Tony blair pledges €10,9 million to ‘fight surging populism’

By Timon Dias

After last year’s political earthquakes that shook the Western world’s status quo to its very core, Tony Blair flashed his Prodent smile at the nearest mirror and thought; ‘You know what this world needs, Tony? More Tony.’ So he set up an institute, which, after strenuous deliberations with the best minds personality marketing, he decided to call the Tony Blair Institute, not to be confused with the Tony Blair Foundation.

His announcement reads that the “Tony Blair Institute (“TBI”), a not for profit organisation owned entirely by Mr. Blair, was established in December 2016. (…) Mr Blair is the sole owner and Executive Director of TBI. On his instruction, the articles of association stipulate that he will not receive any salary or remuneration for this role.” Yes, that’s Tony Blair casually assuring you that this time, he won’t be making millions by telling other people how to better their lives.

Those millions are now being donated to the new Inistitute: “The business side has been shut down and the assets, running into many millions of pounds, gifted to the Institute. In the New Year, we plan to merge the activities of the different organisations into the Institute, with any charitable funds used exclusively for the purposes for which they were originally given.

An earlier statement revealed that besides continuing the work of explaining Africans how to govern themselves, and telling Israeli’s how to make peace with Arabs that don’t want peace, the new institute will also focus on halting the surge of populism:

This new populism may differ in some respects between left and right – the left anti-business, the right anti-immigrant – but in others what is remarkable is the convergence between them, especially around isolationism and protectionism, in what is an essentially closed-minded approach to globalisation and its benefits and to international engagement.

To oppose this  way of thinking, the Institute will focus on strengthening the “Centre Ground” of politics and to make “globalisation work for all“.

All well and good. But if one were to keep their ear to the street – outside of London, that is – one might conclude that 9.3 million quid probably won’t cut it.

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