoice in religious violence. They can, for example, be seen praising Osama Bin Laden – “He hates Jews, we hate Jews” – or the Al-Qaeda operators that massacred the Charlie Hebdo staff.

– Conclusion –

What seems to stand out is that Islamists only very rarely address or condemn the subversive behaviour of their not so pious Muslim peers. One might wonder why. After all, they put the Muslim population as a whole in a bad light.

But actually, it seems to makes sense.

While Islamists subvert their societies in a religiously inspired manner, Muslim street youths do so in a more earthly fashion. The latter is highly advantageous to Islamists because, in the end, it is the subversion of non-Muslim societies by people who primarily identify themselves as Muslim.

European lawmakers and pundits think Europe’s problem with Islam, is solely that of Islamism. But in fact, the problem is more pervasive and widespread. Unless they start to acknowledge how the Gangster Islam dynamic is eroding European social fabrics, their policies will lag behind reality for decades to come.

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  • Porphyry

    “Ismo?” Stupidissimo!

  • Alan Lancaster

    The New York Post addressed this about a year ago in “The jihadis’ master plan to break us”: I doubt the Muslim youths concerned are even aware of this but fueled by the supremacism preached in many mosques they are providing the infantry to bring his ideas to fruition.

    “This is how Sheikh Abu-Bakr Naji, the late theoretician of the Sunni version of the Islamo-apocalyptic movement, put it: “No one should feel safe without submitting, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The aim of our movement is to turn the world into a series of wildernesses in which only those under our rule enjoy security.”
    The sheikh’s neo-jihadi theory was explained a decade ago in his magnum opus “Governance in the Wilderness” (“Edarat al Tawwahush”). The book rejected al Qaeda’s theory of war based on the assumption that “the infidel” would succumb to Islamic rule with a few spectacular attacks such as 9/11 against New York and Washington. The sheikh further examines what he calls “the five schools of jihad” to reveal their inadequacies.”


    • H Shamir

      “Submission” is the literal meaning of the word “Islam”. Not to God, but to the words of humans purporting to speak in His name.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        in his name who does not exist!

  • Jean-Mairet Alain

    You should talk about the Sa’alik here.

  • xvart

    20 years ago everyone warned them this was going to happen

    • Eleonoa Mostert

      And they stuck their heads in the sand like Ostriches. Oops now look what’s happened.

  • avi15

    Islam’s link to outlaws and criminals is very ancient, even extending back to its origins in Arabia. Thereafter, it toppled one society after another by this route. Too many are ignorant or complacent about this. In effect, Islamists have subverted even the criminal justice systems of the West by turning them into a recruiting tool.

    • Islam is an Arab Mafia. See my blog post entitled “Islam’s Mercenary Mission” and the new page I put up this morning at Islam Exposed. Muquaddimah pg. 199 has a clue for you. keyword: savage.

    • H Shamir

      A deeper thought than normal. Indeed Arabian trade&raid society was the norm 1350 years ago. The Tuareg of North Africa are the same to this day, and proud of it. However remember that the Vikings, and the Romans, and the Myceneans before them were the same. Criminality has roots in very very ancient traditions. Pre-human actually. It camouflages using any and every available masquerade. Only self-interest works at reducing the impact of this all-too-natural phenomenon.

  • Leo Savantt

    The powers that be, both at national levels and in Brussels, seem to think that the phenomena of “Islamaphobia” is the real threat.
    Asking our law makers to differentiate between criminal gangs and religious fanatics is too much, as they mostly seem intent on criminalising Europe’s aboriginal population for daring to question imposed multicultural ideology. The irony that many Muslims and especially Islamists are diametrically and theologically opposed to multiculturalism is lost on policy makers.
    It is hard to see that there can be a positive outcome or that civil unrest and a complete breakdown in human security can be avoided. It is possible that the re-emergence of the nation state, where the executive are accountable to the electorate, could provide a bulwark. If that is the case Petry, Wilders, Le Penn and Farage represent our only hope.

    • Trevor GLYN DAVIES

      IF Islam is SUPPOSED to be “GOOD”??? how come the MAJORITY of the WORLD,s problems caused by Muslims ??? NOT, christians, NOT Bhuddists, NOT Shinto,Zen, etc. ONLY MUSLIMS !!! the MOST, SELF CENTRED !!,MOST SATANIC, MOST DEGRADING treatment of WOMEN, That LIES and CHEATS!!! and CRUEL!! belief structure FOISTED OFF as a “Religion” sadly the majority of Muslims are DELUDED !!! into ACCEPTING it as of “God”(not REALISING it is of S A T A N!!) REMEMBER ??? Salman RUSHDIE and “satanic Verses” ????

