EU Foreign Minister: ‘Living without migrants would be a disaster’

By Vincent van den Born

During a European Parliament session on migration and Trump’s executive order, Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign minister, once again made an audacious statement to justify the EU’s migration policy (01:28):

If we had to live without migrants, in all our societies and all our economies, we would suffer a lot of negative consequences.”

What would the negative consequences for our societies be? Does she mean, like the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble stated, that without migrants Europe would “degenerate to inbreeding“? And what economic disasters would await us? Surely none Europe is not able to solve by importing labour from other EU countries with soaring unemployment rates, without needing immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, right?

And how about the negative consequence of having mass migration? Europeans who are threatened, raped, robbed, groped, murdered, shot up in discotheques or run over by trucks as they visit Christmas markets?

In other footage, Mogherini says that:

the US Department of State has clarified yesterday that the citizens of the European Union will not be affected by the ban. Even if they hold dual-citizenship in one of the seven countries listed in the executive order. We welcome this clarification, let me be absolutely clear this does not change our overall assessment about (sic) the executive order.”

Great. It’s not about EU citizens. Therefore, it doesn’t concern the EC. Mogherini can assess all she wants; she can moralise all she wants. At the end of the day, it’s not her concern. What ís her concern, or what should be her concern, is the safety of European citizens. And while Trump has been very, very clear on what the main roots of terrorism are, and European leaders that care about their constituencies are too, and even Europol is, she is not. That could very well be caused, by her being an unelected demi-despot for whom there will always be a nice, high paying position as a lobbyist.

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  • Krystof Bruna

    After we dissmantle EU we will no longer have to listen what some unelected commie crackpot chatters.

    • TrickleUpPolitics

      What are you waiting for? Get to it. We’re tired of listening to her too.

      • David Sparks

        Should be what are WE waiting for. We ALL have a responsibility to vote in as many anti-EU politicians as possible, unless, of course, you want to remain in this worsening situation?

    • FlorianUlrich

      Yes, that would be great. Those socialists and EU-positive politicians see themselves as the moral vanguard. Since they can’t be wrong, they see themselves as legitimate even though many of them haven’t even been elected. Doesn’t matter to them. They think they are right, population be damned.

  • What did God said, or rather what did He do, particulary by Babel? He made diversity and it is NOT the meaning to bring a Babel back. Netherland for the Netherlands, Germany for Germans, Belgium for the Belgs, African for Cham, Scandivaia for Dan, and so on and on!
    Put your faith on God, Jesus Christ again and NOT for what is in this World, Back to basics!!

    • Toni Segarra

      Can you go back to basics, such as walking, car, bike, no elevator, no air conditioning, no internet, no medicine, no operating theaters?
      The important thing is not what I would like it to be, what is important is what it is, reality. And it is because we want to flee from that reality, which we do not like, that divide us from the present, causing more disorder, anarchy, chaos.

      • Eleonoa Mostert

        What IS… doesn’t have to be. We can change it! There is nowhere to hide in this world, The truth will catch up and you have to deal with it. The world needs medicine and operating theaters in this case regarding Muslims and there invasions. They are a sick people who need help, but it does not mean we have to take in this deadly disease into our homes. You put contagious people into isolation to stop the disease from infesting others, this needs to be done with them. and Surgery may also be a necessity… and the cancer cut out before it takes over the whole body/world. Trump is protecting all his people and the rest of the world is watching and hoping that their Governments will do the same. The people will vote soon in Europe and listen to the media squirm when the people win and the so called “Elite” lose.

  • IpseSenex

    Your last sentence says it all and applies to each and every one of them. How can so much lack of wisdom coalesce in one place, sorry two places, I nearly forgot about the UN.
    Mind you, what does that say about the rest of us for having allowed it?

  • Gea

    Perhaps she enjoys being raped or have her children molested by Muslim invaders who are getting free housing and food at the expense of Europeans who had allowed these jerks to enjoy their treason in Brussels EU. Shame!

  • Miro

    Whatever they say, its all about pushing an agenda to delete the states and nations and create a faceless mass to be ruled by them!

  • PurpleBerries

    As for “inbreeding” – that is already happening in the muslim parallel communities in Germany! They typically marry cousins, they import brides from their home countries who are relatives. I saw a report on the costs to the social system in Germany caused by deformed, mentally disabled and otherwise ill children born to parents who are relatives of each other! Cousins marry cousins for several generations – hereditary illnesses are programmed! Where is the advantage of that?
    And how can Ms Mongherini say that she is proud of importing 32,000 illegal migrants into the EU from the Mediterranean when that was the opportunity to transport them back to Africa *before* they stepped foot in the EU! “Each is a precious life” she says – but they don’t seem to find the lives of native Europeans so precious, do they?

    The only sensible speaker here is the woman in the tweed coat, who suggests processing the migrants outside of the EU, analogous to the Australian method.

