Dutch conservative MP says “Muslim immigration must stop”, gets scorned by party leader

By Willem Cornax
The Dutch VVD's Ybeltje Berckmoes visiting the up and coming conservative Thierry Baudet

On February 9th Ybeltje Berckmoes, MEP for the Dutch Torries (VVD), was invited to a public discussion on women in North-Africa and the Middle East (MENA), called “women in the MENA-region and their role in processes of peace and democracy, as well as civil rights”. The main speaker was Sigrid Kaag, UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon.

Afterwards, Berckmoes was interviewed about her remarks during the discussion. She said:

“It’s not mixing for one bit. I see a threat. Because of their population explosion, angry young men from Africa and the Middle East are coming over here, this needs to stop. In Wester Europe, some sort of Eurabia seems to be developing.” 

The VVD’s chairman, Halbe Zijlstra subsequently derided her, saying:

“This is a good explanation on why she is not on the electoral list anymore. The way she says it, that’s why she’s not on the list.”

Two things are stingy about that statement. Had she put in different, more politically correct terms, would it have been acceptable then? This would mean Zijlstra thinks the same, but does not find it politically expedient to say so. What is worse?

Apart from this, the suggestion that these views are the reason she is not on the list for the upcoming election, is bogus as well. Berckmoes herself already indicated last year she would not be running as a candidate anymore.

Berckmoes says she’s “very much drawn to the fate of these women”. Her statements are based on her experiences in NATO and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). She stated, “different cultures can co-exist together.” However, Berckmoes observes women encounter the same problems here as they do in the MENA-region. Why? Because “we’re seeing a mixing of cultures that do not mix”.

Meanwhile, in the real world, more than 50% of Europeans agree with Mrs. Berckmoes and want an immigration stop.

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  • Abe

    Party leaders in many countries have become intimidated by the Main Stream Media (MSM) to say only the things which are on their agenda. They fear negative press, when they should be accurately representing the desires of their constituents.

  • jeff page

    Halbe Zijlstra is yet one of those terrified individuals who is giving Muslims the freedom of the city so to speak! Showing his true colours or more to the point, colour, YELLOW! A wide stripe running the full length of his back and right into the ar*e crack! Coward! At least Vbeltje Berckmoes has the courage to speak her mind, and she no doubt has a great deal more support than some Dutch politicians
    It’s noticeable that every single European country has not told their people just what it is costing tax payers, in extra benefits for those many, many Muslims that w/don’t work, the enormous costs spent because of the security measures. Millions in costs that the people never agreed to! The politicians who have taken an extremely naive and liberal approach to Muslim immigration are totally to blame for all that these so called “refugees” do.
    Do they not know that the future will be a lot worse than now. The Muslims will keep on costing more and more in benefits, because not many will do any legal work, there will be rising crime year after year, more rapes of women and young girls and boys. What are these idiots thinking? What on earth do they think they are doing? It amounts to madness. And in order to deflect attention away from what they are doing they go all out to discredit those people who are fighting for the people. Trump, Le Pen and Wilders! With all that these Muslims have done since their arrival in Europe, isn’t it becoming a little clearer now, just why Muslim countries didn’t want them? Or is that too much for them to work out?

    • patrick fitzsimmons

      Couldn’t agree more .nicely said.things are changing slowly.rise up everyone and defeat these leftist scum.

  • 10George

    My parents emigrated from The Netherlands because this mindset was already coming up in the ’50s. It is true, the Dutch have not been able to stand up for themselves in the World Wars either