Hungarian army completes border protection base. Doesn’t care what the EU thinks

By Vincent van den Born

On February 9, Hungarian Chief of Defense General Dr Tibor Benkő announced that they have completed building the Kelebia border protection base on the Hungarian-Serbian border, and that further installations are expected to be completed later this year. Each facility will “provide modern field accommodation” for 600 military personnel. The soldiers will be on duty along the border until the migration pressure on Europe and Hungary ends. The Defense Chief said he hoped the numbers can be reduced after completion of the second fence, enabling more time for training and other activities.

Benkő stated that over the last one and a half years, in excess of 15.000 soldiers have been on border protection duty, while the Hungarian armed forces have also participated in more than 40 exercises, both domestic and international. In addition, they carried out foreign missions in 12 different locations, spread across three continents.

Meanwhile increased attention is given to the Hungarian-Serbian border section. Already, a 170 km long barrier system has been constructed, similar to the one along the Hungarian-Croatian border, which has a length of 136 km. Construction efforts and guard duties are in line with Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s tough stance on migration. Putting European laws and safety first, under his administration, there is no room for uncontrolled entrance into Europe:

We know that the migrants are also victims: victims of the people smugglers; victims of European politicians who promise admission and invitation; and victims of their own illusions. We understand them, but we cannot yield to their demands, and we cannot let them into Europe. The freedom and security of our citizens and legal residents must come first.”

Hungarian police on horses patrol the Hungarian-Serbian border fence after the open rail track crossing was closed on September 14, 2015 in Roszke, Hungary / Getty.

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  • This fence would not have been necessary without Merkel’s open Europe for invasion policy.

  • Caivs Ivlivs

    Many people would be happy to judge this measures, but Hunagry have seen what muslim invasion does, and they care for their own people. Just like everybody else would do for his own family in case of disaster; just following their instincts.


    The Western press and media and the European Parliament (except Hungary) are bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia and wealthy anti-Russia sheikhs along with most members (John McCain, Keith Ellison, John Lewis) of the U.S. Congress and the British government, namely Philip Hammond, Theresa May, Michael Fallon, Boris Johnson.

  • Mark Sircus

    Our countries are like our homes. I think there are few liberals and progressives that would invite rapists and terrorists into their homes so why they think there is something wrong with wanting to keep them out of our countries is…well…..crazy…..insane……suicidal…….

  • Suzi

    It’s simple common sense. Let’s hope voters soon throw out the dangerous European leaders starting with Merkel.

    • Henry

      Merkel is not a problem. This is Germans and their mindset, which is an issue. Any self repecting nation would have overthrown a monster like merkel after what she had done. However Germans seem to be quite happy overall except some individual indignation.

  • Jim Tole

    Another fantastic, well written post Jeff-Let’s hope that in the upcoming elections throughout Europe that nationalist parties are elected to power. Leftists, globalists and cultural Marxists must be thrown out of power forever.

  • Hein Spijker

    Great! a government for its people! Hardly to find in Europe

  • Trevor GLYN DAVIES

    journalistsin USA and Europe are “OUT of TOUCH” with REALITY !!!

  • Trevor GLYN DAVIES

    IF ONLY !! people really understood Islam??? WORSE than NAZIs