Watch: Swedish Police Chief says women should change their behaviour to avoid getting raped

By Vincent van den Born

Recently a clip of Swedish chief of police in Östersund, Stephen Jerand, warning women to adjust their behaviour to protect against a spate of violent attacks, has resurfaced on Facebook and Twitter, now circulating on YouTube with English translation and commentary. The video is real and dates to March 7th 2016, when the Östersund police thought it appropriate, after at least six reports of violence against women in the area since 20 February.

The most recent assault took place in the early hours of Sunday morning when a woman became the victim of an attempted rape by three young men in central Östersund. Brought to the ground by three unknown men, who attempted to rip her trousers off, the woman fought back and managed to escape. The perpetrators have been described as “tall, slim, aged 18-25 and speaking Swedish with a foreign accent“.

The police were also investigating the alleged group harassment of a 10-year-old girl in central Östersund and four additional cases in the past two weeks, including a lone woman attacked by three men. One lone woman was attacked by a young man in the same neighbourhood, he attacked the woman without provocation, punching her in the face and pushing her head onto the street. He was described as having “a foreign appearance.”

Jerand told Sveriges Television:

The cases of the sexual harassment and attempted rapes have involved groups of up to three people, what also stands out is that none of these perpetrators have been under the influence.”

Jerand had been adamant about the reasons for going public:

the police have previously been criticised for not coming out and informing people; I am thinking of the criticism in relation to the We Are Stockholm-festival for example. Therefore we choose now to go out and tell. We would, of course, not [want to] scare people, but at the same time, we have a responsibility to tell what is happening. (…) We have published our warnings, because it is women in particular who should think about how to move in some places [so as not to become victim].

Anders Ygeman, Swedish interior minister, said in response that the government was considering meeting police demands for increased funding to deal with the growing dangers on the street. “Fear of violence is something society can never accept,” he said. “In the short term, the police need to do everything they can to ensure safety.”

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  • Henry

    Here are the recommendation for women to avoid being raped:
    1. Don’t wear provocative clothes
    2. Don’t show up on streets without a male companion
    3. Don’t enter certain neighborhoods
    4. Try to cover your body as much as possible and wear thick pants (sweden is a cold country anyway) – burka is preferred
    5. Quit jobs that requine late hours of work
    6. Staying at home at all time will guarantee you safety.

    This is sarcastic for those who didn’t get it. This is how sweden adjusts itself to the new culture.

    • OCR234

      Swedish police promote sharia.

    • Guido Schiesari

      Get rid of these bastards, we in Italy are now in their hands!

    • Suzy61

      Sharia comes calling – by the back door.

    • leofwine

      Here’s a good idea; just convert to Islam. Wear the niqab and stay at home ,only going out with a male family member, and just subject oneself to sharia law. Problem solved! You know it makes sense.

    • Alan Lee

      In the U.S. many women are now armed.

    • Bob Mac

      How about:
      1. Learn self-defense
      2. Carry a gun.
      3. Organize vigilante committees to patrol the streets. In Brooklyn the Orthodox Jews do just this,and the City gives them NYPD patrol cars for the job.
      4. Hold summary judgement-and-punishment courts, in secret, for culprits apprehended and identified by their victims. Execute judgement immediately. The old Bavarian Vehm Gericht was a good example.

  • Mia Tulpa

    How about they just stop importing the crime wave, deport all illegals and strengthen boarders to make the Swedish Citizens safe?

    • Lancelot Blackeburne

      This is Sweden under the Social Democrats and Greens!

      Restrict immigration? Deport illegals?Strengthen borders?

      All your reasonable suggestions are heresy to the Social Democrats and Greens.

      Make Swedish citizens safe at the expense of open borders and being “welcoming”, “inclusive” and whatever other buzzwords the Social Democrats and Greens are using? Clearly your priorities are not in line with politically correct thinking in Sweden.

      • leofwine

        They are in keeping with a lunatic asylum though. As Sweden has turned herself into the biggest lunatic asylum on the planet,all these ideas make perfect sense.

