EU President: ‘EU now at war with Trump. (And Russia, China, Radical Islam, Populism)’

By Willem Cornax
President of the European Council Donald Tusk addresses assembled media as he arrives at the Council of the European Union on the first day of a two day summit on October 20, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium / Getty

President of the European Council Donald Tusk has joined Verhofstadt in denouncing the Trump administration in a letter to European heads of state, clearly conveying the ranks of EU bureaucrats are closing. According to Tusk, unity is necessary since:

“Particularly the change in Washington puts the European Union in a difficult situation; with the new administration seeming to put into question the last 70 years of American foreign policy.”

Overnight, this statement seems to put the US on a par with Radical Islam, China and Russia, about which the same letter states:

“The first threat, an external one, is related to the new geopolitical situation in the world and around Europe. An increasingly, let us call it, assertive China, especially on the seas, Russia’s aggressive policy towards Ukraine and its neighbours, wars, terror and anarchy in the Middle East and in Africa, with radical Islam playing a major role, as well as worrying declarations by the new American administration all make our future highly unpredictable.”

What is needed most is “courage, determination and political solidarity of Europeans.” Without it, “we will not survive,” Tusk writes.  

The ‘we‘, of course, does not denote the European peoples, but the EU bureaucrats trying to run the show on the continent.

Tusk also called for the renewal of faith in the doctrine of further EU integration, which he cites as being imperative to fulfil Europe’s:

“demographic and economic potential, which makes it a partner equal to the largest powers. For this reason, the most important signal that should come out of Rome is that of readiness of the 27 to be united. A signal that we not only must, but we want to be united.”

It is a common rhetorical trick for leaders in distress to whip up the masses to confront a common enemy. However, a sizeable number of Europeans has already turned their back at the European Union. The polls in Francethe Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Germany leave little doubt. To continue to call for deeper unity when such aggravation within the Union is already rampant, brings back memories of Iraqi Minister al Sahhaf, who similarly sought to halt reality.

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  • jf vuden

    European leaders have lost their minds, and are a threat to peace.
    Anyone who has a different opinion, is their enemy. European citizens are unimportant. Only power is important to them.

    • Caterina Farkash

      “There is nothing new under the sun”…..

    • rostomic

      Stalinism at its most virulent!!!

    • Ken Javor

      Tusk is global elitest, who like Hitler, wants to rule the world.

      • truth seeker

        How right you are , Hitler and the Nazis admired Islam, and between them had a very good relationship. When the Grand Mufti Haj Amin visited Berlin in 1941 they planned world domination, their aim was to bring Mohammedan to Europe ,then to every nation. Seems little had changed , just a set of different characters.

        • Celestine

          Indeed. The devil’s own don’t give up easily. They hate disruption of any kind. Pity Donald Trump is backed by Rockefeller money,but if it’s true that Rothschild is at loggerheads with him, lets hope they both head butt each other till they knock themselves out.
          We the people are the only reality left and we need to UNITE fast.

    • Steve Firestone

      The leaders are pandering to the millions of new citizens from Arabia.

    • Celestine

      That’s the sad reality.

  • Porphyry

    Doubling down on wrong!

  • jobacon

    Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker are precisely the reasons I voted for Brexit. Who does Tusk think he is to speak against ANYONE “ex cathedra”? We must rid ourselves of the EU yoke.

  • Keith Cashman

    So the EU is worried, good, they have done enough damage to smaller countries who do not have an economy large enough to afford to abide by UN and EU rules.
    As with Greece they will send the smaller countries into debt because they control the money and then force those countries to crucify their own peoples well being to pay back huge sums of money that even the interest is too much to pay back.
    There is a centralising power base who want to govern Europe if not the world and they have come up against a road block with Trump and others will follow his lead and take their identity back. And Amen to that.

    • Numbers Peppelini

      Amen to that

    • Bridget Jacobson

      Very well said.

    • The_Devilbat

      The European banking system is on the edge of a meltdown. Nothing is going to save the EU. They are burned toast. Expect France, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain to follow the UK’s Brexit which parliament just ratified today. Freedom will reign.

      • Rene Donk

        Pray that happens.

    • Rene Donk

      Greece became broke because of socialism. The people became fat and lazy and wanted more handouts. The more handouts the more they become indebted and the predatory world bank become stronger and fatter. I guess you all call it the fat cats.

  • William Poole

    Winds of change are crossing to Europe. Brexit in England, Trump in America and Marie La Penn in France.