    • Eleonoa Mostert

      On TV we see shows such as Boarder Patrol. When illegal or criminals try to enter a country without appropriate visa they are returned to the place they traveled from on the first available flight. This should be applied to all entering all countries. Australian method has failed as President Trump is now forced to take these people in which is wrong and I’m an Australian. Shame on you Australia. For those who are not aware the problems on these Island Detention Centres etc.it’s caused by the “inmates”. President Trump is correct these people are criminals and they rape there own children. The problem does not lie with those who care for them. Send all boat people and refugees back to their own countries to sort out their own problems within. They are not peace loving as you can see they fight at every opportunity they get. They do not intergrate Let them fight for their own countries within their own boarders without the help of UN America or Australian troops. If they are so intent on killing each other… let them. The last USA Muslim President Baraak Al Husein Obama should not have agreed to take the “Refugees” from Australia but was a deliberate act to cause problems as he had also done with Israel over the last 8 years. Seems the world has forgotten the Road Map and all other UN resolutions and are appeasing the Muslims and now another dispute regarding “Settlements” and building of houses on Israeli land, but because the Muslims are disputing it and are looking to get this land for their own gain. This needs to stop. The media needs to keep to the truth and facts and countries should be aloud to self govern without the interference of people who haven’t got a clue. The Media may be against President Trump and Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, and all those who oppose open boarders and “Refugee Invasion” but the people of the world are standing with them. The media will again be bemused with the upcoming elections in Europe when all these people win.

  • Vivienne

    There is a very simple solution to our falling birthrates and ageing population. Tax incentives to have at least two children per family, extra tax incentives for the male in the partnership to stay with his family and woman. There are too many women out there like Mogherini who simply want to rule and leave child bearing to the proles as she would put it. The whole dilution of our society by these half wit savages (average IQ 70 and below) is to produce a slave class so women and others in power can stay in power and rule the rest of us. Any career women reading this comment you can just shut up. You can’t have it all, I would not want any daughter of mine impregnated by one of these disease ridden savages from the third world. We don’t need the EU, a common currency is indeed useful but we should all govern our own nations not be dictated to by women like Mogherini Merkel Wallestroem Mallestroem etc etc. Look where the Arch feminists Gloria Steinham & Greer are today? Steinham still shouting her mouth off against Trump, living with Harry Bollafonte – Greer in a cottage in Essex UK with roses to care for. I guess a few knobs will attend her funeral. This whole thing is down to the WWII meeting with Cal ……………. Oh I heard Zarkozy say today on a vid on FB it will be compulsory our women intermarry with these half wits! This implies there are no white Europeans left to mate with. Well fella’s what have you got to say to this?

    • David Lea

      Certainly, tax incentives for those communities with low birth rates is a goodidea now in Europe. Impossible in he EU, but maybe could happen in the UK further down the line.

    • Fred Gillespie

      Referring to the first couple of sentences of you comment – Have you ever read “The Bernard Berelson memorandom on population control”? What you recommend goes against it. Google it and see how much of it has been implemented in the past 40 years.

    • Mike

      Sarkozy is evil, it would please him to see France in caois

    • Annie Dheere

      I would say to all these useless people in “power” let them show examples first and send out their wives, daughters, granddaughters etc get impregnated by these useless and brainless savages and then they can also send their sons tp be raped. Maybe and then maybe will they get a taste of their own medicine and their preaching especially this horrid #Mogherini who brags and decides what should and should not be implemented in and for Europeans. I say enough is enough with the corrupt governments of the European Union we should all demand that borders should be closed permanently and expel all immigrants back to their own countries.

  • Sheitan Kafir

    Time to bring all of those nasty neomarxist criminals to a swift justice Ceausescu style!

  • jeff page

    This is a typical EU Bureaucrat who is unaware of what really goes on in the real world. Most intelligent people are fully aware of the need of immigration particularly if the immigrants possess skills desperately needed to a country. However, that doesn’t mean that we should open the door to all immigrants, after all, who actually wants terrorists being welcomed, housed, clothed and fed at taxpayers expense? Haven’t these idiots grasped why some are reluctant to accept immigrants without proper vetting? All Trump is doing is taking the sensible approach, something I suspect Angela Merkel wishes she had done now!
    There is nothing wrong with being careful and sensible particularly as he has seen the immigrants rioting, raping and murdering in many European countries.
    Was this woman really voted into her position by real people or is she from a rich family? Where was she educated? The world seems to be producing an awful lot of numpties lately. Have IQs really plunged so dramatically?

  • Jaime Lanndan

    They haven’t been able to balance their books for over 21 years, this cannot continue, they are on another planet!

  • It’s official: she doesn’t reason more…

  • anmadeli

    No one to wash your dirty undies?