    • Kericjang

      That would be taking inappropriate mesures. A nation is defined by borders, by cultural ties, by law and order. Sweden chose to become “global”, without borders, multicultural in hate of its own culture. To avoid any discrimination and out of respect of recently imported foreign cultures, Sweden is not distinguishing between perpetrators of rape on ethnicity standards . And the rape-rate on Swedish women ranks very high, second only to Lesotho according some statistics. Law and order? Police is already outnumbered by a tsunami wave of crime and by increasing defection. Sweden’s Leftist elite doesn’t want to be again a nation in traditional sense, because that would mean stopping its project of destructurate society.

      • leofwine

        Is that another way of saying that they have all lost their marbles and have gone stark ,staring,bonkers?

        • DianaEkman


    • PurpleBerries

      Unfortunately, Mia Tulpa, your objectively sensible suggestion is considered highly suspect and politically incorrect by those who rule public opinion – not only in Sweden, but in most of Western Europe. Leftist pseudo-liberals (they are not true liberals) would be up in arms about your statement, denouncing you as a racist, a bigot, and a xenophobe! “You can’t judge a whole group of people by a few bad apples” is their usual argument. If you, say, suggest imposing a curfew on young men from certain violent cultures (the usual culprits) you will come up against indignant and outraged opposition “That would be discrimination!” they will cry. We had mass demonstrations in Vienna against the deportation of a few Afghanis who were not eligible for asylum. These people care more about the migrants than about their own people (they haven’t realised yet that they are included in these people.)

  • irish

    I have a mad suggestion to deal with this problem but unfortunatly it would not be politically correct.

    • Waldi Pasta

      F…uck political correctness and all people infected with this deadly disease 🙁

  • leofwine

    I suppose everyone in Sweden could just convert to Islam and solve the problem that way.Might as well because we all know it will happen eventually. You know it makes sense.It’s either that or doing something really stupid like banning Muslims from entering the country and deporting those who commit an offence,any offence,and all the illegals.

    • Malcolm Scott

      That’s the plan.

    • drorharari

      Sorry leofwine but that trick did not work anywhere. In fact, by becoming a Muslim state, you just get more violence as is evident all around the world – the Muslims are the majority of the victims of Islam. We’ll have to do with banning/deporting tactics against those that don’t adapt…

      • leofwine

        Yes ,but at least us Europeans who convert will be giving it out ,not getting it! You know it makes sense.

      • leofwine

        I am being sarcastic.

  • sodacrackers2

    He probably has never heard the word dhimmi. He should be schooling the immigrants about immediate deportation for certain crimes.

    • Trevor GLYN DAVIES

      EXACTLY !!! whatever happened to “COMMON SENSE” (swamped by Political Correctness ??)

  • George Parker

    This poor excuse for a man, needs some remedial education regarding hard won human rights and freedoms. But first, a refresher course about enforcing the law, arresting/deporting criminals and protecting his citizens. Little wonder the right wing parties will soon take control of his country.

    • poor defence

      You can’t blame the police. They are understaffed and often the migrants they catch are let out with a slap on the wrist. The fault lies with Swedish politicians and judges.

    • ann

      George, I agree. This will evolve until it’s a matter of self defense. But in Europe parties and beliefs are labelled far right or Right wing which in U.S. parlance would be described as centrist or moderately conservative., I

      • George Parker

        So true. Europe is still terrified following the experiences of last century.

  • appalo L.

    So, it isn’t the man’s fault?

    • STAG

      No, it’s the woman’s fault for failing to adapt to a culture that isn’t hers in her own ountry, it’s simple really when you take all the blame on to yourself.

  • Gabor Ban

    When the police is on the side of the criminals, there is something terribly wrong!

  • “Fear of violence is something society can never accept,”
    This must apply to terror and violence by the Arabs in The Land of Israel and other Muslim radicals throughout the world.
    The solution is to kill them on sight, no mercy.