    • Numbers Peppelini

      Long live white sovereign nations around the world.

      • Jim Bendtsen

        Long live sovereign nations around the world.

        • Numbers Peppelini

          Oh of course, my comment is directed to the NWO and how they see white sovereign nations as a threat to a one world government. They see both middle class and white sovereign nations in the way of Rockefeller’s post World War 2’s “Project For America”

          * See “The Rockefeller Panel Reports” which is the blue print we are hearing about today when they call out against President Trump threatening our post World War 2 foreign relations initiative policy put in place post World War 2,

          We’ve been heading down that path.through the consolidation and transference of power..

          The global elite New World Order that will operate as a totalitarian government with state bureaucratic government doing away with free trade in place of a monopoly. We as the commons will live in some Orwellian society where big brother will tell us what is best for us inorder to advance humanity.

      • Simon Morgan

        Long live freedom and democracy, whatever race or color you are.

        • Numbers Peppelini

          My friend I didn’t mean that as white privilege. White majority Sovereign nations are those who stand in the way of a globalist agenda, they know that. We have already destabilized the middle east countries who won’t comply and many of the Latin American countries we have access to controlling or will help overthrow through regime change. We also saw what we’ve done in Libya and now have the Philippines in our cross hairs.

          What they don’t have control of is the full cooperation of white majority wealthy countries.

    • Rhonda Parker

      Lets all pray any move to right by citizens does not come too late.

  • jeff page

    The EU starting to realise that they can no longer keep conning the public. The attack on Donald Trump is just another tactic in their armoury. Because of his firm approach to Muslims in particular, as opposed to the approach of appeasement shown by many EU countries leaders. Why are they so determined to allow Muslims into Europe knowing full well that their beliefs and culture are in direct contrast to those of the West. Many have suffered from attacks, many women and young girls have been raped by so called “refugees”. Things must change! The common enemy is Islam! That is what this EU band of idiots should be opposing. Why should their citizens have to change their habits, their culture, the way they dress, simply because it might, just might prevent attacks by Muslims in their own country. What they are doing is madness and it just shows how cowardly they are by dodging their commitments to their own people by expecting them to change to suit the invaders! They should be ashamed of their cowardice and willingness to appease a very real and culturally dangerous enemy!

    • Numbers Peppelini

      February 1, 2017….19 arrested in Germany terrorist plot

    • Rene Donk

      As I am a legal immigrant from way back then (1958) I still remember the rules of how I was vetted. 1. you had to have a sponsor. That sponsor was for 5 years responsible for you the immigrant. 2. You had prove that you had a job. (written statement of your would be employer. 3. Sign a waiver that for the first 5 years you would not ask for governmental welfare. Your church was the responsible party for monetary help. 4. Fair understanding of the English language in the writing an speaking department. 5 To assimilate as soon as possible with your community.6. Prove of your family tree up to great grand parents and back ground, and a list of where you have lived for the past 10 years. A list of books or magazines you usually are reading. 7 Then came the health requirements. blood draws, x-rays, passed illnesses etc. 8 you could not have had any communicable diseases, like veneral diseases etc.9 You had prove that you came with enough money to live on for 3 months. 10 A insurance that would pay your fare back if you fail or got in trouble.
      And of course you had to pay for entrance fees, visa fees and your way over. So what is so bad with all of that. And remember I was a world war II refugee. Had spend 4 yrs in 3 p.o.w japanese camps and following that ordeal another year in an Indonesian camp, went through 4 more years of intense dangerous years. The Independent fight for the Republic of Indonesia where millions of us Dutch folks were murdered in the most inhumane ways, kicked out of Indonesia and transported back to The Netherlands in 1949. Our parents and grandparents had either lost their lives in The Dutch East Indies or arrived completely broke in the Netherlands. “Our Fatherland” did not treated us “now called refugees” very well and thanks to General Eisenhower and a new Act by Congress (Pastor-Walter) a certain percentage of us refugees were allowed to enter the USA nearly 60 years ago.
      Now at the age of 86, I looked back and I can say Yes I was an immigrant but now I can say proudly I am not an hyphenated citizen “Dutch-American” but I became a full fledged American in 1968. Moral of the story “If you do not like it in America go back were you came from. Advice to new immigrants. Assimilate and adjust to your new way of living. Don’t even try to change the way of living from the core American. Shed your head dressing and feel the freedom blow through you veins. As a woman You are truly liberated here. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU AMERICA. And to all of you that take a knee when hearing the National Anthem…shame on you.