      • Nissim Levy

        No, no, no, no. You are misunderstanding. Islam is the religion of peace. If you look at Syria, for example, the battles torn down Aleppo leaving the area so empty and in rumbles that it becomes peaceful. Cannot hear a single bird chirping anymore, no more children running around, no more women at the markets, no more men getting together for a hooka smoke, and so on. And these are facts. Aleppo is noiseless and peaceful. And so are some other cities in Islamic countries.

        Now, with respect to women yelling Allah Akbar in Germany, supporting the refugees, well… the crowds in the Islamic countries scream the same words when a woman, man or child is hanged or killed using different methods. Note please; I have not insulted Islam, nor their Prophet, I am not Islamophobic and much less sarcastic. I simply used the facts.
        Best wishes to all.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    • Eleonoa Mostert

      SPOT ON LEO.

  • Ravi Ranjan Singh

    Evil has to be eradicated 100%. 99.9999‾% is not going to work. Trace of even one single being, symbol, scripture, building and name is not to left. They should not be kept in Zoo as display/entertainment item, in prisons for laboratories for research, in Sanctuaries as preserved species and their name symbol, scripture in museums, antique shops or history. Even one of these items is left to survive or exist is the threat for re-germination, meme or replica being made in future out of curiosity that can lead to a reincarnation of sadomasochist, paedophile, lunatic, beastly cult.
    Those who think can it be done? Please stay away. Those who are interested in how it can be done? Are friends I am looking for, it is simple and I have to say nothing more and nothing less.

    • H Shamir

      Sikh culture is too steeped in extremism and violence to be of much use in a struggle for minds and hearts. We want to transform the enemy, emasculate its violence, not eradicate. Bedsides, neither is possible fully. The best that can be hoped for is partial. Think about it: if the Sikh approach had really been that successful, how come the Sikh did not succeed in dominating all of southeast Asia?

      • Alan Lancaster

        Islam isn’t capable of transformation, at least not within any reasonable timescale. Hence, we need to find ways to deIslamise Europe ASAP. This is mostly an ideological battle against a totalitarian ideology. We have beaten both nazism and communism which were similar and we can draw on our experiences from those wars.

        • Communism is not defeated, just the USSR. Reformation is not possible ‘cuz Islam is literal and perfected[5.3]. How do you improve on perfection??

      • The censors would not approve an explicit answer. ;( Victory requires a combination of kinetic and ideological tactics. But, in the final result, if one slave of Allah remains, we lost.

  • Jan van Voren

    Just a retard, they will be deported when Wilders arrives!!

    • Rene Donk

      Ja Jan, laten we dat hopen .Meaning let’s hope for that day to arrive.

    • Henry

      I am curious to see how Dutch are going to vote. Are they conscious enough to vote for Wilders??? Sory, but I am in doubt. I guess Dutch are too brainwashed similar to other Western Europeans.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        I heard otherwise. Geert Wilders will win the next elections.

  • jeff page

    So what is being done about it? Ah! That’s right! If anyone raises their voice about the threat Islam brings to civilisation, they are branded as being “Islamophobic” or some other silly childish label. Well, personally, I couldn’t give a flying f**k what I am called, nothing and nobody will make me keep quiet about the vicious, murderous cult, masquerading as a “religion”, Islam! Haven’t governments and liberal lefties caught on yet? Are they so stupid that they can’t make the connection between Islam, terror, intimidation, child rape, child marriage, grooming gangs etc, etc. Obviously some are so thick, they don’t know what’s going on in front of them let alone what’s going on in the world!
    Poor little Muslims, persecuted, misunderstood, put upon, singled out, blamed for terrorism. Just a few of the many things that the poor Muslims have to put up with.
    But in the real world, where media outlets refuse to release reports of rioting, attacks, rapes, theft, violent attacks on European citizens in their own towns and cities, Christians being killed by Muslims in refugee centres, prostitution rackets set up in refugee centres as well as women and girls being raped in them. A one sided approach to a very real problem.
    Most European leaders know all about Gangster Islam but are far too afraid to tackle it. In fact, instead of trying to do something, they actually encourage it simply by their reluctance to fully acknowledge the damage it is doing.

