Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán vows to Make Europe Great Again

By Vincent van den Born
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (not pictured) depart after speaking to the media prior to talks at the Chancellery on May 8, 2014 in Berlin, Germany / Getty

Protecting a border is not a nice thing. It is not a matter of aesthetics; it cannot be done with flowers and teddy bears,” Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán said in a number of speeches in Brussels this week. Adding that by protecting the border, “we are safeguarding the lifestyle, economic model, and safety so dearly cherished by Europeans.” He also attacked European elites, claiming that what the people of Europe want are “democratic societies“, not “open societies.”

The leaders of Europe always seem to emerge from the same elite, the same general frame of mind, the same schools, and the same institutions that rear generation after generation of politicians to this day. They take turns implementing the same policies. (…) large masses of people today want something radically different from what traditional elites want. This is the deep cause of the restlessness, anxiety, and tension erupting on the surface, time and again, in the wake of a terrorist attack or some other act of violence, or when we confront a seemingly unstoppable tidal wave of migration.”

After claiming in 2016 that 2017 would be the “year of rebellion“, Orbán himself seems bent on leading the pack. His government’s actions on immigration have come under severe criticism from Western media and the usual ‘Human Rights’ groups, but this does not seem to stop him. Instead, Orbán has started a counteroffensive, stating that the problems Europe faces are best discussed in “an open and honest debate” on how to proceed. To declare problems or possible solutions taboo beforehand is counter productive.

Saying that the crises facing the EU have become “painfully apparent“, such as the Euro-zone financial crisis, the migration crisis and, by implication, the so-called ‘populist’ crisis, Orbán was critical of the EU’s approach: “instead of big-picture answers to a big problem, the European Union came down hard on the member states that tried their best to follow the rules and meet their responsibilities.” Instead of more of this, Orbán suggests an alternative approach:

For decades, the mainstream answer to European problems was more Europe. We have to recognize, however, that there are areas where we need more Europe and areas where we need less Europe. We need more Europe when common action at a European level — such as on security and defense — can help member states attain their national objectives. And there can be areas where we need less Europe, less red tape, and fewer regulatory burdens, to allow the member states to flourish through competition. (…) Europe today, is facing four different crises at the same time: crises of economic competitiveness, demography, security and foreign policy. It is time Europe confronts these problems, realize its potential and take action. It is time to make Europe great again.

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  • John Meis

    For crying out loud. Herr Orban is absolutely correct. He should be given every tool he needs to carry on his fight. Hungarians will support him in order to save his country. Forget the lady from Berlin, Frau Merkel. Such dummheit on her part.

    • Dummheit
      Such an apt word, having looked it up
      blunt intellect
      botherheadedness [rare]
      dumbassery [sl.] [Am.]
      daffiness[coll.] [esp. Am.]

      However – Moronic also applies

    • Carolyn Permentier


  • Phillip Rosslee

    I think things are so bad now in Europe because of the failed EU policies of open borders and inviting those invaders in who follow that political cult called Islam that Economic Armageddon will be followed by civil war throughout unless changes start happening very quickly. EU’s economy and those of France, Germany, Italy ,Spain ,Portugal and other is lagging the rest of the world and will continue to do so.
    According to the statistics The EU is dependent for its gas supplies from Russia. The largest importers of Russian gas in the European Union are Germany and Italy, accounting together for almost half of the EU gas imports from Russia. Other larger Russian gas importers (over 5 billion cubic meter per year) in the European Union are France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. The largest non-EU importers of Russian natural gas are Ukraine, Turkey and Belarus. So Putin and Trump now hold the EU by the short and curlies so as to speak. This coupled with the economic problems of the EU there are some real problems in the mix.
    The EU and Euro is going fail soon Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and now Germany are all bankrupt so are their banks and the ECB it is only a question of when the Euro will collapse and the EU. …since 2008…, the 28 countries in the European Union managed combined growth of just 4 percent. And in the subset consisting of the Eurozone minus Germany, output actually fell. …most of the Mediterranean periphery has suffered a lost decade. …The unemployment rate in the euro area stands at 9.8 percent, more than double the U.S. rate. Unemployment among Europe’s youth is even more appalling: In Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal, more than 1 in 4 workers under 25 are jobless. Ralph Raico echoes these insights in an article for the Foundation for Economic Education.