      • Ann Justis Forall

        Shared on my Facebook page. THANK YOU for your loyalty and great citizenship with the United States. Every American appreciates your genuine love of our country and we would like more like you 🙂

  • politeresponse

    All the Liberal’s hypocritical intolerance of a democratically elected leader and new administration, all their marches, protests, riots, petitions and letters just show them up to be fearful, hate-mongering, bigots and bullies. Their actions since Trump was elected, and even before, are divisive; an orchestrated distraction from those that truly denigrate women, those that mutilate young girls, and severely punish women for the slightest infraction, or for none at all, and even for being raped. They have no compassion for real victims of abuse and crime when they vilify someone in an effort to pacify those more dangerous, because words bother them more than actions and they hate Trump any ways. Liberals prefer to systematically and wilfully destroy him and any hope of a better future because their fear of change has taken a stranglehold.

    While words offend liberals more than deeds. I am not so fragile or easily offended that I need Trump vilified on my behalf, as a women, under the mistaken guise of tolerance and compassion. I do however, expect a nations borders to be protected, criminals to be treated as such and for justice to be done.


    • Elizabeth Grassworthy

      I couldn’t agree more with every word you wrote. Also an interesting link.

    • Brian Mc

      It is common for people to project their own personal faults to others. It is a way of dis-associating and denying one’s own failings. So, the American Left, and now apparently the ruling EU Left, in a complete and total denial of reality, project their pending implosion to Donald Trump (as they did Nigel Farage). If there was not a popular uprising against the Ruling Elites who control the money and the media, they would not be at risk of losing their power. That alone should be a sufficient message to them they are out of touch

    • Brian Mc

      The rightness of Donald Trump is demonstrated by the fact the more his enemies attack him the stronger he gets. That is an indication of just how powerful is his message. If he had empty, fame-driven power, it would evaporate upon scrutiny and attack. But people are forced to examine just how wrong-headed and pitiful are the attacks against him and decide for or against his policy, versus his personality. Americans, at least, and hopefully Brits and Europeans, will ignore the bureaucrats and support Trump and his conservative / responsible / security oriented agenda.

  • Ctaj

    You have met the enemy, and he is you, Mr. Tusk. Your own people are moving away from your Progressive Statist/Collectivist, financially irresponsible policies back toward nationalism, capitalism, and their own self-interest. The EU will not survive another five years. Trump would win an election in Germany.

  • Nortonchopper

    If it’s an economic war you desire, you will fail miserably. We can hold our own, thank you.

  • Caecina

    Their real enemy is ISIS not the Trump Administration. The EU’s foundations are being undermined by radical Islamist’s along with their exploding refugee problem. If Europe doesn’t wake up soon, there won’t be a Europe. The whole area will be consumed by Sharia Law as well as a significant number of council representatives with head coverings.

  • Martin Babin

    Then you’re at war with me.

  • Gea

    Who cares for this Polish Tusk guy whose income had tripled or quadrupled by becoming a part of the EU bureaucracy which is un-elected and is destroying Europe by encouraging Muslim invasion, which had turned most European countries into criminal mess. This Polish EU chief grew up under Communism just as Angela Merkel, and as Pope Francis grew up under Argentinian Fascism…(pope is older being born in 1936 while Tusk was born in 1957 and Angela Merkel in 1954 to a Nazi Lutheran who moved from West to East Germany to work for Stasies…

    Therefore these politicians are very comfortable with the TOTALITARIAN, SUPREMACIST Apartheid and IMPERIALISTIC IDEOLOGIES such as Islam is also…which is now threatening to replace Western civilization and rule it… 20th century was threatened by Fascism Communism and Nazism, but Islam is the WORST as it is 7th century mind set that creates misery everywhere it rules.

    I was in Brussels in Oct 2015 and Brussels is now 1/3 Muslims with the Mohamed being the most frequent name given to new born, as Muslims have very high birth rate, unlike Europeans. the city is locked up under fear as all hotels were closed for the night and had a sign that there was no room left, which was an obvious lie.

    Brussels airport, where later there was a terrorist attack, to which I arrived late and where my luggage was lost, looked like a dump with suspicious Muslims men milling around. Then I had an incident on a trait with a conductor who confiscated my senior ticket and told me that it was not valid as it was a few minutes before 9 am when it became valid…no wander Nazis ran all over Belgium and their government cowardly gave the country to Nazis, as they are giving it now to Muslims to rule them.

