Refugee charged with two violent rapes in Germany

By David Frankenhuis

German authorities yesterday pressed charges against a 31-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker for brutally raping two female exchange students (21 and 27 years old) in the city of Bochum in August and November last year. The youngest of the two victims, who both are Chinese nationals, almost didn’t survive the sexual assault. She was dragged into the bushes and then strangled with a rope, which nearly killed her.

According to Bild, police were able to apprehend the refugee from Iraq thanks to a friend of one of the victims. He was passing the crime scene where the rapes previously took place, when suddenly spotting a man lying in ambush in the thicket. After taking a picture of the suspicious individual he went straight to the authorities.

Soon thereafter, at the beginning of December, police managed to track the migrant to his place of residence, which turned out to be an asylum centre close by the university terrain. A suspect, named Zaid K., was arrested and a saliva sample was taken from him. At the time the man had been living in the German facility with his wife and two young children for about a year after fleeing his home country.

K., who has a Kurdish background, denied the charges of rape. Chief prosecutor Andreas Bachmann nevertheless, immediately after capturing the migrant, claimed that the Iraqi was indeed the serial rapist:

“Since DNA evidence found on the victims’ bodies clearly belongs to him, that’s why we are talking of the perpetrator.”

K. is now charged with the rapes, attempted murder, assault, and robbery.

Afghan flirts aggressively in Austria

In neighbouring Austria, another Muslim migrant, this time an 18-year-old boy from Afghanistan, has been tried for a violent sex attack that took place on the 20th of June 2016. Victim of the assault was a female social worker employed in a refugee centre in the Upper Austrian town of Bad Hall, Kronen Zeitung reports.

The 18-year-old, who arrived in Austria as an unaccompanied minor, started his ‘amorous advances’ by threatening the woman and uninvitedly grabbing her breasts. He had invaded the room where she worked via the balcony door. She screamed and fought back, alerting other refugees who stopped the rape attempt.

The Afghan has now received 6 months suspended jail sentence and is on probation for 3 years. His disillusioned victim has given up on her job as a refugee guardian.

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  • warning: don’t feed the animals. Oh, I’d probably not import a million plus of them either. And shelter them. And give ’em free kisses. And mythological status as the bringers of much cultural enrichment. (oops, we already did???)

  • jeff page

    Well, this case will be interesting. I wait with bated breath to see just how severe or lenient the judge, or judges view this. If the 6 months suspended sentence as in the other case mentioned here is anything to go by, then this rapist and attempted murderer will end up with about 18 months suspended. He has a wife and children which will lead to pleas of compassion from the taxpayer funded defence team. And as is the usual way with Muslims, he has denied everything. Let’s hope the DNA is enough to convict, although he’ll probably come up with some out of this world explanation as to how his DNA was found on his victims.
    Good thinking on the part of one of the girls friends to take a photo.
    I wonder what the excuse for these attacks will be. This particular creature has a wife, isn’t she obliged to surrender to her husband at all times and do his bidding? Still, whatever the outcome of the trial, she’ll also suffer from his selfishness, she’ll be forced to wait for him or face a German Sharia Court. She must feel so proud to have a rapist for a husband!

    • Hotbed

      just like hillary clinton

    • james ha

      “”I wait with bated breath to see just how severe or lenient the judge, or judges view this.””

      sorry jeff, we will never hear another word about this.

    • Toxic Delirium

      Non-muslims are not considered human under sharia law, so no crime was committed.

  • yehudabendavid

    What a sorry state of affairs! The Koran has little respect for non-Muslims, in fact it encourages Muslims to subdue the unbelievers, by fighting them , cutting off their heads, torturing non-believers, and raping their wives and children. Allah u Akbar .

    • Di Panetta

      One thing puzzles me. Is the Koran anywhere associated with the Talmud?

      • Michael Hoffman


      • yehudabendavid

        If anything in the Torah, Talmud, or the new Testament appears in the Koran you can be sure it has been revised and corrupted so Allah words would be understood by simple people. In the Koran Moses ,and all the Hebrew including Jesus are Muslim messengers of Allah, the god of night, even though Islam did not exist before Mohammed.

  • katzkiner
  • David Sparks

    The sentences are too lenient. Examples need to be made or else it will continue.

  • Buzzoffski

    Planet of the ( R )Apes. Follow the money . Thank you Soros.