    In seeking to answer the question why the industrial breakthrough occurred first in western Europe, …what was it that permitted private enterprise to flourish? …Europe’s radical decentralization… In contrast to other cultures — especially China, India, and the Islamic world — Europe comprised a system of divided and, hence, competing powers and jurisdictions. …Instead of experiencing the hegemony of a universal empire, Europe developed into a mosaic of kingdoms, principalities, city-states, ecclesiastical domains, and other political entities. Within this system, it was highly imprudent for any prince to attempt to infringe property rights in the manner customary elsewhere in the world. In constant rivalry with one another, princes found that outright expropriations, confiscatory taxation, and the blocking of trade did not go unpunished. The punishment was to be compelled to witness the relative economic progress of one’s rivals, often through the movement of capital, and capitalists, to neighboring realms. The possibility of “exit,” facilitated by geographical compactness and, especially, by cultural affinity, acted to transform the state into a “constrained predator”. In other words, the “stationary bandit” couldn’t steal as much and that gave the private sector the breathing room that’s necessary for growth.

    • Carolyn Permentier

      Phillip… that’s such a concise, intelligent ‘run down’ of how Europe was SO much better off before the EU! As an American, who’s lived in Germany twice, with my former military officer husband, I’m saddened at what Merkle’s done to the country. I don’t trust it’s for anything ‘good’ for the country, as I am also very concerned for the US, due to the stated Islamist goals. As the ole Chinese proverb says, “May you live in interesting times.” I think right about now qualifies, don’t you?

  • agnes losonczi

    Wonderful, this biased rag has deleted my telling the truth about it’s lies!!!! Try this on for a change!!! And I have let quite a number of hungarians on your unbelievable crap lacking any credibility!!! Down with this rag!!!!! You won’t get away with it!!! https://www.facebook.com/rightsreporter/videos/vb.1210229585657816/1562541133759991/?type=2&theater

  • Bruce Uebergang

    Hungary has the history and memory of their Turkish occupation and have no wish to repeat that barbaric episode !

    • rostomic

      and so do the Slavs!

  • Dryermartinithanyours

    Perfect. The only intractability is, per Orban, the inflexibility of failed liberal Babyboomer+ politics. They mandate goodness, but their inability to imagine evil turns their best intentions to mud and misery. Their fall is overdue, and we rejoice in it.

  • watsa46

    He must be sexist, racist, misogyny, islamophobe, Judeophobe, etc etc…

    • Dominic Stockford

      Indeed. He was included in a list of leaders regarded by the journalist as ‘far worse than Trump’ in one of the mainstream newspapers the other day. They got there before you!

  • Christian Gains

    “We the People…”, here in America, NEED a Viktor Orban in our Senate, and assisting President Trump!

    Of COURSE, Viktor is JUST what Hungary NEEDS even more, (since we HAVE President Trump), but, we DESPERATELY NEED more TRUMPS, and a LOT LESS DEMOrats…Leftist anarchists, Socialists, AND! ESPECIALLY LESS Liberal maniacs!

    I’m HONESTLY THRILLED to see a Hungarian ONCE AGAIN begin to lead their Nation out of GENUINE FASCISM!!! That IS what the EU is BOUND to become, (in a carefully disguised form), if men like Orban, & women such as Le Pen do NOT take this moment in History SERIOUSLY and lead their Nations AWAY from Globalist Dictatorship, (WELL DISGUISED as “freedom”! “Open Society”! & “Technological advancement”!), and into GENUINE Freedom of choice and responsibility, that has competition, and high moral & ethical standards, and a GENUINE Godliness & strong FAITH!