  • Nick Danger

    If you are an EU citizen, you have been eurocratized, and must now bow to the Brussels bullies and the euroczars. Your entire culture is worth nothing. All of the EU is not worth the bones of a single Syrian migrant warrior, according to Tusk. If European citizens want to keep their country and their culture, it is time to boot out the czars and return to control of your own lands.

  • James Turner

    join and SUPPORT President Trump for gods sake leave the eu to die

  • The EU and its moribund leadership is afraid of losing their pay. The EU is an obsession of the fussy bureaucrat mind. The EU is a menace to Europe and a threat to the world, as is the United Nations. The UN has no function but to eat, drink, and chase prostitutes around the world on fact finding missions.

  • Joe

    EU is at war with europe.

  • cammo99

    Is the EU so weak that Trump can threaten its very existence?
    Hollands banns free speech, Germany the same, Neo-Nazi parties may no longer be banned and its no coincidence this is a direct result of massed Islamic migration that in itself is a form of cultural and economic welfare. They opened the door and like too many Americans fail to accept the fact Islamic culture is a problem, it wasn’t colonialism that destroyed the Caliphate’s the Ottoman’s did their own colonizing. Socialism certainly has not saved the Islamic nations from the stagnation and backwardness Islamic theocracy imposes on a society. It is the theocratic outlook of refugees that in the long run may be more harmful than terrorist attacks. It certainly has had that effect in Sweden where police are telling woman how to dress and act if they don;t want to get raped. ad that effects urban France, Germany and the Hollands.

  • Malcolm Scott

    Can someone point me to scholarly analysis as to how these folks lost their way? Relativism? Backlash against the Wars? Stockholm syndrome towards Marxists? What the heck is going on? The “Conspiracy” Theorists state there is a level above the “Left and the Right”. It’s starting to make sense…

  • Ge_off

    This is a completely true and accurate account of a swamp dwelling bureaucrat in grave danger, as the water level drops. If France elects a nationalist, it really is over for the BureauRats.

  • Mark Bernard (Verumultimum)

    The term “bat shit crazy” springs to mind. And to think I was considering living in Europe 6 years ago, dang, I dodged that bullet.

  • Vivienne

    My god this man is so stupid how did he get to where he is? There is a 50% chance there will be another European war because we are sick of the Empress Merkel and Napoleonic Holland and the other idiots in the EU. As for being at war with China Russia and the US this is so ridiculous one can only laugh at such idiocy. Anyone who watches CGTN would know war with the rest of the world and China is the last thing on Chinese leadership minds. The demeanor of the Chinese is thoughtful, long range view, they recognize they have expanded too fast and having to address a number of issues. China is conscious of its pollution problem, the welfare of Chinese children who are disadvantaged and are very keen to work with the rest of the world not dominate it. The only people wanting to dominate the world are Islamic nations, and inner club of billionaires and hand picked politicians. Just now President Xi is just about to launch into a speech re global communication and polution.

  • watsa46

    Mr Tusk is a moron.
    The “EU” is drifting into anarchy, Islamization and has used for decades the US umbrella while refusing to pay its contribution to NATO while at the same time taking advantage of Black Africa!!! France the last remaining colonial country from the prior century while Iran is the new colonial country of the 21st century. Socialism and negative birth rate are destroying Europe. The EU has decided now to outsource reproduction to Islamists.

  • Tzinh

    The EU is shaking…it is NOT a union of peoples but of elites. To say the EU does ‘good things’, even though it does them without any real democratic oversight, is to support a benevolent tyranny. A tyranny enacted not to crush us but to save us…… the worst kind…….the sooner it disappears the better for all the peoples, especially the southern countries of the EC

  • joss durham

    After 8 years of Obama, Trump is a breath of fresh air

  • TheWhiteRat

    The Dutch Prime Minister Rutte made a comment last week saying if you live in Holland “like it of leave it” Now that sounds a bit strong.

  • The_Devilbat

    The crap arsed EU globalists are declaring war on the wrong man at the wrong time in history. They are knee deep in trouble and sinking fast. As is normal for such self important idiots, they have no idea as to how much trouble they are in.

  • Dryermartinithanyours

    They had a dream of beneficent power to cure the world’s ills by asking us all to live in a liberal bubble, and ran and ran and ran with it. Incredible to find the world is finally waking, but to a nightmare. We now hope the push-back is not forced into dark times and can counter the pressures of guerrilla civil war, but guide us back to stability and peace. It’s a start at least.

