Study: 64% of Germans want Merkel gone

By Vincent van den Born

When asked by YouGov.de whether or not they thought it was time for Angela Merkel, who has been in office for nearly 12 years, to be replaced as Chancellor, almost two-thirds of Germans answered with a resounding ‘yes’. Merkel’s position is under fire in both East (69% in favour of change) as in the West of Germany (63%). With those supporting Martin Schulz’s SPD, which is in the running to replace the CDU as Germany’s biggest party, the number reaches 79%. Remarkably, even in her own party, 42% answer the question of Merkel’s possible replacement with a resounding “whatever happens!

With elections in Germany nearing, YouGov asks the question whether or not the Chancellor is the ideal candidate to lead her party. Up to 35% of Germans give the CDU a better chance in the elections without her, while only 19% think the CDU will do better with Merkel at the helm.

The decision to support Frank-Walter Steinmeier for the post of President also proves divisive. While 37% of Germans thinks it would have been good for the CDU’s profile in the Bundestag elections, 37% think it would have been detrimental. As it is, the polls show a boost for the SPD, which is now polling ahead of the CDU, because of its appointment of Martin Schulz as party leader. Almost 47% believes his popularity will remain high until the elections, while 37% of respondents have their doubts.

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  • Agnieszka Joanna Sapinska

    Schultz is even worse than Merkel. An uneducated guy who also wants to open his arms for so called refugees.

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    I wish Germany would vote for someone who believes in right and wrong. Neither Merkel nor Schultz appear to.