    • Trevor GLYN DAVIES

      And “sit back on their hands ” and DO NOTHING !!!! (ole “head in th sand”)

    • Learn from Solidarnosc! What they accomplished with typewriters and carbon paper! Use encrypted email, blogs, comments, etc. to spread the word. Organize door to door, quietly with no marches, banners or signs. Call it the Crusade Party. You can use the Crusader’s Armory blog as a meeting place. Surprise your parliaments the way Brexit stunned Cameron. One Crusader in every running with a silent grundswell of support to form a tsunami in the next election cycle.

      • H Shamir

        Both running silent and deep as well as loud and blatant are needed. Emulate marine warfare tactics. However, there one difference: never ever engage in violent confrontation. For that there is police !! If necessary then uniformed and disciplined guards, no arms !! There’s much one can do with non-lethal weapons, if at all necessary.

        • Eleonoa Mostert

          Sorry H Shamir, But I will not stand silently like a lamb to the slaughter, I will fight back. Fight fire with fire, Fight Muslims/Eslamist with their own tactics… or we can just shoot them. I suggest you all do as I have and take up KRAV MAGA., Muslims and Islamist not welcome. NO GO ZONE.

          • Rene Donk

            Can we post that in any and all International Port of Entrance all over this land????? And in the towns, cities, Burroughs and what not. “If you do not like it……go back to where you came from” !

      • Di Panetta

        Sounds like a winner

    • Theodre Hartrich

      Well said.

    • Nick Harris

      Aided and abetted by the “women’s march” wearing enormous vaginas around their necks and screaming Allah Akbar.
      Shameful animals and a blight on the World.

      • Rene Donk

        In the end days, you will see worst things as in the days of NOAH. Just remember that in Noah’s days it rained 40 days and nights. Now you see that a certain body part that has been kept mostly sacred, is being trashed by people that do not think very highly about themselves and find it necessary to act out in filthy words and deeds what they stand for. In the middle east their lives would not be worth a plugged nickel. Like Ashley Judd says “I am a nasty woman”. My word what has this civilization come too.

        • Eleonoa Mostert

          Much worse than Sodden and Gomorrah.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        Let’s send all those silly brain dead women who walked in the March to a the Muslims hey support. That will fix some of the problem.

        • Nick Harris

          I would happily contribute a large chunk of my pension to buy them tickets to go.

    • leofwine

      This is because western political elites know that what is going on is an expected but necessary manifestation of the plan that was put into motion several decades ago; the melding of Islam and European culture into one entity and the creation of Eurabia in place of Europe. This is a real project the details of which are explained by Bat Ye’or in her book”Europe,Globalisation and the coming universal Caliphate.” Nothing this Europe wide could be some sort of spooky coincidence. It was accepted that European culture would have to change dramatically. Why else would governments tolerate such disruption and massive financial burdens whilst at the same time ignoring it and actually praising and protecting those causing it? This is the true mission of the EU ,together with the UN,OIC and various other groups spawned by this unholy alliance. This is why the EU must be destroyed. Unless it is , Europe will be lost and nothing will bring it back; not peacefully anyway.

      • Di Panetta

        Sounds very much like NWO but with a different label.
        These devils can’t stop. Just like their father Satan, they rage like angry lions until they find their prey. The most disgusting thing is, some people just don’t believe any of it until it bites them in the rear. And then…it will be too late! Keep writing and sending messages to as many people as possible the young especially, it will be their world 😏 After all.

    • H Shamir

      Blanket identification of all Muslims as gangsta or terrorists or jihadists works in favor of their worst. It glorifies them, and gives then an aura of respect and invincibility. We need to be smarter: emphasize the differences among Muslims. Whatever those might be. Praise the quiet ones, the constructive, the Muslims who work for a living and are good citizens. On the ideological side praise the Sufists, discuss the Malikis, don’t assume the “youth” know their own history, and bring quotes from their own sages and literature into any discussion.
      If you overreact to violence with greater violence, you get war, which unifies the enemy, Don’t fall for that tactic: it’s their favorite ground.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        There is no difference. Read the Koran. What you call quiet ones I have seen, when called on they to are violent and praise their murderers. Name one “Constructive Muslim”. Just because some Muslims have employment does not make them peacefull. They enter Israel and work during the day and at night they rampage and murder. Their odeologic is to take over the world and make it A Caliphate by any means murder, rape pillage lie by any meant to acheive their goal.We already have Great Violence, we are at WAR! But we are not permitted to fight because of the so called “Elite”, the Media, UN and EU, International Court of (Joke) Law. EWe could just shoot them all.