  • quillerm

    The EU has been living off Trillions in US trade deficits at our workers expense. President Trump is the EU socialists worst nightmare.

  • Very well stated!

  • Exactly!

  • Dennis Wright

    With the influx of refugees and increasing possibility of a new ice age (some crops are already failing) I can now believe that Nostradamus’ prediction of famine in Europe is a real possibilty

  • A very intelligent comment!

  • Right on!

  • Honeybadger

    The EU is garbage. Unelected, globalist bureaucrats with zero accountability to the European people. The EU is falling apart. Hopefully Le Pen pulls off a win in France. That would just help hasten its demise.

  • Rodney Elliott

    This is the irrational reaction of a man who has become terrified of the situation in which he and the cosy club Eurocrats now find themselves and, of course, of his own position within that which has become a bubbling cauldron of disenchantment and potential civil disorder. These dullards, spurred on by Merkel who has totally lost the plot, have dug a hole which is now so deep that they are struggling to find a ladder long enough to climb out. The irony is that they are still digging it deeper in some pious hope that they will find plausible solutions to the disasters of their own creation when the reality is that they will eventually be overtaken by evets way beyond their control, be that an unthinkable absolute Islamic domination, or the horrific prospect of an truly extreme right reaction.

  • avi15

    What else can he say? Psychologically, he has put all his eggs in one basket – i.e. the EU.

  • Ctaj

    I watched the EU State of the Union Address 2016 in September on CSPAN. Here’s the text:

    There must have been over 2,000 people in the audience, and I’ve never seen a more depressed-looking group of people in my life. It looked like a wake. Not a smile in the room.

  • Mike Page

    The EU members, especially Belgium, have radical Islam at home already, and THEY allowed it to happen. WAKE UP!!

  • whoisnumberone

    Globalism kills

  • John Jaeger

    Boycott these clowns. They suck up American tourist dollars, American military defense, and pretend to be so intellectual and superior. They make me sick. After many vacations to the continent, I’ll never go back, except maybe to Great Britain.

  • Simon Morgan

    The EU still hasn’t cottoned on to the fact that its’ been at war with common sense and reality for much of the last 40 years. It seems it never will.

    The only thing people got from it was exactly what size a banana should be!

    And while Rome burns, the only thing these bureaucrats are interested in is saving their lavish lifestyles.

  • jdumon

    Dissident Vladimir Bukowsky: “E.U. is the new USSR”

  • Barbara Brooks

    There would be plenty of European solidarity if the EU hadn’t abused its authority with needless regulations and permitted this outrageous invasion of aliens. What is needed is to fire this leadership and make a loose trading partnership and improve NATO’s defenses and sharing of info to stop terrorism, rather than using the EU to punish political rivals.

  • chip griffin

    let the eu go up in smoke all by themselves, we don’t want or need them and they feel the sames towards us, so let’s just part ways and wait on the end…

  • Jandre Kroeze

    Who voted for this guy??? President??? What a bloody joke!!! No EU citizen chose him, except perhaps his own europhile nut-jobs. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6036483ed5ce76383c74eb79cb79b6ae3f5febd45acc4695e7cc8a57e8ad6afc.jpg

  • Dz ن

    Before the presidential elections Donald Tusk wrote on Twitter that one Donald in politics is enough. I wonder which one it is going to be 🙂

  • Miro

    The bureaucrats in Brussels will ruin European idea. They will flood EU countries with Muslims, start a war with Russia which will decimate EU citizens and then it will become a Muslim continent. No nations, no history…just a mass to rule with… It must be stopped!

  • Ian_D_T

    Europe’s current leaders are obsessively flooding their countries with people from a hostile civilization who are in the process of subjugating all of Europe to Sharia law.

    By contrast Donald Trump is saving America from the parallel process of deliberate subjugation which was pursued by Obama.

    Within 2 or 3 decades tens of millions of desperate Europeans will be endangered and clamoring for refuge in America. The only way that Europe’s Christians can be saved from the subjugation, which their leaders are forcing on them, is if Donald Trump is successful in making America safe again.

