Teaching assistant: ‘Yes, I harass women, but don’t go near my sisters’

By Vincent van den Born

When asked about a new law, suggested by Dutch MP Ahmed Marcouch (Labour), that would make ‘intimidating’ people on the streets punishable ― more specifically focussing on the aggressive ‘cat-calling’ of women ― the 18-year-old teaching assistant Yoessef Karmoehi expresses a curious double standard. Indeed, an attitude one could be considered to be the source of the need for such a law in the first place:

I admit, I do it myself. I talk to women on the street that I don’t know, follow them around, hoping to get their attention. At least: if she scores above an eight out of ten. She has to be pretty and have good teeth.”

That in itself does not bode well for the kind of things this teaching assistant instils in his pupils. But the hypocrisy is yet to come:

But let me be honest: I don’t want to notice men doing it to my sisters who are 20 and 23 years old. If I see it, I’ll go after them immediately. So, it’s alright with me should it be made punishable, because it’s not what I want to see happening to my sisters or cousins. And if a copper catches me doing it, I run away. I’m a fast runner.”

The moral lesson of today? Do unto others as you don’t want your sisters to be done by, it’s fine as long as you don’t get caught. And presumably, if you do get caught, it’s because police officers are ‘racist’. The Dutch youth is in good hands.

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  • PoindexterQueue

    Westerners need to learn and understand that the European is semi-independently evolved, that Europe has largely rebuffed outside invasion throughout history and thus never become “mixed” in a way that destroys the naturally selected traits and relative homogeneity achieved through ‘hard selection’ over tens of thousands of years, and which allow a cooperative, altruistic society not dependent on authoritarianism to maintain order, like everywhere else in the world except eastern-most Asia, which relies largely on collectivism & relative lack of trait-level diversity.

    Understanding “the Neolithic roots of Europe + the Indo-European Expansion, Classical Greek Western foundations, the Germanic Expansion, the Hajnal Line, Middle Eastern tribal societies, and Middle Eastern cousin-marriage” are imperatives in understanding why Multikulti & Muslim immigration is the most devastating “cultural” development (anti-development) in human history, and why the genie can never be put back in the bottle.

    Europe will become the Middle East, simply put.

    • dm

      The Romans also did a good job of conquering until they had trouble at home!! However, the Roman culture has remained, the muslim barbarians in every case murdered everything in sight and then evaporated. (mainly due to their constant internal squabbles and killing off their own family, friends and allies).

      Even if the muslims manage to get a foothold in Europe, they will immediately start fighting amongst themselves and start their historical internal destruction.


    He’s been getting away it for years as they all have with a slap on the wrist. The fact that he cannot see his double standards is the rationale of all the muslim males who can’t think outside the box. Logical thought does not come easy for minds that refuse to question the ideology of a hate filled blood soaked preacher who wants to islamise the world. Funny thing is if they achieve their wish and take over Europe, they will only kill each other in wars of who is the most devout. Stupid.

  • Buzzoffski

    Western suicide continues, unabated . Planet of the apes.

    • Keith Cashman

      You are spot on Buzzoffski.
      Love your tag by the way.

  • jeff page

    That’s good then? It’s fine for him to irritate young women but doesn’t consider his own sisters should have to put up with it from others! This is another example of the double standards you get with Muslims in society. The truth is that given the opportunity he’d be one of those individuals raping and robbing Western women, and if necessary punching and kicking them to have his way with them. But it mustn’t happen to his own sisters! Welcome to the new order! Give thanks to our great and highly intelligent political classes who have let these people into Europe without bothering to ask their own people first, they just let them pour in! They don’t even bother to ask if it’s okay for taxpayers money to go to these invaders. But good to see the normal Muslim response to being confronted by police. Runaway! With a bit of luck, if Geert Wilders gets to power, he will give permission for the police to shoot! We can only hope!

  • snakkefinger

    What an idiot!

  • Angus the Deplorable

    Is this attitude really a surprise?

    Followers of the “religion of peace” only obey Western laws when it’s to their advantage.

    That’s obviously a HUGE problem.

  • PurpleBerries

    Muslim double standards, as we know them. His sisters and female cousins are “haram”, they are “good” women. But European women are “sluts and whores”, they can be treated as such, that is “halal”. It is nothing new. What is new is this ostentatious advertisement of these double standards. Either he intends to provoke, or he is confident that he is on the winning side and does not need to hide his views. This shows that sharia and Islamic fundamentalism are taking over.

    • leofwine

      Sack this arrogant lttle turd. He is a danger to all women and probably girls too.

    • dm

      Yup, we are “sluts and whores” !!!!!! Any females who are backing the brainless politicians to promote immigration activities, they would do well to understand what their actual value is in society if Sharia law is implemented at any level.

  • Toxic Delirium

    He’s living out the Muslim “Golden Rule” : If you think you can get away with it, do it.

  • jeff page

    “Teaching Assistant”! Worst job ever for a Muslim to be employed! Easy access to little girls! What are these people who hired him thinking!

  • Keith Cashman

    It is a wonder he has any sisters left above 9 years old to protect. They must be ugly kids or he would sell them to some old man to use.

  • dm

    Karmoehi is a Teaching Assistant,!! and 18yrs old., his main educational attributes are that he can read and write, which I suppose is pretty much 99% more that his other muslim brethren. Disgraceful and expected comments from a low intellect individual., and lets not forget a coward to boot as expressed by all his “running away” activities.

    Really what are the people thinking who put such characters anywhere near the impressionable school/college guys.

  • Joseph Flannagan

    If a western ( white , Christian ) TA expressed these views , not only would they be fired ON THE SPOT , but would no doubt have the police waiting on their doorstep as they arrived home . The double standards applied by muslims and to muslims are now so glaring that it is beyond insanity . It is patently suicidal.