      • Error: Islamic Jihad/terror is doctrine driven, not grievance driven. Read Surahs Al-Anfal & At-Taubah and Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4.

        For the short course, search for and read “What’s Wrong With Islam & Muslims?”.

        Winning an existential conflict reqires making the aggressor extinct.

        • Celestine

          It all began with those pesky twins. Esau and Jacob.
          Jacob got on with it Esau didn’t.

    • Simon Morgan

      “Are they so stupid that they can’t make the connection between Islam, terror, intimidation, child rape, child marriage, grooming gangs etc, etc.”

      -It’s not a matter that they can’t make the connection, it’s a matter that they refuse point blank to make the connection.

      For our elites Muslims are forever a victim group. This is patronizing in the extreme to normal Muslims, a stab in the back for Muslim reformers like Maajid Nawaz, and an existential threat to our freedom and democracy.

      But political correctness and ‘multiculturalism’ win the day (as long as you are a Muslim).

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        Well I’m not Muslim, I’m not Politically Correct nor do Ibeliive in Multiculturalism, which is proven will never work. The Muslim may portray themselves as the victims but we all know who really are the victims.

      • Di Panetta

        Simon, they can make the connection, but the big bribes they are getting are so attractive that even cow dung looks golden.

    • Henry

      The secular West has forgotten Christian God and the gap is quickly filling up with islam. I don’t think any ignorance on the side of liberal governments take place. They know what they are doing and why. All this rather looks like global conspiracy to destroy the civilized world. Just pay attention to what the EU doing led by Germany. Germany has failed to destroy Europe 75 years ago but seems to be succeeding now destroying itself in the process. And please don’t blame Jews for that. Jews are known, as both left and right supporters but they are not that suicidal to submit to the annihilation by islam.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        Oops you forgot to mention France who is a staunch supporter of Muslims/Islam. Let’s all give a standing Ovation to the Jews the chosen people of God.

    • Eleonora Mostert

      You do realize of course, according to the “Elite” it is “us” uneducated workers and blue collar workers who are against Muslim Emigration/ refugees.


    Are you listening our governments, the left liberal do gooders and the you ruling elite. No you still have your fingers in your ears and will only take notice when there is blood on the streets from the grass roots and working class who are on the front line.

    • H Shamir

      Liberals are our only salvation. Right wing counterviolence can only lead to world war and crematoria!!! War is too destructive. We are smarter today. Be insidious if you need be, but avoid violence. As for identifying liberals with ruling elite – do a rethink please. You might be surprised if you dig below surface.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        Bull shit. Libereals – Elite- – Left – Right wings have been at it for years and there’s no end in sight. R U Blind H Shamir! U must think u belong with the “Elite” U live in fantasy world. These people are at war with us and you want us to stand and do nothing. Albert Einstein said: We live in an evil world… not because of the evil people do, but because of the “good people” who look on and do nothing. I don’t need to dig very deep with you do I Shamir, You would let us be slaughtered while you look on and do nothing.

      • War is ongoing since 623. No end in sight until Islam is exterminated. Refer to my blog posts ablout jihad. When Iran can put a nuke on a missile, there will be a supernumerary sunrise somewhere.

        Your mission: devise and implement strategy to induce mass apostasy of Muslims.

      • Di Panetta

        I agree with Beverley. Liberals, are just useful idiots for the elite’s agenda. You’d have to be innately evil or stupid to allow what is now becoming almost impossible to control. Many universities are seducing their students to rebel against ‘the establishment’; that bulwark that has kept the hordes of angry savages from killing our great grandparents. If you hail from Sth.Europe you’ll know that in the Middle Ages towns and villages were pillaged at will. Women raped, and as a result the physical traits of Spaniards,Italians, Greeks Portughese etc.changed considerably.
        Of course war is too destructive, but bear in mind, there are those who are,at this present moment,congratulating themselves for what is happening. These evil collectivists who want to rule the world at ANY COST will do so, unless we the people around the world WAKE UP to their dirty scheme. It’s almost too late now, but we may have a whisper of a chance if we get rid of the bleeding hearts who don’t seem to bleed for you and me or future generations of Westerners.