    • Waldi Pasta

      That why the criminals of clerical mafia of European Union “government” try to remove any private weapons from people hands. In Great Britain they already removed weapons from hands of… police officers! In UK policeman walk on the street totaly defenceless!!!

      • DianaEkman

        That is sooo wrong! I remember about the tragic loss of a policeman there when a nutcase(non British) killed the policeman with a machete
        in broad daylight. This is Murder of the first degree by those predators who dare call themselves “leaders”. In reality they are the killers. They arm the offenders and disarm the defenders. Time to round up the people of the ‘free’ world and fight the enemy within.

  • BiPow

    In some circles this would be called capitulation. No attempt to fight back or save their country.

    • S E Robert

      Exactly what I thought. Same as after Cologne.

  • Malcolm Scott

    America is now waking up.

  • poor defence

    Sweden has given up. Don’t cry for them.

  • curl of the burl

    Nordic Europe’s tolerance must have a limit? Where are the proud and fearsome warriors and valkyries that were shaped by that harsh and beautiful land? Does Odin’s blood not run in their veins?

  • travelb0y

    Just send all the unvetted refugees to Germany, Sweden and Canada. They will be welcomed with open arms and the rest of us can nurse our awesome sense of guilt in peace and safety – problem solved.

  • STAG

    You’ve screwed yourselves with this ridiculous open door, let’s bend over backwards, they don’t know what they’re doing attitude. Where is the United European people gone? Your letting baby booming socialist elites drive you out of existence, fight back for God’s Sake!! Protect what’s yours before its given away!

  • Where is Paul Kersey?

  • jobacon

    When I first visited Stockholm in the 1970s, it was the safest place in Europe for a woman. You could walk through the streets at night and no one would ever bother you. When I returned in the 1990s, even before this wave of mass immigration, I was catcalled by cars and jeered at by men of Middle Eastern appearance. Heaven knows how it is now. What about forcing men who commit even minor offences of this kind to go to some sort of re-education classes, as they do for traffic violators in the USA?

  • Frank

    Talking about Vikings, did they not do a bit of raping and pillaging themselves?

    • StillSearching65

      wouldn’t that have been done to women of groups they were trying to ==>conquer…..vs… women in a country that is providing these men food, shelter and a safe place to raise their families because they can no longer stay in their own country? Ah, thus, a HUGE distinction. [Besides that, I’ve read they can treat their OWN women that way too.] But maybe your point was this: since Swedes used to have that kind of ‘ferocity’ (best term I could come up with), why can’t they ‘channel’ that same energy –now–>to protect their society? Hmmm…

  • jeff page

    And yet all you will hear from those who are supposed to protect citizens, is that “not all Muslims do this”. Sadly they fail to see the point! If Muslims had not been allowed to enter the country without proper checks then maybe the rapists could have been stopped. Just because the authorities don’t want to be accused of destroying their own countries because of their misguided humanity it seems as though indigenous citizens have to change their lifestyles and clothing to stop the “refugee”, mainly Muslim men, raping and beating them.
    That’s a f***ing good start isn’t it? Change to suit them! Ridiculous and unacceptable!
    Sort these animals out, or deport back to whence they came! No leniency, they don’t show it!

  • conan_drum

    Muslim men have no self control or boundaries where females are concerned. That is why their women wear top to toe protective clothing; However if you read accounts of how women are groped and molested in Muslim countries you will understand how ‘normal’ this is for them. This also happened in the Tahir Square demonstrations. This is also attested by behaviour in German refugee centres, where women and even children have to sleep fully covered and have to go to the toilet accompanied.

    • ann

      This happened in the U.S. 30 years ago when colleges admitted large numbers of Muslim men from fundamentalist countries to study. All women, unless in very close proximity to an American male, are fair game. Pursued publicly, without shame.

