Watch! Verhofstadt calls for EU army and abolition of unanimity rule

By Timon Dias

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s chief Brexit-negotiator, strikes again. It’s not like he’s never said it before, it’s just that the way he says it becomes more frightening every day. Not because he’s particularly powerful or in the position to do actual damage, no, one simply becomes concerned for his well being. A mind this delusional cannot hope to sustain itself for very long.

So what was it this time? Whilst calling for a “more democratic union” in the first sentence, that wish seems to have vanished two sentences later:

“We have to reform this whole business. A more effective union, a more democratic union, with a real European government. With a real European defence capacity. (…) A European army, yeah, what’s wrong with this? 

Here in Europe, we don’t act, we don’t take decisions, because you need “unanimity” before you can do something.”

Continuing, the poor soul claims he sees the EU becoming more popular every day.

“I thought, after Brexit, now we’re going to have a referendum about Nexit in the Netherlands, about Dexit in Denmark. It didn’t happen. What we see is exactly the opposite. (…) Don’t underestimate, what I would call the “counter-revolution” is already underway.”

Alright Guy, easy now.

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  • Kurt Hendricks

    A European Army will be a joke – an excuse for all the European Generals to meet, get drunk and bullshit each other! Sad

  • Sue Powdrill

    Will he ask President Trump to pay for it. The EU nations as a whole are not paying their share of NATO costs, especially Belgium who contribute only 85% of GDP (should be 2%).

    An EU army will cost a great deal more than that, given how corrupt and wasteful it is.

    But we need not be concerned because it would take at least 27 years before it would be up and running – if ever.

    We in Britain cry “Come on Verhofstadt, you and whose army?!”

  • maltow

    Hahahaha. “Here in Europe, we don’t act, we don’t take decisions, because you need “unanimity” before you can do something.” Del-usion-al!
    I mean who ever heard of a ‘Union’ that didn’t incorporate “unanimity”?
    I’ll go so far as to wish the EU all the best and that it stays together, but only because, as a UK citizen, we don’t need the agro that would come washing over the channel if not. But an Eu army poses a serious challenge to our own defence and to the entire globes.

    “…likewise the European army, it’s NOT going to happen”. David Cameron,

    EU treaty does already provide for “the progressive framing of a common defence policy that might lead to a common defence”. Some people are keen on an EU army, and groups of countries can work together on defence in the meantime.
    But to get an EU army, every country in the EU would have to support it, and the UK does not, “the UK will never be part of a European Army”. But we’re LEAVING. And with the UK government the only one publicly and vociferously opposed to an Eu army now leaving, this question raises the greatest threat to peace in Europe and the world.