        • H Shamir

          Di Panetta: pls show me a war in which the other side’s women were not raped. The mingling of genes in Sth.Europe is also due to the importation of slaves from wherever they could be kidnapped, and that was done by whoever had a ship and some swords. No one is clean and pure. As a liberal myself, I recognize truth. As a realist I also recognize the truth of the current confrontation between Christian Europeans and immigrants (mostly Muslims) that Europe is importing since native Europeans have it too well and are no longer reproducing at equilibrium levels.
          Use extremist methods in this confrontation and you will reap even more extreme repercussions. Greater insanity does not cure insanity!

  • QV3

    Gatestone is part of the gangster islam problem. Too politically correct to publish my comment.

    • Otherwise the authoritarian government would shut them down.

  • Yakov Zamir

    Yes, there are parallels between these gangs and Salafi jihadists…there are also parallels with hip-hop culture in the USA, which has a global influence and has in fact been adapted by young people who considered themselves marginalized the world over. Like hip-hop this culture is misogynist, vaunts male privilege and male right to unlimited sexual access to women, defies the established laws and institutions of the host society, is confrontational and deliberately vulgar, seeks immediate gratification and flirts with death. And we can’t blame this on Muslims…we can thank America for this gift to the world.

    • Error! Thank the Muslims who enslaved the rapper’s anscestors and sold them to colonists.

      • H Shamir

        Yes, self interest and testosterone and exploitation of the weak have always worked hand in hand.

    • David Harding

      Hip hop has its roots in Nation of Islam & Malcom X.

    • James North

      you are a racist, blaming American blacks (hip-hop) for the muslim problems in Europe. That is quite a reach.

      • H Shamir

        Not racist, quite astute. You can trace the attitude to testosterone which recognizes no ethnic nor national frontier. We can indeed thank America, though not solely America, by any means. Testosterone and its derivatives are universal.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        He’s probably not racist just an idiot, he probably blames the Jews for all this too. Black id beautiful.

    • Eleonoa Mostert

      Bull shit Yakov. We are all responsible for our own actions, stop passing the buck.

  • Michèle Chevrier

    Pourquoi accueillir des Musulmans? laissez-les où ils sont, ils ne sont pas comptables avec les Européens, certains représentes un grand danger et leurs nombres va croissant!

    • Your leaders suffer from ‘white guilt’ and desire to replace you with Muslims. Europe is dying out.

      • H Shamir

        Ask why the acceptance of Muslims and Africans in Europe today. Answer: the sharp drop in births among native Euros. Causes: the phenomenal rise in Euro standards of living, causing delay of childbirth by ten or more years. Beyond those ten years fewer are born. The rejuvination of Euro society had to come from somewhere. The mistake was in assuming the immigrants and migrants would acculturate and mellow. The fundamentalist nature of Islam was not understood. Better to accept Yazidis and MidEast Christians. Even better: promote Bahai’sm. Be subtle !!

        • Eleonoa Mostert

          eplace one cult with another, yeah sure Shamir. Causes they can’t afford children when they have to work to pay to keep Muslims alive. lets just shoot them and the west can afford to reproduce.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        Mense hemal gaan we verschillende talen no spreken. Kunnen we ze gewoon shieten?

  • conan_drum

    It is blindingly obvious, Muslims are not in EU and USA to integrate they are here to subjugate. Spreading Islam by any means possible is the core of their lives

    • H Shamir

      They used to say that about Christian spreaders of Christianity wherever it was absent. Christianity’s sword had the shape of a cross, and that image is a core element of Islamists’ values. Too much blood was shed in the name of Jesus, and it is payback time, in their eyes.

      • DCW left coast

        Absolute nonsense . . .
        ALL battles in the middle ages were Pushback on the moooslim hordes invading the West!
        Mohamadism is a 7th century LIE . . .

        THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM – Is Allah the Same God As YHWH?

      • Elizabeth

        You can not conflate the preaching and teaching of religion in accordance with the Koran and that which is in defiance of the doctrines of Christianity.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        It’s not payback time, it’s take over time. Don’t blame what the “Christians” did in is name. Jesus said though shalt not murder. So don’t blame it on Jesus or God or on the Jews, It’s not the core element of Islamist values. And Allah IS NOT THE SAME AS GOD.

  • Space_Cowboy_1952

    It probably works along the same psychological lines as ‘brand loyalty’ amongst Western consumers? I drive Volvo in preference. They drive Islam.

