Tony Blair embarks on mission to stop Brexit, 9 months after referendum

By Benjamin de Wolf

Former UK Prime Minister and owner and Executive Director of the Tony Blair Institute, Tony Blair, is a wise man full of wisdom and vision. But Blair also values a penny and therefore is only willing to share his wisdom and vision for the amount of 1 million euros per hour. And today Blair will find the time to share his vision once more, and will call on the remain supporters in the UK to stop Brexit (…) and to rise up in defence of what we believe.” Blair is expected to say this at an event hosted by Open Britain, a cross-party political group campaigning against a “destructive” Brexit.

Blair will mention why the referendum results were in favour of Brexit, and as always when a voting result is not in favour of the elites, it’s because:

“The people voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit. As these terms become clear, it is their right to change their mind. Our challenge is to expose relentlessly the actual cost, to show how this decision was based on imperfect knowledge which will now become informed knowledge, to calculate in ‘easy to understand’ ways how proceeding will cause real damage to the country and its citizens, and to build support for finding a way out from the present rush over the cliff’s edge.”

 Maybe someone should explain to Blair that informing the electorate is useful before an election or referendum. But Blair already knows this of course, since he can be quoted as saying: “I don’t know if we can succeed. But I do know we will suffer a rancorous verdict from future generations if we do not try.” And there lies the essence of what Blair is saying; the desire to be mentioned in the history books is greater than to actually achieve what he pleads.

See his full speech below.

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  • John Smith

    Everytime we see him we are reminded he should be indicted over Iraq
    Good luck to the families who lost loved ones

  • Norbus

    I sent Blair an open Letter(1300 copies went out ) in March 2003 inter-alia asking why was he allowing immigrants to be pumped into the UK out of Sangatte; It is clear he was trying to change the mix and nix the Bulldog Spirit of national identity. Blair is a war criminal who should have been tried for the bloodshed in Iraq that led to ISIS. He got away scot free but should now be charged with sedition

  • Erlingur Thorsteinsson

    It seems the same problem with Tony Blair and Obama, they do not like voting results, and are therefore using words against people winning such as fasist, fool and all kind of words they think of.

    Such behaviour is only made by people that are against Liberty and freedom, but says everything about their real aim.

  • Dryermartinithanyours

    He’s insane.

  • Roger Higginson

    Blair may not be the best placed person to make the argument, but we do need the opportunity to decide whether or not to proceed with BREXIT once all the costs and liabilities have been definitively set out.

    • Bertie


    • Dave S

      We have decided. I knew what I was voting for and so did everyone else I know. That is to restore to me and my descendants that freedom and self determination which is and always was our birthright. The right to decide who rules us and to remove them if we want .
      Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson would have understood at once what this was all about.
      Cost and liabilities are irrelevant. You are either a free man in the old British way or you are not.

    • maltow

      Everything is an estimate, unless you believe that somebody somewhere can verifiably predict the future?
      Liberty has no price, and yet yes, freedom, as we know to our cost, has costs.
      We have nationally decided, once again, to pay those costs….whatever they are or aren’t.
      Notice that all indices are bullish for the UK just now, even the BoE, the European Central Bank, the IMF and the business lobby in general, where once, and not so long ago, each and every one of them ‘predicted’ abject calamity.
      So much for crystal balls then er!

    • J.M.I. van der Scheer

      Did you miss the referendum? The decision is already made. BREXIT!

    • Mol69

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to ascertain the definitive costs because:

      A) the EU accounts have not been and cannot be audited. No defined audited accounts = no definitive future cost predictions.
      B) the EU has repeatedly threatened all sorts of dire retributions when we leave. Many of which are just hot air.

      Ultimately the British people voted and it was for Brexit.

  • Esther

    En mi opinión un millón de euros por hora…. pocas personas pueden pagarlo….ese dinero huele a Soros y su desesperación por salvar su plan de globalización. El Brexit se contagia al resto de Europa y las elecciones en Francia dejan pocas dudas a la salida y finalización de la CEE. Detrás irá Alemania e Italia….. Esto es un cartucho mal gastado. La artura e indignación de los europeos no tiene marcha atrás. Los abusos de Bruselas tienen los días contados…. por fin.

  • QV3

    Visit Information Clearing House and view a coloured sketch of Tony Blair with
    KILLER right across his forehead.
    The demise of the West is due to keeping Killers like TB walk the streets a free man to keep plunging his knife into the Chest of the West. Shame!

  • Bertie


  • avi15

    The man is a complete idiot and what’s worse, he’s an arrogant idiot.

  • Michael Hoffman

    Tony Blair is now a “Has Been” he should remember that he was responsible for uncontrolled immigration into the UK. For all the damage that he did to the UK when he was Prime Minister and taking the UK into the illegal Iraq War, he should be arrested and put on trial as a War Criminal. So much so that the death penalty should be used for TREASON, which I believe is still on the UK statute book.

    • Malsmith

      Think you will find that the death penalty for treason was abolished in 1965. As for Blair – what he seems to be advocating is civil war.

      • J.M.I. van der Scheer

        The left want war all around, Obama tried to start a war with Russia, thank God he didn’t succeed. Now he and EU want civil war to spread over the globe.

      • jeff page

        The penalty for murder was reduced to life imprisonment, but Treason is still a capital offence and any found guilty could in theory be put to death, but never been used Malsmith.

  • Rowena Muldal

    WHY is NO ONE starting proceedings to have this TRAITOR to Britain ARRESTED and his “millions” which were STOLEN FROM THE PEOPLE …. taken from him, and plowed back into the NHS!??? Perhaps someone with more erudite wording can start a Petition DEMANDING that Theresa MayBE …. actually DO SOMETHING about having this evil man arrested and indicted for his war crimes!

  • Mike

    Tony Blair. you have done enough damage. Get lost.

  • George Parker

    Just ignore him. The clown is probably still looking for his WMD’s that can be deployed in 45 mins.

  • jobacon

    I am sick of people who condemn the Iraq War. The Iraq War was actually the SECOND Iraq war because after winning the fight to stop the dictator Saddam Hussein taking over Kuwait, he was allowed to continue as a dictator, gassing and otherwise murdering his subjects with impunity. But then these are the sort of people who insult Israel and are deeply in love with the dictatorships of the Arab world, a world in which there is not a single democratic, free state.

  • Tony Blair is like every other left-wing liberal infantile snowflake who refuses to respect and honor election results he disagrees with. Even a five-year-old knows that is called being a sore loser. Civilized society has rejected the temper tantrums and lawlessness of sore losers by establishing a system of governance requiring citizens abide by election outcomes to insure a peaceful transition of power. Civilized society demands that election results are respected and honored even by those who don’t like them – including heads of state. The opposition can try again at the next election but in the mean time must accept reality. Tony Blair and Barack Obama should both shut their seditious mouths and allow the election outcomes to be lawfully and peacefully implemented.