      • George Parker

        Yes, Ann, very true. I’ve witnessed this several times while serving in the middle east. One incident in particular epitomised the attitude of muslim men. 1991.
        While waiting in Dhahran with a section of fellow soldiers. We watched a group of black tented Saudi women being herded away from our gaze by the mutaween “religious police.” Viciously using sticks, as if they were herding goats. As the hitting and shouting intensified, stopping the heavily armed troops from reacting was difficult.

        • ann

          It’s a very eerie experience to be mobbed by feral men within your own community. Once While distractedly fending off others , one man dextrstrously got his hand inside my panties, well…. Enough said. I’m outraged by the ignorant hubris of elites🌋
          🐂 grrrr
          I think 💭a glass of wine is in order. 🍷,lol

  • Intel Agency

    Welcome to the Swedish Caliphate!


    Hypocrisy is an art form in Sweden (and Norway) and the Swedish people suffer collectively from the Stockholm Syndrome. The Swedish government will do anything to protect their arms trade in the Middle East. In World War Two Sweden supplied war materials to both sides. Double dealing, duplicity and false virtue come naturally to Swedish (and Norwegian) people in a country where children’s upbringing is predicated upon institutionalised hypocrisy of political correctness.

  • Ronke

    appeasing savages… Sweden has totally lost it – they don’t know what to do. People can’t call migrants migrants but ‘new Swedes’ as my friend living in Stockholm told me. She doesn’t go out in the evening any more… too scared

  • Mike Smith

    What fucking Swedish rock were you born under?

  • Jim Tole

    What a ridiculous statement by the police chief-blaming the victims for bringing about the attacks. Why haven’t any feminist groups condemned this statement from the police chief?

  • Jim Tole

    I doubt it Matthew!!!

  • Debra1McCreery

    In effect, they are permitting Muslim men to place a curfew on Swedish women and enforce Shari’a on non-Muslims. Another fine example of social justice warriors creating societal injustice in order to claim the virtues of tolerance and diversity.

  • cane toad

    His advice, become a Muslim, cover yourself, only go out when accompanied by a male, quit your job, stay at home, Europistan. My old Italian granny, straight from Southern Italy, stayed at home, wore black, afraid to show herself anywhere, this is what Europe is going to become again? Tragic.

  • BIL48

    I think that the Swidish police must adjust their behaviour against rapers EVEN if they are migrants……

  • BIL48

    castration is a very good and fair solution for rapers and…. neutered all migrants….

  • BIL48

    neutered all migrants or deport them …. or they should pay for an extra to one child no less than 500 euro fine monthly…..

  • ParadigmShift

    I can only imagine how American men and women would respond given the rights we have that those in the EU do not. The example made would not be pretty.

    Perhaps that is why we do not have Muslims attacking American women…

    • ann

      We did have a substantial number of aggressive Muslim men admitted as transfer students to campuses. They groped, pestered and acted very predatory in public to any woman who wasn’t close to an American man. Arguing , glaring, pushing them away didn’t stop the behaviour. More aggressive in groups.
      Best way to discourage it was to raise a ruckus, by public scolding. Once were under a collective gaze of disapproval, closely scrutinized, the behaviour moderated. The aggression had an impersonal tone, what you wear or social class doesnt matter. the presence of other males suppressed their obnoxious behaviour. I feel sorry for the women in Europe.

  • pstephenson@telus.net

    There are lots of good Muslims but the radical ones that follow that law are screwed up

  • ann

    An echo chamber of reciprocal validation, dissent unwelcome. This adoption of a moral imperative to embrace globalism precludes rational discussion, as it is founded on ideology, which supersedes grubby fact based pragmatism.

    • Jill Marie Dixon Evans

      Well said, but so offensive, and so sad. I really can’t believe people are this stupid, but I guess they really are.

  • ann

    Well said.

  • marco a. poshar

    Police , aren”t you there to protect and serve , Strange dude , this Swedish policeman is ,,,,,,,

  • PurpleBerries

    Yes, we already had that advice from the police at the beginning of 2016!