  • Jacques

    Islam inherited these features from Arabic culture, anda sub-ensemble of segmentary lineages societies which includes also semitic and pashtoun cultureS. It is very similar to the structure of the mafia.

    • H Shamir

      Cart before horse, my friend.

    • In the online pdf version of Muquaddimah, turn to page 199 for a takedown of Arab culture as “savage”.

  • Islamic supremacism. They are told that we are inferior, weakand cowardly, Koran tells them we will not ight back and can only hurt them a little.

  • Strike Islamism, insert Islam. All Islam is Islamist!

    • Canadave


  • nicnac

    Reported in The Times of Feb.3rd. When the latest batch of Rotherham rapists/traffickers were sentenced the two gang leaders yelled “allahu akbar”.
    This was not even on the BBC News agenda that day.

  • pstephenson@telus.net

    I am very concerned but have a couple of good Muslim friends who are so stable they are a model to me so I get very confused about this. I do see the horrible stuff going on but should ask my friends what the hell is going on

    • The Mugged Liberal

      They will answer: “They weren’t good Muslims” or “Don’t look at me. I didn’t have anything to do with it.” It only takes 1-5% ‘bad’ muslims while the rest look the other way.

  • Proud EU quitter

    Islam literally means submission. There you have it.

  • Phil McGoo

    Just this week my son returned from visiting family in Spain. Needless to say, Donald Trump was considered as being “an evil racist”, and on the subject of what I call the “Moslem invasion”, this was seen as an absolute necessity because Europeans aren’t multiplying so the numbers must be made up by others and so what better people to fill that role than “those poor war-torn refugee souls”. Just shows how well they’ve swallowed the lies. Regarding their inherent violence, “Nah, that’s just a few bad apples”.

    • Jab

      There is a change now and people have begun to see the truth…

  • David Harding

    Hip hop as well, has its roots in Nation of Islam & Malcom X.

  • Juanita Skelton

    Wonderful research.
    I believe that the crack down in Europe against racism, especially Islamophobia, is going to further prevent Europe from realizing any dream of peaceful coexistence with their Muslim/Islamist immigrants and even those who have achieved legal citizenship!
    After reading this article, you can see the purpose of President Trump’s ban.
    If you are a Morrocan Islamist who has lived in peace anywhere in Europe, great! When the street gangs who support Islam get to your bodega, boutique, or place of business, and they see you doing business with Jews or homosexuals, they are going to “reprimand you”?….the least likely scenario! They might attack you, burn your business down, or report you to a caliphate mentality who will then punish you however Sharia law dictates.
    It truly is a no-win situation for everyone!

  • David Barrett

    As one Belgian historian has pointed out we are , within a couple of decades, on the way to a civil war – which means that these ‘cockroaches’ will have to be exterminated

  • Viking.

    Whoever came up with the idea that Europeans had a duty to integrate anyone that chose to come to and live in Europe? I for one am in favour of deporting most of these immigrants and their entire families, especially Muslims.

  • Rene Donk

    Boycot in silence. Do not buy his music, cd’s, dvd’s and don’t go to his shows. All countries have to tackle the problem within their own borders as they see fit. As long as they cow tow to the whims of rapist, murderers and groups of civil obedience you have chaos. Look at America. In 8 years under very weak leadership the crime rate jumped alarmingly high. And look how they fight the new administration instead of working to solve the problem. The weak leadership has completely dismantled the democratic party. Then you have judges that think they can make their own laws from the bench..Oy vay…! Their positions and arrogant self worth make them power grabbers thinking they have the power and right to do everything. Not so fast judges. In America only Congress can pass NEW Laws or change LAWS. Not any individual judge has that power. Judges that grow to big for their bridges should be fired. Remember it is “we the people” through our taxes that pay for your existence Judges. Well anyway Trump is doing his very best to keep America from making the same mistake as Europe. Our prayer is that God gives him wisdom and strength to do what he is called to do. What so strikingly clear is to me, is that with other religious groups like Hinduism, Budda-ism, Shintoism etc. there is no friction. That says something, isn’t it? That religions can be freedom loving and as the good book says as long as you live in a host country you obey and respect the law of that land. If you can not, dust off your sandals and move on or back to land of origin.

