Despite international praise, Merkel slips in polls

By Vincent van den Born

According to polls conducted by the EMNID institute, for Bild am Sonntag, Merkel’s CDU is sliding from its present 41,5% of seats in the Bundestag to 36%. The SPD is also losing seats, with all other parties gaining, especially the AfD, which nearly triples in size.

The poll comes at a moment when Bundeskanzler Merkel is in heavy weather after criticisms by then president-elect Trump, who blasted her stance on mass-immigration. Merkel has since struck back at the German opposition, stating that:

right-wing groups such as the anti-Islamization PEGIDA should not have any right to choose who would get to enjoy the benefit of belonging to Germany and who would be excluded from this privilege. Distancing herself from PEGIDA followers without mentioning the name of the contentious movement in her speech, Merkel said: ‘All of us, we all are the people,’ referring to her opponents on the right who use the slogan ‘We Are the People’.

Germany’s experience has not always been so inclusive.

In her speech, Merkel also said that human rights should never be taken for granted, but are “gifts you don’t have to work for,” something that has certainly not been lost on her critics.

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  • Jab

    So it looks like being a native who helped to build the nation counts for zero.
    This new way of thinking will not build society or social cohesion, it must be deliberate to cause chaos and violence for native Germans.

  • bernard

    She and her accomplices are 19-inch nails in the German coffin. >We have to bring her to justice, she is betraying the people

  • irish

    Poor Angela, She backed the new world order and now discovers she backed the loser.
    The head of the snake has been removed from power in Washington and replaced by Trump who has declared he will smash Globalism worldwide. She will now be left with millions of useless migrants who refuse to work or integrate and who the german people do not want. Time to go Angela ,the dream is dying and soon you will be confined to the dustbin of history with the rest of your fellow traitourous journeymen.

    • Rene Donk

      It is up to the “real” German Citizen to rescue their own country. Just think all the beautiful Old Churches and Castles being remodeled in Mosques. Oh….my…..what kind of future is Germany looking forward to. You guys in Europe better wake up and start making plans to put border walls up and start working on deportation plans for the ones that does not want to assimilate. Start with pinching the purse strings will be a good beginning. When that well of free income dries up, than stop giving free housing. They will turn to churches for help, people stop your donating to a church that is still helping the destruction of your Nation. There are many ways op turning off that spicket.

  • jankel

    The STASI was also Made of The People…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stupid reaction forgetting rationality and her Past as Lutheran acumplice of the RDA…!