Watch! “French” youths destroy Paris suburb

By Timon Dias

New footage has emerged showing ‘French’ youths rampaging through a neighbourhood in the Paris district of Seine-Saint-Denis. The footage also shows youths throwing bricks through the window of what seems to be one of the district’s City Council buildings. One of the young men at 02:20 is also clearly carrying a (fake?) handgun.

The riots started last week after the alleged sodomization by the police of a French 22-year-old known only as ‘Theo‘. So far in Paris, 245 people have been arrested and elsewhere in France, 71 people were detained on charges of: “ambushing, voluntary acts of violence against public officials and law enforcers, voluntary degradation or participation in an armed assembly“.

The French president Hollande has stated:

“We can not accept because of a drama that I myself denounced, that there is a fracture.”

Meanwhile, events like these are bound to boost Marine Le Pen’s Front National’s popularity. The images below, showing rioters chanting “Allah Akbar!”, emerged last week.

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  • needtimetothink

    Back to the Bible or back to the Jungle.

    • conan_drum

      There were many civilisations before and contemporaneous with the bible

      • Toxic Delirium

        Yes. But nothing before, or since, like Christianity.

        • Sue Powdrill

          Exactly. The Kingdom of God stands forever. All other kingdoms have and will fall. The EU is next. Islam will eventually fall.

    • PedrAbWallis

      I remember Billy Graham making the same point about 55 years ago, before the Bible was removed from schools etc in the USA. I also fondly remember the “Back to the Bible Broadcast”.

    • Glyn Davies

      Yes …lets go Crusading…

      • Toxic Delirium

        You are aware that the Crusades were a response to over 400 years of violent Muslim aggression, aren’t you? Apparently not, or you wouldn’t have made that asinine comment.

  • conan_drum

    Yobs just looking for an excuse to create mayhem and mindless destruction. The cost of course will be paid by the long suffering French tax payers

  • Tibor Kálmán Budaházi

    The police used rubber bullets why not?

    • should be using live ammo. Problem solved overnight. Well, if they won’t…

  • Ken Henkel

    The Euro was $1.6037USD in July, 2008. Now it is $1.055 and going down. Par with the US Dollar will happen soon. c’est la vie!

  • Deplorable_Pam

    I hope for Le Pen but I am American and and nothing has changed here. Nothing. The refugees continue to pour in at over 1,000 a day. All Trump has to do is send a letter to Congress announcing his intention to cap the refugee program for FY 2017 at current levels. Has he done it? No. Why? Very good question. It requires no executive order and can’t be challenged. So, I think all’s lost until the people rise. If they ever do.

  • thehammer1953

    Pray, vote, get involved in your local politics. Set internal and external boundaries.
    Internal boundaries, for how to personally respond to different “issues”. External boundaries, for what and when to demand a response from government. Think NOW. Decide on an action plan. Be bold and decisive.

  • Come on, Marine! Show the world what conservative woman can do.

  • John Vagabond

    Saint-Denis is a Muslim enclave with a large number of disaffected, angry North African immigrants. The word is that even the police tread carefully there. I think it likely that these guys took to the streets under the banner of “any excuse” rather than any specific grievance. On the one hand there are the Islamic militants and on the other, Arab thugs and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. I happen to live near Paris, btw.

  • Kuner1

    Europe is done for. We need to flee to the US, regroup, elect the most radical psycho we can find and then take back Europe with military force. And end the left once and for all for their treason. That’s how to do this. We don’t stand a chance scattered.

    • jf vuden

      That’s the right approach!

  • snakkefinger

    Fucking fucks!

  • Bob Blackthorne

    One or two “REAL MEN” with submachine guns would have ended this calamity in three seconds. The thing is, the STUPID French police are emasculated by HAVING TO BE politically correct, and NOT racist or islamophobic. BULLSCHUIT! Start SHOOTING the bastards! The rioting WILL STOP! Try this crap here in the USA, where WE still have OUR GUNS, and you’ll see dozens of these bastards bleeding out on the streets!

  • Longbow

    I would surmise these so called, as you say, “French Youths” do not posses one drop of French blood.

  • Sue Powdrill

    The problem is not lack of productive work. most people out of work do not rampage through the streets, they look for work. To suggest this is an insult to those who are out of work. The problem is Islam and what the koran says.

  • peut-etre c’est la folie. De toux ceux qui suivent Hure Merkel.

  • Remko Jerphanion

    These North African bastards are like mosquito’s: they are totally annoying, they are disease carriers (islam), and they contribute nothing to mankind. Drain the swamp!

  • Kuner1

    I have to make my point again: You have it wrong. The left are using Islam to eradicate the white race because they know whites are the only ones who naturally / genetically oppose their utopia. Whites have a different culture bred into them. Generally one of competition. Why? Because food and resources in Europe were scarce and the level of competition was higher than in warmer climates. The more competitive ones survived. That’s why whites overwhelmingly oppose socialism. And that’s why they want us dead.

    Don’t kid yourself. Marine Le Pen cannot win.