  • Canadave

    It’s more than the “scourge of Islamism” The problem is Islam itself. It is an evil ideology based on the ravings of the lunatic and false prophet . Mohammed. A close examination of the history of Israel and Arab paganism reveals that Allah is actually Satan also known in the Bible as Baal. Now, some of our politically correct, ignorant Christian clergy including the ignorant dolt of a Pope invites them into the house of God to pray to Satan. The Pope has actually kissed the Koran which at least disproves the claim of Catholicism to be the successor not just to Peter but to Jesus Christ himself. It should come as no surprise that Catholicism tortured and burned innocents at the stake for refusing to believe in it. A lot of the history of Catholicism has been as evil as the history of Islam.

    • Eleonoa Mostert

      Yeah for Canadave, Don’t forget the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Romans, the Turks Ottoman Empire and every other Tom Dick and Mary. Now we have the Muslims who are Islamist. I’m so sick of hearing these following words… Progressive Islam, Idiology, Progressive, Politically Correct, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, Intollerant, Racist Bigots. etc. I’ll wear this badge with pride. Islam and Muslims are the cause of this world wide problem not the Jews or the Infidel or the West. We can talk till we are black in the face but it won’t fix anything. Let’s just shoot them!

      • mr humphreys

        You deserve a low score for that, there I’ve got you started.

      • Di Panetta

        Eleonora,The enemies you describe are the NWO’s favourite useful idiots.
        The REAL culprits aren’t going to show their faces, but some of us
        Know their NAMES…or at least SOME of their names: Rothschild(Red shield) original name Bauer, Vanderbilt,Kissinger,warburgh,Rockefeller
        Bildeberg, Morgan, among these is the new thug on the block G.Soros
        who has been causing all the mayhem around the world. Among all
        these demonised loonies, there is Hollywood. Yes! Those dream factory workers who are owned by nameless elites to brainwash us all into oblivion. Thank God not all of us are utterly stupid!

    • Windows 8

      “and false prophet .”
      you mean there’s something like a real one?

  • mr humphreys

    The article is about a perplexing problem in modern life inflicted by the twin phenomena in muslim settlements of religiously observant salafist types in full tribal nightgown attire on one side and street gangs sniffing laughing gas to the mood music of black rap culture on the other. How to deal with this urban pincer movement? The first thing to realize is that both kinds are brothers in jihad (quite literally in many cases) and the rebels without a cause dressed in tasteless designer rags are never more than a few steps away from joining their priestly siblings in the all out form of jihad wherever NATO is running its latest bombing operation. The second thing to realize is that by its very organization Muslim social/familial structure is designed to produce this pincer movement effect in dhimmi civilization creating the feeling that we are under a constant siege, which is far from imaginary. Muslim male homosociality is tribally based and is apt to overwhelm in aggressivity traditional western varieties including English football hooliganism. And this is by virtue of the fact that muslim men operate on the principal of all for one and one for all to a fanatical degree whichever side of the religious/irreligious line they find themselves on. We see this when they are at their worst throwing gays off tall buildings and public stonings to death. For our part we are only ever part time hooligans, and when we’re not dishing out a bit of bovver we go back to our do-as-you-would-be-done-by public behaviour (the golden rule ethics of non muslims) which still rules the hearts of all yobs and chavs. In conclusion I would just point out that feminists would be better employed critiquing muslim male homosociality/ muslim familial structure than going on and on forever about white patriarchy.

    • Timon Dias

      Great read, thanks.

      • mr humphreys

        Thanks Timon (of Athens?) you’re a swell, and I think you saved my comment from the chop but I won’t hold my breath.

  • mr humphreys

    Thanks Gatestone for rejecting my comment which was an hour’s hard work. Although some of my comments can be flippant I like to think they contain food for thought. I can only think you didn’t like the fact that I actually hit on a cogent solution to the problem of male homosociality/ familial structure in muslim communities you only succeeded in setting out.

  • mr humphreys

    Sour grapes Gatestone.

  • mr humphreys

    Oh come on Gatestone you’ve restored my long comment once, now it’s on hold again, what is going on? Have I offended some feminist?

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Very informative article Gatestone Europe. Please keep articles like this coming.

  • Eleonoa Mostert

    They’ll probably sit and watch them do it and shout Allah O’shit.

  • watever99999

    Unfortunately, the problem is not primarily the muslims, but the political elites of the eu that schemed to get them in and have lied and obfuscated about the problem since.
    Until these’elites’ are destroyed and the muslim trash they have burdened us with are exterminated, we are doomed to extinction, replaced in our homelands, by our own leaders, by muslim garbage.