  • WMD

    I know your question is rhetorical but those EU-rats aren’t about to ask citizens anything. They’re un-elected, unaccountable and have practically unlimited power and money at their beck and call.
    They’re practically the Clintons. (Well, not anymore. heh heh)

  • Rene Donk

    After Brexit is proven to be the right decision other EU members are seeing that they have been lied to. EU had their eyes set on a one world government and Trump is what they say in Dutch the “knuppel in het hoenderhok” not only overseas but also here in America. The anarchist just another name for people that like to destroy buildings and hurt people are going to town with all their might. The latest destruction at Berkley University (San Fransisco) is a great example of how far those hoodlums are trying to push back. And of course those guys are paid by the secretive money bags behind the curtains.For all I care they should have burned Berkely down to the ground. That would do away with the mental ill professors that are teaching, or feeding if you will, the young impressible minds with garbage. To keep it short The leaders of the Eu are scared stiff that Donald Trump has started their decline. Yet they started the decline their selves because of their open door/open borders policies. Let scum in without vetting and you pick the labor of your decisions. e.q open rape, murder and destruction of property. Hope the Dutch under new leadership of Geert Wilders (who really is the front runner of stopping the EU dead in their tracks) will bring back decency and safety back to the streets of the Netherlands and restore faith back in the Parliament. Nederland restore the guilder. I hope your New King will will work on that too.

  • Rene Donk

    The one that will take Merkel place is just as bad as Merkel. He is for open borders and one world chaos.

    • Numbers Peppelini

      Tell us what you know about this?

  • Martin Babin

    If you’re at war with me then all I can say is bring it. If you’re warring at my side then I say Welcome brother.

  • Martin Babin

    Ah, I see you’re a Trump supporter as well. Welcome indeed.

  • Greyguy

    The EU has always been at economic odds with us, so why is this a surprise, we have always financed NATO and they have reaped the benefits of that defense; time to make them pay up.

  • Numbers Peppelini


  • Numbers Peppelini

    These are the travesties that we hear about. So so so much going on in many European countries especially the wealthiest sovereign white nations of Europe. Not so much in the struggling economic countries of the European Union. Wonder why this is? Why doesn’t countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania have an immigration problem and are the most intolerant to floods of refugees invading their populations?

  • Holdfast_II

    This guy sure is at “war” with a lot of very powerful entities, especially when you consider the EU has no, um, army.

  • Keith Cashman

    The method used to lure countries into the EU is the Donkey and the Carrot method.
    The carrot being money. It is like the banks over lending to people that might want to buy a house when the banks know that most of them can’t afford to sustain the payments.
    Being a little naive compared to the ‘world’ bankers countries are falling into the trap and become entangled in the dictatorship of the EU and UN.
    Western society as we know it, is doomed.
    I am glad that I won’t be around to see the mess left for future generations.
    The world is over populated but the tool being used to bring the west down is population growth by Muslims and it is playing right into the Globalists hands and probably part of centralist plans, who knows? They are so devious they have created ‘cells’ that are registered under 100’s of names to keep everyone away from the true source of the mayhem being created.

  • William Henwood

    I do not understand Tusk attitude or statements as they defy reality. Lying add infinitum does not address the problem.

    The New World Order to which he subscribes will not be able to contain fanatics. As the European economies collapse due to the costs of uncontrolled immigration the dream will die in a sea of red ink.

  • avi15

    There’s nothing quite like being completely detached from reality. Unfortunately, the EU, which he hopes to ride to victory on, will simply fall to bits under him.

  • isnogood

    What do you expect from the most faithful henchman of the globalist elite? I would be surprised if his rhetoric was any different.

  • turn out the lights

    You cannot have unity – when the EU has screwed their own members. Cyprus, Greece and other have memories.

    Europe was safe and secure under NATO, until they listened to the siren songs of Germany led EU.

  • progixx

    Dont forget Iran

  • katzkiner

    All we need to know is does he want the interior of his cell painted prison gray, prison gray or prison grey.
    Then there is always Door B. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/17763bd1ad5bf4fe098067b34b3e68fd8f701b5541c3ec5d4e9b6c1173ef0570.jpg

  • Edwin Self

    Everyone should read “The Grey Wolf” about how Hitler and Eva Braun were helped to escape to Argentina, where Hitler died in 1962, after spending his last weeks in deep remorse. Their lookalikes died in the bunker….Donald Tusk wants Germany to lead EU to dominate the world, where Hitler failed.

  • Hein Spijker

    The USSR of Europe is the new aggressor. It’s worrying, Trump continues to join the obsolete NATO en joins the aggression towards Russia.
    It’s time to stop the aggression of the unelected non-democratic European burocrats.