  • BorderGuard

    This monster must leave office – severe mental problems. Stick her in a refugee hostel.

  • kilfincelt

    It’s official! The European Parliament and a European insane asylum are now one and the same. Now we have to defund the U.N. to see how rational the rest of the world’s nations are.

  • Atilla 41✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    This biitch is proof of the statement; ” Some people are alive , only because it is illegal to kill them.”

  • cammo99

    I already have noted that this site blocks anything that might even closely resemble Islamophobia. Americans do not want censored speech to be Islam submissive. If you Europeans want to live on your knees that’s yo’re choice.

  • travelb0y

    When is the message going to finally sink in?? Nobody is saying ‘No Immigrants’, We just want to have some control over our borders.

  • barbaro70

    Mogherini is just one more of many fat, useless, self-important bureaucrats whom are being paid by the taxpayers of that hellhole, Europe, fat salaries for nothing, or worse, for very stupid, self-justifying “work,” for lack of a better word at this moment. The European experiment will go down in history as a misguided and tragic phenomenon, in the same way that the Barack Hussein “Hey, Bouncy and JayX, sing that song about the hos and bitches again here in the White House” Obama’s aberrational holding of the presidency of the still-greatest nation in the history of man despite Barack Hussein “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” Obama’s best efforts to drag the US down to the level of the degenerate Europe.
    EDIT: I forgot to mention that it is being remarked, and we hope, studied, that a large percentage, maybe as much as 67% of the “immigrants” and “refugees,” are mostly military age males, not three-week old widows and three-week old orphans as Barack Hussein “Hillary thinks I spent too much time during the campaign telling folks to vote for her because she will continue my legacy and that’s why she lost?” Obama, AND ILLITERATE. Yeah, Mogherini, that’s what Europe and the US need, are unprepared, ignorant, illiterate, mohammedans who do not want to assimilate in our countries.

  • Wolfgang Blum

    The following art. is from 2009- the plans mentioned within are going back some years to the past. The plan is in general still in action and endorsed by the UNO: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/65628/Secret-plot-to-let-50million-African-workers-into-EU

  • Bobby McGee

    Mogherini is blind and plain stupid.
    Her statement could be taken as a black humor joke
    but unfortunately she means what she´s saying.
    Time has come to close down the rotten cave of EU in Brussels.

  • jf vuden

    Definitely a lunatic!

  • conan_drum

    As inbreeding comes mainly with Muslims who frequently marry their close cousins and any do not wish to marry infidels unless they convert,
    and marriages between ‘races’ are not that common, the inbreeding claim is rubbish.
    I am reminded of the Nazis who attempted to portray themselves as saving Western civilisation from barbarian communism. Of course nobody else saw it that way, except those deluded men who volunteered for the SS

  • jlmsika

    This woman is a communist with a totalitarian islamo-leftist ideology.
    She thinks that she can lecture the world, but the EU is fortunately crumbling down and she will be gone!

  • Dan Kljaic

    This is special kind of stupid. We need to rid our selves of this kind of stupid in positions of power.

  • Iamstilllearning

    “It is pointless trying to argue with such people. Their “logic” is purely emotional, not rational.” –> Yes! That truly sums it up- it has helped my peace of mind, since coming to that realization.

    Lately, I’ve been wondering if there’s a way past their defensiveness, to point this out. They have been so manipulative with language- to shame, guilt, and ridicule dissent, it seems there must be a way in, via their psychology.

    Do you remember the article? I’d love to read it. Thanks purpleberries! I always appreciate your insight.

  • svend-erik oxholm Madsen

    This old commonist from italia poison our old Europe, deportation this women before shi hurt our all.

  • Pepe Gutierrez

    Everyone needs to see this

    before it’s too late


  • turn out the lights

    So that you know. I posted a reply to you that is currently under ‘moderation’ from this site. Nothing controversial in it, but informative. Hope it is approved for posting.

  • turn out the lights

    test on post blocking

  • Len Alford

    what an idiot. Nobody has said that there should be no migrants. All that has been said is that there need be a temporary slowdown until the vetting process is able to at least try to promise a better result. I’m sure that there are lots of families in France and Germany and England and Spain who wished that better vetting had been in place and that their family members had had a better chance of survival. Let Ms Mogherini try to impress the families and friends of the slain that the benefits of unregulated immigration were terrific for them

  • The man on the high mountain

    As I see, the Isolation of us and some eu countries, leed us to a new fascism way, with the same or higher number of deaths on all sides. The bill always the middle and poor class paud ( Why you think it will be different this time?). so be wise and dont damm an institution which alows us (europeans) to live in peace together.

  • Boom Boom

    Why are some bent on creating world government, using these regional bodies, such as the EU, as the launching pads? Must we have a world government, if there’s no devilish motive behind it?

  • Iamstilllearning

    Thank you! I really appreciate your time and effort!