    • JWM

      How many courageous citizens have marched with arms to both remove the elites or the Islamic criminals? Oh, right, no one has and no one will. I see the censorship clock is on. No free speech here I guess.

  • Moe contrived it as a source of income [extortion & plunder] and became ruler as well as Profit when he subverted Yatthrib’s government. Allah makes the decisions & rules. Moe was his viceregent.

  • TheWhiteRat

    “Dying aint much of a living boy”

  • herivelto

    The problem with Islam is
    that all people who are opposed to this ideology transgressed by
    religion, when they manifest themselves against it, are persecuted and
    discredited by a system that should protect all people. With
    Islam, just the opposite is true: every person with a minimum of
    knowledge knows how pernicious and how dangerous Muslims are if they are
    undervalued or undervalued

  • Not coming back

    Islamism is pretty much the same as Nazism & I wouldnt be surprised if the same people who funded the Nazis were the people funding the middle eastern militants

  • Flora Guttierez

    The breeding ground or petrie dish of Islam is the federal prison system. Islam is the vehicle and crutch used by Negro felons to achieve self-respect and an air of legitimacy and superiority and the first discipline most Negros have ever experienced in their lives.

  • Flora Guttierez

    The breeding ground or petrie dish of Islam is the federal prison system. Islam is the vehicle and crutch used by Negro felons to achieve self-respect and an air of legitimacy and superiority and the first discipline most Negros have ever experienced in their lives. What is Europe’s excuse for the spread of Islam?

  • Baz

    Any religion that glorifies violence needs to be banned.

  • bas

    Leaders of most western nation who advocate the proliferation of muslims are too myopic to see their nation is being ruined. Muslims is anathema to the progress of nation.

  • Rene Donk

    In the human mind it is a distinct reasonable way of thinking. But remember God is perfect in all ways. We just have to wait and see what’s up G-d sleeves.

  • The Night Rider

    I keep having this recurring dream where ALL Muslims are shipped back to where they came from real soon before it’s too late.

  • Di Panetta

    That’s the global elites strategy. Start a war. Wars are profitable for the globalists. Devils incarnate! Their trillions aren’t enough any more.
    World unite in prayer.!…..and …..pass the ammunition.

  • Eleonora Mostert

    I know we can’t shoot them, but often the simplest solution is the correct solution. When people enter Australia via the Airport they’re checked, if they have a criminal record or do not have the correct paper work they are put onto the next available flight back to the place they departed from. There are genuine refugees, these are the Arab Christians from Iran, Iraq, Syria Egypt etc etc. who are refused entry as it would seem to be discriminating against Muslims. Recently a family of 5 Syrian Christians were denied entry into Germany, and you’ll never believe this, but it was a Muslim woman who was handling the case… fancy that and no wonder they were denied. As to submitting to the “Elites” !!! Not a hope in Hell.

  • Eleonora Mostert


  • Eleonora Mostert

    No He just knew we’d destroy ourselves.

  • Eleonora Mostert

    That is exactly my point Elohim teaches Though shalt not murder, Love ye one another as I have loved you, etc etc. Allah teaches to kill and is based on terrorism.

  • Eleonora Mostert

    That’s not bad really, the forest will grow and many roots will appear to trip them up.

  • Eleonora Mostert

    Yes and it’s shrinking fast if we let the UN have it’s way. Let’s go back to either the British Mandate… better still to Biblical Israel.

  • Windows 8

    same shait, retard pedophet worshippers

  • Windows 8

    same shait, r*tard pedophet worshippers

  • Windows 8

    same shait, rtard

  • Windows 8

    same crap

  • H Shamir

    Semantics: Muslims are people that believe in the Quran and ‘Hadithiin. Islamists are Muslims that use every tool under the sun and moon to promote an extremist version of Islam, using violence and bullying, and fear, and all the traditional political-gangster methods mankind has used in the past and always recriminated.
    Not all Muslims are Islamists. Sufis for instance, are not. Probably also several more subsets of the religion.
    The smart policy is to understand this and do the utmost to discourage the extremists and encourage the sane.

  • Marco

    Islam, Mohamadism, Muslim, or however you want to label it is a pseudo religious political cult somewhat akin to Nazism. During WW II the Nazis and the Muslims were allies. Muslims hide behind the cover of “religion” to use the freedoms, tolerance and political correctness of the west to destroy the west (like a Judo grandmaster toying with an untrained white belt). The Trojan horse of “peaceful islam” can never coexist with western Judeo-Christian culture.