    The “GLOBALIST MANTRA” is CLEARLY exposed by George Orwell’s “1984” AND! “ANIMAL FARM”! Those Books, AND! The BIBLE, NEED to be returned to the CENTER of society & life, to help the next generation establish a GENUINELY FREE society that is NOT ruled by a “OLIGARCHY” of “ELITES”, playing like genuine lovers of their Nation, when IN TRUTH, they are SIMPLY & PURELY lover of themselves and POWER & CONTROL!! May God HELP us ALL!!

  • The_Devilbat

    Google “The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan” if you want to know what is really going on. Angela Merkel was awarded a prize by the ultra powerful Coudenhove-Kalergi Foundation. You are not going to like what you find out.

  • agnes losonczi

    Coward, bastard admins, are you afraid of the truth??? That the fake news you publish will unravel???

    • Dominic Stockford

      Foul and abusive language. I trust this will be removed.

  • Brian Phillips

    very pleased that Orban knows the truth and is not frightened to say it. He will rise fast to power and overcome the uncaring elites.

  • Alexis X

    Walls are now in fashion – all over the world… Who will be next?

  • Anonymus T.E.K.

    Fakeeee 😉 this is it only fake …E.U and Putin.hey man. All E.U money private .Hungary no future ;(

  • William Henwood

    Mr Orban is showing leadership, unusual for a member of the EU. He is correct that all leaders have become clones of the institution’s that educated them. Time to appoint politicians that came up the hard way.

    • AW

      Notably, before the migrant crisis metastasized Orban was preparing the political space by dramatically engaging in diplomacy with all of the neighboring nations. When the Budapest train station where all of the trains for Western Europe originate suddenly flooded with tens of thousands of undocumented military-aged men, he had already laid the groundwork to close and seal the borders with all of Hungary’s neighbors, and had built a loose regional alliance around the core Visegrad group of Central European nations.

      Orban shows that the nation-state model correctly led is more effective than the top-down model of the EU.

  • TheBergbok

    The implication being of course “a fascistic Nazi”

  • Simon Morgan

    At least one European leader had got his head screwed on. I salute you Mr. Orban.

    Merkel and the EU itself are mired in leftist dogma which has been nothing short of catastrophic for Europeans. It will be the end of them, thank heavens.

  • Simon Morgan

    Unfortunately for those imbeciles, the Muslim ‘refugees’ will be the winners not the leftist elites.

    I can just picture Mufti Merkel dancing at the end of a chain, while being prodded by delighted Muslim children with sharp sticks.

    Almost worth the demise of Europe to see that happen. Almost.

  • Richard

    Explain how Britain has seen the light. May is scouring the globe to try to persuade other countries to try and draw up trade deals. The USA under trump is ripping up trade deals so you can say this about the USA but not the uk

  • JDS

    Orban is the man, in Europe!

  • Carolyn Permentier

    I agree!

  • Carolyn Permentier

    Since we’re undergoing the same false debate here in the US… wall vs no wall to protect our Southern border and to incorporate much better vetting of Muslims, Islamists. Their stated purposes should be clear enough, along with what they are actually doing to people here and in Europe. Go Victor!

  • Rene Donk

    There are some people that see it Trumps way. Oversees that is. But….. Watching the Judges (here in America) in action with the verdict of Trumps temporarily pause letting immigrants in, I wonder if they all been hit with dummheit. The democratic party is so blinded with hate, that they are dangerous to their own party. Such pity. They are all standing under the shower of dummheit. Moronic behavior tsk, tsk. tsk….. Wonder when common sense start working again for that group of so-called “elites”, and I mean the democratic leadership. Oh and by the way the word “Herr” in plain English means just “Sir”. Nothing special unless the individual plays a word game and knowingly wrongly translate the meaning. Say this out loud “HERR” Schumacher, click the heels and stand in attention and the word “Herr” takes instantly a complete other meaning. Especially if you pronounce Schumacher with that German accent. Just saying…..May God Bless America.