  • J.M.I. van der Scheer

    Kick all left wing lunatics out of office.

  • Anita

    Islam will do that for you!

  • Anita

    Because they are brainwashed zombies.

    • StillSearching65

      or maybe paid by G. Soros? Have read articles saying that…dunno …more info will come out I expect….Otherwise, really makes no sense, eh?

  • Bella Sognatore

    Demoncrats! Horses’ patooties!

  • leofwine

    Makes you proud to be German. Thanks St. Merkel.

  • leofwine

    Errr—-yes; afraid so. Still when we are all Muslims no one will notice.

  • leofwine

    There isn’t any yet. Might be soon if their leaders aren’t locked up by the budding police states of Europe

  • leofwine

    Yes. Look at the fuss about Trump and he is only banning them from 7 countries for a limited period. Difference is Trump will do it anyway.

  • StillSearching65

    I agree! I actually read that the Swiss are picky about who can become a Swiss citizen. E.g., the article said one has to say hello to their neighbors (daily?), among other things, or they can be denied citizenship–i.e., the Swiss have standards that include ‘fitting in’ to their ‘cultural norms’; i.e., if you don’t have the correct behavior/attitude, you just can’t become SWISS. [Maybe you can live there as a visitor for long time, though, dunno…but it’s still an amazing rule, eh. USA sure doesn’t require any specific social attitude!!!] I don’t know what the Swiss experience is NOW with the migrants. It would be interesting to compare that, country-by-country, but so far, from what I’ve seen and read on the net, it seems very BAD. I live in USA, so no first-hand knowledge of course. I feel for ALL the people, but think the refugees just have such a different culture, they should stay somewhere closer to their original home.

  • Simon Morgan

    Of course the earth would stop revolving on its access if Sweden required immigrants to conform to Swedish laws and customs! I could hear the shrieks of outrage from here in Sydney.

    The double whammy of our times – Leftists and Islamists.

  • Diana Ekman

    Why is it odd that the perpetrators were NOT intoxicated when they violated women? They DONT NEED to be alcohol fuelled,sir! They have HATRED!
    It’s the injection they’ve been pumped with since they could walk.
    Wake up authorities! Not just Europe, but the whole West!
    The criminal globalists are deliberately behind all the chaos to destabilise western societies so that they can take over and enslave us!
    Take your hard earned cash out of the bank, then rally up all those parasites who
    have been the willing tool of these criminals and send them back to the hole they originated from. The genuine refugees are still standing in the queue.

  • PurpleBerries

    In fact, just a few days ago I was in a town in Lower Austria that has a reasonably large refugee centre (with mainly male inmates, many from Africa) and I saw several women there who were obviously blondes who had dyed their hair black… I really didn’t expect anyone to take up that advice.

  • Joe Edwards

    The answer to this problem? Get rid of your liberal ass kissing politicians, go arm yourselves and when you walk down the streets with your 20 or so friends towards the no go zones, just open fire at anything without Swedish resemblance. In a matter of weeks, you can have quite the free to walk around cities and towns, as soon as you get rid of the garbage you just eliminated

  • Bob Mac

    What the top cop is really saying is, he’s afraid to do his job, because government traitors and leftist media will call his really bad names. He hasn’t the balls to be a cop. The Swedes should do like Iceland and throw out their whole government. And what is the King doing to protect is people? Maybe his time has come as well.

  • Jill Marie Dixon Evans

    Only about half of America would be howling, the rest of us would be cheering, just so you know.

  • Jab

    The brainwashing is everywhere.Every time I turn on radio 4 or the BBC there is a programme or announcement about a future programme about migrants and how they are great, or victims or were always in the UK since prehistory and on and on…
    It has the opposte effect and we just tired of it all.

  • Majah

    They say women must cover themselves because it provokes the men yet if the men are so easily provoked it should be them who should cover their eyes! Why should women be forced to cover themselves because men cannot control their sexual urges? Logic has been completely gone out the window on this argument!