  • Jim Bendtsen

    Almost all your articles are about violent assaults, rapes, riots, etc., but you don’t want any real comments about the scum who commit the crimes. I think it’s time to drop Gatestone.

  • Terry

    This is a traumatic event that has occurred twice, how many other women
    have been maimed and harmed to mentally endure throughout the rest of their lives.
    It seems these animals in human form have been indoctrinated to think these women
    are just objects to be used for their gratification, no matter the cost..What will we become if no one speaks and stands up for these terrified women and young girls……Many thanks to the alerted friend to catch the snake that was hiding in the bushes ready to strike again..

  • Lloyd Dettering

    That Adolph! Born too soon! Greatest two mistakes besides being born too soon: 1. not knowing Churchill’s mother was a Jewess, therefore he was a Jew. If he hadn’t stopped General Guderian’s tanks from capturing the BEP, French and Poles at Dunkirk we would all be speaking German today. Me? I’d be shot dead! 2. Not providing the army with proper gear for Russia. Forget America! The yanks were hopelessly unprepared and would have surrendered or joined Germany. Now look at what is happening to a liberal Europe! So much potential fertilizer unused! Must be inferior stuff! The Jewish controlled Britain wanted Germany bombed flat! Another stupid mistake was going after all Jews instead of the greedy ones like Rothschild!

  • Barb3000

    I am beginning to believe that dangerous monsters like this should, as punishment, just be stood against a wall and shot, that would save a lot of taxpayer money along with not ever having to support this Muslim monster again. I’ll bet he was doing this for years in Iraq with no one caring what he was doing.

    • Mark Sircus

      Well being nice is not paying off for civilisation…..so though I used to be a progressive liberal (not any more) I think I have to agree with you

  • hchristine

    Wonder what it will take to make the world wake up, women are disposible for the sake of the PC it seems. Aggrivated rape should hold an automatic 10 yr sentance. Woman have to live with the emotional torture for life.

  • Mark Sircus

    She is probably the one who needs to be stood up against a wall….her crimes….well what can we say or how can we measure her crimes…..the pain and agony of so many women, the fabric of her country being torn….

  • Mark Sircus

    Yes they are doing exactly that….why is a tough question, really tough….some have just simply sold their souls to the globalization crowd meaning they work for the elite…..others must be mentally impaired by their concepts that they hold dear and as real…..but do not stand up to reality……their is an evil sickness in our race and it is coming out big time over this issue…..and many issues

  • Mark Sircus

    Now that seems even more just than standing her against the wall.

    • George Parker

      A little harsh on the muzzies but who cares.

  • L Garou

    (get a rope)

  • Defiant

    Just keep welcoming these monsters all over the civilized world. We’ll ALL end up living back in the stone age.

  • elf

    There are tens of thousands of rape kits in refridgerators in the USA NOT TESTED AND victims suffering as women are treated like dirt and ignored while the savages run free. Test the kits.

  • Bobby

    Really? Here in North America, our major media hasn’t told us about this!! Are you guys sure you aren’t the fake media?? (dripping with sarcasm..lol)

  • Dominick Perez

    Hopefully more and more girls and women will get raped by these animals, in Germany, Sweden and elsewhere. The people allowed their leaders to let the vermin in, so it is only fitting that they suffer the consequences while the politicians’ families are safe and sound, protected by armed guards and gated compounds.

  • Curmudgeon_49

    It is beyond my comprehension as to why people think that these invaders have a right to foist themselves on any country. While there may be a few legitimate individuals seeking refuge, they are a tiny minority, while the rest are little better than opportunistic pathogens. The tiny minority could have sought refuge in countries much closer to their own, which is what legitimate refugees do. The rest will do what they did in their home countries, only it will be on the “host” countries’ dime/Euro/pound.

    For all the sympathizers out there, I can only say that: they should seek help for their mental illness; they should explain why they hate the needy in their own countries so much so as to put the wants of strangers before the needs of neighbours; and heed the wisdom of those who have deal with these invasions previously. Even Thomas Aquinas knew this sort of behaviour was irrational.

  • Fed Up

    Wonderful people, our Muslim friends. Of course our Liberal idiots will go into instant denial as the stories about Muslim sex crimes are made public. But then liberals are hardly noted either for honesty, or for intelligent thinking.